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Author Spotlight #5: All Art Is Quite Useless · 1:24am Nov 11th, 2017

Hey guys! Back with another one of these thingies.

So, this time I'm talking about a more active author in recent days that I think you all should pay attetntion to. For a brief idea as to why and some story recs, check below the break!

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Read It Now Reviews #112 – Fifty Shades of Toast, Numbers, Why Do We Have Guards?, As Long As You Both Shall Live, Iron Rider Rangelkai · 12:41am Oct 27th, 2017

Sometimes I feel like the journey of a thousand miles doesn’t start so much with a single step as with rolling a rock over the top of a hill; it is hard to get it to the top of the hill, but it starts getting easier to push it once you get over the crest and it really gets rolling down the other side.

It would certainly explain a thing or two about me.

Today’s stories:

Fifty Shades of Toast by Estee
Numbers by The 24th Pegasus

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results