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More Isolation, in Alien locales... · 5:33pm Mar 5th, 2016

I found out what could possibly go wrong with playing Alien Isolation :pinkiecrazy:

The gribbly bastard is in my dreams now! :flutterrage:
Not even playing the game, and it's still chasing me! :twilightangry2:

Oh where's Luna with a Smart Rifle when I need her?...


Aliens have never felt so Isolated... · 6:32pm Mar 9th, 2016

Waits you unbelievable, fart gargling, testicle licking, rectal wart!!! :flutterrage:

If I make it back onto that station I will pull your teeth out through your ears and use them to saw your balls off so I can jam them in your eyes so hard you'll need a doctor to pull them out again!!!

Then i'll send a picture of it to your mother!!! :pinkiecrazy:


Alien Isolation · 9:34pm Mar 4th, 2016

'cause what could possibly go wrong with that?


Alien Isolation, going down... · 9:15pm Mar 10th, 2016

So, I managed to finally sneak all the way into the main reactor core. There I am, on the lift going to the lower level, and I have a moment to take stock of the situation, try to put a positive spin on all the things that are going down.

Okay, so, I'm still trapped on a space station that's falling apart at the arse end of the universe, and whose dominant ethnic community appears to be freakish, homicidal androids with a strangulation kink...

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The fastest update in the west · 3:34pm August 29th

Hey guys! So, I already pushed an edited update out for the first chapter of Equine: Isolation. Fast-as-fuck-boiiii for my standards, what-the-fuck-slow for others, but still!

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Unimaginative Blog #5 · 1:43pm Dec 18th, 2018

Does anyone else hear that? The-the thundering of hooves and-oh my God, what is that thing?!

Yeah, I've got a more serious story coming up for once. Was going to name it something stupid, but decided against it. You'll all see it eventually. Hell do I know when, but you will.

It's gonna be about, gasp, a human in Equestria.
Oh no. Oh, the horror.

Tch, like that hasn't been done several thousand times over and then some.

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Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 results
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