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A Gentleman's Price and Fertile Ground hit 300 likes! New story idea for a Hearthswarming Eve Clopfic. · 3:25am Nov 1st, 2020

I watched 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire with Firesight to celebrate A Gentleman's Price and Fertile Ground, both written in 2015, for both hitting this milestone. AGP got it about a week ago with FG hitting today on Halloween of 2020. I'm proud of both of them and consider them major achievements and worth people reading to this day, even if both are radically different in tone.

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The Man, The Artist, The Inspiration... and other news. · 8:44pm Jan 13th, 2016


Flying Fox (bat) Educational Blog (long) and a word on Movie Night being Updated Within a Week. · 4:16am Jan 18th, 2019

I was going to update Foolers Rush In when I realized that basically everything involving the forest was written wrong and I'd need to rewrite a significant portion of the story to make it better. What's wrong with it, you may ask? The forest itself is... kinda boring. Yeah, the Highborne thestrals are all well and good and Juniper is kind of a mustache-twirler but she does her job. She's serviceable. What I really can't stand though is how empty and useless the forest is. After talking things

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New Story Draft Completed and Other News · 5:13am Dec 15th, 2015

It's true, I actually have been doing something over the last few months. Not much, given my lack of inspiration, but... something. The new story is going under the name of "Movie Night" and features Richard, AKA "Stuntman", and Roseluck enjoying a movie together.

Of course there's clop silly! :pinkiehappy:

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