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After 14 Years, I Believe I Am Done With Halo · 8:07pm Sep 27th, 2017

Such a shame that the Halo 3 nostalgia wave ended with something like this.

A bit ago, Halo fans received news that famed map maker MultiLockOn had received a job offer from 343 Industries. The hiring process had apparently gone so far that he had quit his job at Treyarch, taking a $10k / year pay cut, putting a $2k down payment on an apartment in Bellevue, and was in the middle of moving his possessions across the country...

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THERE'S the 343 Industries we know and hate. · 2:12am August 21st

Welp, after all the heaps of praise that the Halo Infinite tech test got a few weeks ago, 343 has come forward and announced that Halo Infinite will not launch with co-op or Forge.

So after a delay of an entire year, Halo Infinite will launch without a feature that has been in the franchise, at launch, for 20 years.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results