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Just sitting, staring and somewhat not believing · 10:31pm Apr 22nd, 2020

So... um, John just hit a thousand views... yeah...

I know bringing in views is not my real goal, just a bonus. I just love to try to entertain you all.

Still, that said. Thank you all so much!

Going to take a page out of season one Fluttershy's book and go hide somewhere from all the attention.


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The Rookie hit 1k views! · 11:27pm Oct 14th, 2020

I have no idea where you all came from but thank you so much for checking out my story!

Quick update: I am currently working on the next chapter but writing it may be slow because I am with my family across the country. I am also working on two other stories so the update itself will come when I can make it.

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Happy Anniversary to Long Live the Queen! · 9:12pm Nov 11th, 2016

That's right, today is the day Long Live the Queen's first chapter was published. It has been a long year, and I've written a lot of pony words, but I have had fun with it! I just want to thank all of you wonderful readers for sticking with me even though my updates are erratic (school and work and homework just have made it hard to write for fun! :pinkiesad2:) The good news though is, once Spring semester is over this next year I AM DONE! Which means hopefully more time to write!

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results