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100,000 words, prints available, and more goodies inside. · 2:31am May 30th, 2016

So yeah, things are going absolutely spectacularly for my writing life right now. In order, here's what happened over the weekend:

1. Memoirs of a Magic Earth Pony officially breached the 100,000 word barrier, which makes me so excited I think I might explode. That's over a year's worth of continual work and I'm damn proud I've gotten this far. Here's to 300,000 more! or however many it takes to detail Starswirl's life.

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I'm going to need a new cover art · 7:45pm Jun 30th, 2015

A New Dimension, A New Threat is rounded out to be at 100,000 words. While I do like the placeholder cover art, it was just a placeholder until I get enough work in. Well, now the time has come for me to shop for a new cover. Though I have no forms of payment, I implore that anyone who is an artist and has taken an interest in the fic to PM me if they want to make a cover art for my story.

I leave you off with Primordia in the day.

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results