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Troubles w/ Writing · 7:46am February 10th

I have a lot of stories on the back burner of my account, yet I can't seem to find myself able to finish or post any. I am constantly critiquing my writing, I end up re-writing the entirety of my stories because I don't feel like they are worthy of being posted.

Do any of you have that problem, if so what are your experiences with it?


Writing issue, Need Help! · 2:14am Oct 3rd, 2015

An unknown pony is saying their name. Would it be used in the same paragraph on the "___ said" part, or would the name only be used the next time she speaks?
Like, would it go:
"My name is blank", said blank
Or would it go:
"My name is blank" said the stranger


Fifth time's the charm? · 1:02am Feb 8th, 2017

I have started Aria's story four times over the last few days and deleted the entire thing shortly into it because it's just preposterous.

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When stories re-write themselves · 6:08pm Aug 14th, 2019

So I WAS going to write Hex's first relationship into it's own story, but now it seems like it's gonna be included in the second half of Moon Eyed. So this story is going to be double the length of the first one. lolwhoops

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[Writing Tips] Remember This About Your Writing · 2:21am Feb 13th, 2016

If you think that your own writing is boring and predictable, that's because:
1)You wrote it
2)You’ve read it like eight million times.
Others who haven't read your words before won't have this issue.
EDIT: But it also doesn't hurt to have people read your stuff. People you trust to give their honest opinions.

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The Problems of Alternate Universe Fanfiction · 7:36pm May 16th, 2017

Having spent some time on FiMFiction reviewing stories for several groups (Story Standards, Blunt Reviews, and Rage Reviews), I see a lot of tag abuse, mostly overuse of genre tags, conflicting genre tags, and so on. Tag cancer. But I have quickly come to realize that the most misused of the lot is very probably the "Alternate Universe" tag. Few other tags are abused to the extent this one is.

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