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I Had My MLP Poems Read On YouTube! · 5:31pm Sep 6th, 2016

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I had some of my MLP: FIM poetry taken from this story collection here read on YouTube by a very awesome site member called PonyStemCell. Be sure to check out his FimFiction.Net profile as well as his

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Celestia's Talk With Alicorn Twilight - A Poem · 2:36pm Aug 5th, 2019

Celestia's Talk With Alicorn Twilight

So now you are an Alicorn
Oh happy day! Congrats!
You used to be a unicorn
But now you're so much more than that

Yes, though these new wings, so big and grand
Are clumsy, confusing, and uncoordinated
One day you'll take off, soar, glide, and land
In mind, every flight equation you have formulated

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Maudern Poetry · 2:51pm Mar 17th, 2014


blogpost#1218 · 3:28pm Mar 15th, 2017

happy, that's how you made me feel
many times
but now, i feel like you're ignoring me
(couldn't think of a rhyme)

why? you refuse to tell me
though you used to
please answer my question
what did i do?

is it something i said?
is it something i did?

is it something i'm doing?
is it something i'm trying?

you're one of my best friends
or you were
friends don't do this to friends
you're not her

you're not the perky, fun girl i met last year
you're someone i don't know

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Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack | Right Behind You · 12:19am Jan 24th, 2019

Roses are RED.
Violets are BLU.
Where is the spy?
Right Behind You.


Someone Did Fan Work Of My Creepypasta Poem 'Vampire Epoch'! · 1:44pm Sep 10th, 2016

Hey guys! I am just letting you know that an awesome YouTube channel called Marionia Avaritia did a really cool fan drawing of one of the main characters from my creepypasta poem, Vampire Epoch.

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Nikson doesn't own the Five Night's At Freddy's series, but if he did, they'd probably have all been twice as scary as I feel this fan game could be... · 12:20am Sep 20th, 2015

THOSE NIGHT'S AT FREDBEARS - A FNAF-inspired game that takes place in the first original pizzeria establishment of the FNAF lore!

When the lights go out and the doors close
After the animatronic shows
At the hour of midnight, this place is filled with fright
It's a monster's delight
Darkness fills the hallways and the rooms

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Soon. · 5:50pm Feb 12th, 2018

Hey, guys!

So I haven't been very active in blog posts 'n stuff lately. Been a lot of real life stuff keeping me busy, namely actually spending time with my friends (cause, you know, that's what this show is all about promoting and stuff) and a girlfriend and stuff. And stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

But you guys don't care about that, nor will I bore you with it. You're here for horse words. And wouldn't you know, I have some for you.


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