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so I tried to present my case to my parents on why I should get short hair · 3:15am May 14th, 2016

and my dad said he's worried if I get short hair I might be perceived as representing the "worldly side" in the "battle of gender" being waged between Christians and "the evils of the world"
And he said that "knowing (my) previous track record" he could see how I would want to get short hair to conform with the changes of society and be anti-God

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Updated the ridiculous fic no one's asked for! · 7:08pm July 15th

Join Sweetie Belle as she stops Twilight from killing Twilight with Twilight's magic! Does that sound stupid/ridiculous/silly/fun? Good, because it is!

THell's Belles
Sweetie Belle and Sugar Belle go on a whirlwind heist. It goes exactly as well as you'd expect.
Silent Whisper · 5.9k words  ·  36  2 · 312 views

Go ham, my friends. Apparently regular updates means "updates whenever I remember it exists." Which was today! Yay! I'll try to be better about this, I promise. We're in for a ride!


Username? · 3:07am Jan 20th, 2016

Okay so I was thinking about possibly changing my username to nonbinarysunset.
Well I've had my "anonymousjedi" username for as long as I've had my fimfiction, and it referenced a previous username.
Also, I don't feel it represents what i want to be known for in the fandom. I have become much more punny since choosing anonymousjedi, and I feel like nonbinarysunset would be a great way to subtly nod to two of my favorite fandoms.

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Enemy of Mine & More Updates! (or, Ice Star Actually Writes Things) · 2:37am Mar 6th, 2019

It's probably been a while, or maybe I'm just too quiet lately. I'm not sure. Either way, let's talk story updates. Even though I can't write in the same way I used to (mostly because I'd need, like, more three of me to keep up with all the shit I want to do in general) I've still been getting stuff done! It may not be three stories updating near-monthly or a hecking bunch of more substantial new one-shots popping out every few weeks, but it's something. Get those below the break!

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help okay so · 2:00am Apr 29th, 2016

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