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BronyCon Blog post · 2:21pm Jul 11th, 2016

Ahh, hey guys this is the con post! Here I will tell you all bout the con, who I met and what I did, plus the stuff I bought. It was a blast except for the fact that the hotel didn't work. I attended two panels which I will mention below and met a ton of fellow writers.

I'm also extremely tempted to play becoming popular in the background. Always have cool music playing in the background even if your movie doesn't have hobbits. It also helps with writing but that's beside the point.

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A HERO RINSES · 7:49am Aug 19th, 2019


State of the... Writer? That sounds a little formal, but oookay, 2018 · 7:53pm Jan 1st, 2019

My mom used to ask me if all of my friends jumped off a bridge, would I jump as well? That question was always pretty easy for me to answer, because I could just laugh and say "Oh, mom, you know I don't have friends." Still, the question behind the question remains: will I do what everyone else is doing just because they're doing it? And the answer, dear readers, is sure, if it looks like fun and doesn't cause anyone any sort of harm. And what harm could happen from writing an end-of-the-year

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Viewing 81 - 83 of 83 results
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