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comment i (kinda) just posted on a story · 12:57am Sep 18th, 2017

Celestia smiled at the little gesture. “You’re right. Like the weasel you are, you’ve worked your way into my heart.”

Don’t scream don’t scream don’t scream don’t scream don’t scream don’t scre

“But… is it… love?”

She drew in a sharp breath. “Yes.”

That same finger now quickly tapped as if he were trying to listen for something within. “There’s love for me in there?”

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dreamweaver stuff · 6:46pm Jun 6th, 2019

so glad to say that
1. very glad i decided to publish The Dreamweaver, and even more glad that so many people like it.
2. As of two days after it got published, it has over a thousand view, 116 likes, and yesterday it had the heat/hot symbol. i honestly don't use the site enough to know exactly what that is or how you get it but i assume it just means the story is popular? also:

  • Number of bookshelves: 322
  • Tracking: 101

i'm so happy, honestly.

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Belated Reveiws and Season 6A Overview · 3:06am Jul 25th, 2016


Nikson doesn't own the Five Night's At Freddy's series, but if he did, they'd probably have all been twice as scary as I feel this fan game could be... · 12:20am Sep 20th, 2015

THOSE NIGHT'S AT FREDBEARS - A FNAF-inspired game that takes place in the first original pizzeria establishment of the FNAF lore!

When the lights go out and the doors close
After the animatronic shows
At the hour of midnight, this place is filled with fright
It's a monster's delight
Darkness fills the hallways and the rooms

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Dungeons & Discord(s), various thoughts · 4:42pm Aug 27th, 2016

I'm just going to say I'm glad we've got another Discord episode. (By which I mean an episode where he's primarily the protagonist.) Some nice bonding, and quite a bit of fun. Discord shenanigans when he's written well and proper for his current role in the series; yay! With that said, I haven't much to say about this episode in terms of lore or significant character traits, well, beyond how much better I like his characterisation this time. For now, have a little

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what the fuck it's my fimversary · 10:33am March 25th

why is that even still in my calendar

feel free to leave questions ig? i'm likely gonna be super bored later [unless some stuff happens idk] so i'll prob pop on again and answer them [i'd also be down to just like, conversing or smth]

also like
what are we feeling for what to do while i'm here all day in May? i have no plans it some times it feels like it's coming fast haha

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An UNNECESSARILY in-depth look at the process of writing The Enchanted Library · 8:29am Sep 19th, 2018

Viewing 81 - 87 of 87 results
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