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Coming Sunday: A story, and a contest · 11:50am Sep 12th, 2015

(Art source: Koviry)

Contest? Contest! :pinkiehappy: There will be prizes and everything! Sharpen your wits and dust off your keyboards, because this one's going to challenge your sleuthing skills as well as your writing!

Check below the fold for a preview ...

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Do you like poetry? · 3:09am Nov 8th, 2015

That actually isn't about ponies?

Well, maybe it is. I haven't read it yet.

Anyway, my wife, Asilin, did a blog recently because the poetry magazine she reads for has a new issue out, but she only has a handful of followers so I said I'd mention it too.

So here you go.

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Depression · 1:12pm May 3rd, 2019

I don't smile,
I don't laugh,
I don't care about life,
I don't think about tomorrow,
Every day is just another that is borrowed.

Anxiety is always surging,
My stomach is always purging and twisting,
My thoughts are always kept high but my head is hung down low,
I don't want this pain anymore,
Misery is aplenty,
I just want to get out of here.

Don't lie to me,
I see it in your eyes, the fact that you are scared of me,
I know not why, and it makes me cry,

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Mount Canterlot · 6:08pm Sep 5th, 2018

A book was found,
behind, beneath,
the shelves of mine,
to me, bequeathed.
Upon them sat,
my stories told,
so many lost,
both young and old.

But this one, new -
apparent age.
So old it was,
on inner page.
It's title, blocked,
in stranger verse,
in unknown words,
meaning dispersed.

I grabbed it soft,
in magic held,
with horn alit,
its words it tell'd.
I read it then,
I flipped it through,
Its pages turned,
each one so new.

I read of old,
of Canterlot,

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Another Poem · 2:25am Jul 3rd, 2018

Everyone Needs Oz Now and Again
Oh, no-one thinks you lax
If you sit around all day reading Facts.
But you should see what kind of friction
Comes from reading fiction!
They sputter and they snort,
“I thought you a reasonable sort!”
They snort and they sputter,
“That rot’s stuff I won’t even utter!”
You patiently turn the pages of our brand new sci-fi novel,
But does that stop them? Of course not. They continue that old squabble.
“You’re a grown person now, you can’t deny,

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New Reading: "#TheRaven (SWAG Galore!)" · 12:16am Dec 17th, 2016

I proudly present you a reading of a parody of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven."
It's good to be back. Something a little sillier for y'all.
Some swearing; PG-13 but nothing inappropriate. Just SWAG.

Works on FimFiction I've Proofread/Edited for (From most recent to first)

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OC Pottery · 10:37pm Feb 16th, 2016

Pear had to stop, to think and wonder
As an alpha wolf tore his ass asunder
How he made such an awful blunder
Underneath the starry sky.

"What say you?" to the wolf, he said
As the beast made his anus spread
Alas, no reply, but growling instead,
Red was dripping down his thigh.

Some time later, the Pear was done.
The Big Bad Wolf had had his fun
No longer in any fit state to run
Stunned, his final hour was nigh.

-Ben "Pear" Pearce, 2016


Gilda: Season One - Poem · 6:56pm Dec 9th, 2016

Friends with ponies,

a Griffon can never be

Lame are the ponies for the pranks that they sortie

But roaring at Fluttershy,

Pinkie Pie could never forgive

Turning Gilda into a jokester

And ruining her friendship with the only pony she considered as great as she


Raining · 9:48pm Feb 15th, 2017

It's raining outside
Maybe inside too
I can't tell though
Inside, I can't feel the rain on my skin

Perhaps it's just the temperature
That would explain the cold
But not why I hear the rain falling
a steady drip-drip down my nose

I'm standing in the rain, you see
It splashes from skin to shirt
And if it's not raining
Then why are my eyes so wet?

It's hailing outside
Maybe inside too
I can't tell though
Inside I can't feel the sting of my skin

Maybe it's just me though

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A Reading of Lamentations of My Luna Lost · 9:22pm Jul 7th, 2016

Wolf newman was kind enough to surprise me with a reading of my poem,


Found You Here (Poetry) · 8:11pm Mar 13th, 2018

I wrote this about a time when I was happier with someone by my side. Apparently, it was the wrong person, and as such, I fell into deep, deep depression that would have actually killed me, and it nearly did. This is a look into my inner-most being and something that I wouldn't otherwise put out there for the viewing. - FireRain (Dan)

Found You Here (Working Title)

There are many words to say,
Vows, promises and secrets to keep,

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And Evening Was, and Morning... · 6:11am Aug 28th, 2017

I saw this in an article recently. It is not mine. I thought it was an interesting perspective to take.

I Wake to Close the Morning

Why do people keep asking to see

God’s identity papers

when the darkness opening into morning

is more than enough?

Certainly any god might turn away in disgust.

Think of Sheba approaching

the kingdom of Solomon.

Do you think she had to ask,

“Is this the place?”

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There's a Man in the Woods · 1:45am Apr 29th, 2014

I was just linked to this video today, and I thought I would share it.

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Stripe Like Zecora Day · 11:00pm Sep 4th, 2014

Science with ponies is the game I play,
And today it is 'Type Like Zecora day',
So I can't resist the silly new game,
To write a short post with this curious aim.

I think the time is surely ripe,
To look at the root of a zebra stripe,
Why did these equines evolve just so,
With black and white streaks from head to toe?

A camouflage trick? Set to confuse,
Their predators by the dazzling views,
A fair guess, but it seems not quite right,

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Just a Random Thought... · 5:37am Feb 10th, 2016

...this poem I wrote last summer could be a killer rock song.

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Collected Narrative Poems by De Writer · 1:19am Sep 17th, 2016

I have just submitted a collection of narrative poems that I have written about my and friend's OCs
I hope that you enjoy them.


New Video Series on my YouTube Account - FireRain Talks: Episode One Has Just Aired! · 11:15pm Dec 23rd, 2017

I figured that I'd do this new thing where I would sit down with my laptop and record some of my thoughts and general stuff about life and publish it for your own entertainment.

I've simply decided to title it as FireRain Talks.

I've literally just published the first video onto my YouTube account for the viewing, so if your interested, go ahead and give it a listen!

Today's episode is all about Remembrance and Poetry.

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I'm Sorry For This (Poetry - Title To Be Determined) · 12:46am Mar 22nd, 2018

(Yeah, this isn't meant to be taken seriously, so I just want to clarify that. This is actually something I figured I'd try on the spot as a piece of dark poetry, seeing as I actually like this type of writing.)

It's been a hard life,
Many happy memories and laughs all around,
Merry, merry times a bundle.
So, why, here in this deep pit of black, do I sit?
Did I ask too many questions?
Did I say something unwanted or unintentional?

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"Politics" By William Butler Yeats Dramatic Reading · 3:05pm Aug 20th, 2015

Well i've done it again. Here's another dramatic reading of a classic poem. One of my favorites actually, "Politics" by William Buttler Yeats!

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

without any further a due, here you go.


Ghost's Vigilante Footnoting Service 1—The Remarkable Facts Regarding Stéphane Mallarmé · 10:41pm Apr 15th, 2017

In case you weren't aware[1], Bad Horse does these amazing posts regarding the history of art and criticism leavened with insightful leaps from one field of study to the next. They are great fun and not one hundredth as dry as you might suspect. He was recently laboring on this amazing post regarding the

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