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Is this what you want...? · 11:14pm Aug 30th, 2017

Now I understand that you are upset. No wait... Let me correct. You're pissed. The effect of your mind resists my rythme right now but you need to listen. I'm not going to apologize again for changing. Its as if my body was rearranging and won't let me be innocent enough to know right from wrong. Come on. We all did some stupid shit. We sit on our ass all day and play online games that mame our brain and grain our energy. We strip to our skin and run about thin, so bony and light, we think we

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Poem #8 · 4:18pm Jan 17th, 2017

Sand (8)

Rough, grainy, small,
Too many to count even in a hand,
Children play with it in the day.
Compact, round, like dust,
Firmer form and smaller,
Without number, without voice,
Without song, without breath,
This is the ballad to sand,
For it will last even after death.

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A Short Poem · 4:52pm January 23rd


when you can eat cakes pies jams cookies
what happens asked pinkie pie
ten seconds marveled twilight sparkle
you die
© Yuu

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Some info · 7:25am Dec 31st, 2015

I have now canceled my pony poems no more will be made. I am still taking poem commissions. Friday i will be hopefully recording again and uploading too. That's about it

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Poem · 2:27pm Feb 13th, 2017

So I like to write short poems. I was told they aren't bad.
And I have a few on (DragoonSensei )
So I thought I share some whit you. But because there is a word count limit to storys I do it whit blogs.

Chaos and Kindness

I am the chaos and you are kindness,
I am the clown and you are the princess.
You are my first friend in the eon,
I am free from my lonely prison.
You are just like a butterfly,
I am just a beast who trying to fly.

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Poem #3: Soul of Poetry · 6:13pm Jan 3rd, 2017

Soul of Poetry

What is poetry without the soul?
What is it without body and mind?
To respond it is an empty hole,
In which there is nothing to find.
Poetry is of words and rhyme,
Made of what people have dreamed,
It has been since before time,
Not always does it have idea or theme.
Poetry brings in love and light,
Heals broken hearts and unseen wounds,
It unchains with its gentle might,
Frees the chained and bound,
Poetry is a road that is unknown,

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An old poem I wrote... · 11:35am Nov 19th, 2018


Chaos, they say
Can lead everyone astray
But the real beauty lies within
And can make anyone grin

More than a prank or two
Its about leaving them without a clue
Twists and turns of life
Maybe even a little strife

The lines between reality and fantasy blurred
And it can be quite absurd
But this is where the fun begins
And how everyone can win!

A cloud of cotton candy
It can be oh so dandy
A rain of chocolate milk

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Limerick · 9:42pm Jan 23rd, 2017

A lavender filly, named Twilight,
Used to sleep in a room with a skylight,
The moon shone on her head
As she lay on her bed,
And gave rise to her rose-coloured highlight.


Poem Readings · 7:21pm Jul 6th, 2015

EDIT: Links should be working now


I did readings of four of my own poem devuded into two videos, the second being better than the first if you ask me! :raritywink:



Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! :heart:


As I said On my new story I Make Poems! · 2:37am Oct 20th, 2017

That's Right I sometimes Make up Random Poems if you always wanted to share yours but didn't want to reveal yourself PM Me if you want it in "Poems" when it will be seen Just tell Me if you want your name on it or not...

For some reason, they won't pass it in moderation yet so you have to wait...

It's not related enough to MLP to Pass... HOW!?


My favorite grammatically educational poem (lay vs laid) · 7:26pm Dec 25th, 2017

I'm lying here upon the shore
I lie here every day
I've lain here many times before
I lay here yesterday
i would lay my head upon the floor
If you would lie down by me
I've laid it there five times or more
(I lied - it's only three)

Infinitive    Present    Past    Past Participle    Present Participle
to lay          lay(s)      laid     laid                  laying
(to put or place something down)

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The Lunar Mistress and The Traveler · 4:37am Sep 14th, 2017

(I could not publish my poem due to it being less than a thousand words, So I decided to post it as part of my blog).

"The Song of The Lunar Mistress and the Traveler" by Winter Knight

Oh mistress of the night,
Thy affection boundless,
She who behests umbrage,
Fairy vast of night.

Show remorse to the traveler,
Whom walks nighted,
In thy night-rule.

Oh enchantress of the moon,
Illume his way in umber'd la volt,
Unbolt the road home!

Fairy of timeless fair,

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The Unicorn · 4:33pm Aug 23rd, 2015

This world is full of lovely things
wolves that howl and birds that sing
Flowers that feed the butterflies
and trees that stretch up to the skies
Fish that swim in the open seas
and the ever humming bumble bees
yet none can match the unicorn

As gorgeous as the morning dawn
As graceful as the dancing swan
And yet they have the rhino's might
coupled with the great eagles sight
Champions of the untamed east
mightiest of the grazing beasts
few can challenge the unicorn

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A poem from a friend · 9:32pm Sep 4th, 2019

what's up guys, Crimson Rose here.

Many months ago, a friend of mine wrote a poem that is featured in my oncoming novel.

For those who are worshippers of the night and all who love poems,

This is for ya'll :3 he isn't into mlp but he is a fellow friend and love him dearly.

the sun sets with a lonely sigh
whispered breezes of darkness flow
Luna does rise to kiss the sky
pouring upon the world her glow

cycle without end, the sun mourns
taking solace in his lone pride

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Soo.... · 10:18pm Jul 5th, 2015

Jane: I am 18 now, I'm an adult, I can do whatever I want.

Dad: Jane, you've always wanted to work in my company, what made you change your mind?

Jane: Working in your company did not include the mail room!

Dad: Your sister Sarah started in the mail room and worked her way up, do you think you are better than her?

Jane: *Rolls eyes* Look, can I just have my inheritance?


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A poem-not-poem I wrote · 1:47am Jun 7th, 2015

Set off the firecrackers, watch them swirl
Changing colours, winding with no direction
Bright stars hover above, staring down intently

Hollow love, masking a deceitful lie
The light sparkle of damp grass
Spinning, spinning, spinning

Fireworks, setting into overdrive
Deafening, intoxicating blurred lines
Players rejoice in a game of hurtful fiction

Wailing sounds behind the fence
Raised heartbeats scatter jumbled thoughts

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Hello Everypony · 10:31pm Jul 28th, 2015

Hi, I created this account with the first goal of spreading a short story I've been working on throughout a wider audience. However I have been inspired to do something else beforehand. My first follower has seen nothing of my work, but still believes it must contain something worthwhile. As a fellow poet, I herein offer a small piece from a few weeks ago. Though no one ever really knows what their poems are about for at least a few years, I imagine this has something to do with becoming a

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Poem #12 · 4:22pm Jan 17th, 2017

Books (12)

Books with their many tales,
Shouting out from their cages,
And if not read they cry and wail,
For, they are priceless pages.
"Fly free now!" I shout to them as I pass,
I say" Let your knowledge be shared, (give me your pearls)"
But then I hear a bell and say, "I'll be late to class, goodbye!"
I'll tell my story to all who'll listen, yet none care.
Books, lying on the shelf,
They gather up bugs and dust,
In the dark and shadows they dwell,

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Humanity · 4:36pm Nov 14th, 2015

Nothing has a shadow without sunshine
And nothing has exhaustion without rest
Humanity, gods greatest disappointment,
Which somehow leaves us existing, at our best.

And though the oceans turn today
The winds are rising, my good friends
It's time to find that balance
Between our beginnings and our ends

we lack that true peace,
Which all of us shall dream
And here within the quiet
There is innocence it seems

A quiet child's laughter
Or the sun after the rain

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Too In Love. A Poem · 11:07pm Nov 6th, 2015

NOTE: I'm not depressed or anything, I'm doing really well, don't think that the poem I am writing is reflecting on my current feelings. Happier one coming later

Your everything I'd want in every single way
But i'm tired of waiting for you each day
Cause I know that you'll never say
"I love you too babe"

I'm just too in love too let you go yet
But one day I will, don't you fret
But right now your the best that I could ever get

Blocking me out of your universe

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