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Serial Dreemurr Story Link · 2:00pm Jul 2nd, 2017

Okay, due to the inherent lack of activity of any kind on the story, against my better judgement, I'll provide a link to Gravity Falls: Serial Dreemurr. Well, here you go.


I've Had Another Apostrophy · 5:56pm Mar 17th, 2019

Okay, so I was researching the Reverse Falls AU for future projects, and I found out that Reverse Ford is the one who unleashes Weirdmaggedon in the Reverse Falls AU, and generally serves as a Bill Cipher puppet master character for the Reverse Falls AU. That got me thinking. What if, via a freak accident with both the Reverse Falls portal and the canon universe portal, those two universes merge together, and Reverse Ford becomes the Starscream for Bill Cipher (meaning he takes up Bill's offer

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Viewing 41 - 42 of 42 results