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Sandwich Poem · 9:17pm Mar 27th, 2018


By: Brickbrock24

A man walked into my sandwich shop,
A buff guy with flowing blonde hair
And chiseled muscles of steel.
He marched up to me,
Slammed his hand on counter,
And demanded
A sandwich suitable for his super strong self.

I wasn’t exactly sure
What kind of sandwich a macho man
Like this would want. So I offered
Him a new item that I added
To the menu recently.

He said “Sure, why not?” So I got to work.

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Breaking Pots (A Zelda Limerick) · 8:17pm Apr 18th, 2017

Breaking Pots (A Zelda Limerick)
By: Brickbrock24

I need to get my wallet nice and fat,
So I can buy bombs and items like that.
I know! I can go smash those pots,
Because why the heck not?
They’ll get me lots of money in no time flat!

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Not the best poem in a contest by a long shot · 3:56am February 16th

F Major’s not a key I’d use
To sing a song of bliss;
Back in the day, if I’d done that
My notes would seem amiss.

Back in the day, I’d never go
And sit out on the roof,
Atop the school and play guitar;
I’d be far too aloof.

I’d hold in everything I felt
My sermons and confessions;
They’d never hurt me in my head,
And there’d be no concessions.

And now my thoughts and notes are gone
To wander where they may;
I’ve nothing else I’d rather do
Then freely waste the day.

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My Dazzlings... · 3:07am Mar 12th, 2016

And now..A poem

A is for the the way her Amethyst eyes shine like jewels
D is for her Daring and bold attitude.
A is for All, as in all those hours of my life I'd give to you if you were more than flash lines and paint bucket colors.
G is for Goddess of divine beauty.

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The adventurers contract (Poem) · 7:24am Apr 13th, 2018

For if you find my bones wherever you roam,
I request you return them to my faithful home,
for in my journal you shall find,
my every thought and adventure since the dawn of my time,
bring it home to those I hold dear,
so they may cherish and sing my song once more.


"Politics" By William Butler Yeats Dramatic Reading · 3:05pm Aug 20th, 2015

Well i've done it again. Here's another dramatic reading of a classic poem. One of my favorites actually, "Politics" by William Buttler Yeats!

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

without any further a due, here you go.


I need some help. . . · 8:06pm Jun 19th, 2015

is anyone good at foreboding poems that hint at the future without actually telling what will happen?

Cause I need a poem like that for Diaries of a Traitor.

If you are good at poems and want to help, please PM me so no one else is spoiled, as there will be spoilers in this subject.

Welp, I'll leave you all to it.

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"Pity those whom dream of war" - Poem · 10:25pm Jul 3rd, 2016

Pity those whom dream of war,
Taught by film or game,
The supposed glory,
Gained in battle;

They dream of war,
While thousands flee,
They slumber thinking of the fame,
And of honour;

Like those in the past,
Answering the call to war,
They joined in droves,
Those poor unlucky souls;

Many of them too,
Dreamt of war,
Recalling past glories,
They marched to war;

Cut down in droves,
Like wheat in the harvest,
Scythed down by their foe,
Never to dream again;

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IDK. 2 · 3:33pm May 1st, 2016

Rose are red
My name is not Dave
This makes no sense

Wow. Such doge. Much poem.

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For The Princess Weeps Tonight · 4:20am May 3rd, 2017

there was one then there was two
one was white and one was blue
one bright another dark

Wolf howls, one's dying breath
another on the moon one on her chest
draining all the joy from her heart
she rules by day and cries by night

another way high to far to see
a wandering eye shed tears for thy lonely soul
hide in fear on the day of night

for the light shines through all
and through all a good night
rest your head in bed

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A thing I ended up doing · 7:55pm Oct 26th, 2016

I was suppose to do a list poem. I'm not a hundred percent sure this is one.

I often find myself dreaming of the past and future.

Though I enjoy the imaginary the most.

whether it be the happiness of couples, to the frozen wasteland.

Though death seems to follow them all.

Whether they show reluctance, or bring an unnatural ferocity.

They always seem to get the happy ending.

Though the stories are still being written.

Though they normally have children.

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Have I missed anyone in my Poems? · 11:28am Mar 2nd, 2017

Hello, this is Zephyr Spark. As you know, I am working on "The Spike Poem Anthology II" to expand upon the first anthology. I have written many odes to characters on the show from Spike's perspective. I wanted to ask if I have left out any characters important to Spike in either my first or second anthology thus far. Can you think of someone Spike should write about next? Thanks for your time and your support.

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Psychopathic Sorcerery · 11:41pm Jun 28th, 2015

When the sun falls down at the end of every day

The good go to leave and the evil stay

You know the names of the creatures of the night

And their diabolical power to destroy on sight

I am neither a monster nor protector of good

But I'm your worst nightmare, is that understood?

When you go to sleep, you shall fear me

For there is no place I cannot see

How can you defeat me, I don't know for sure

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Poem 2 · 10:13am Jan 22nd, 2018

So a while ago I shared one of my poem whit you and I thought it is time to share another one.

I am Luna

I soar acrose the night sky,
To do my job as I fly.
I raise the moon and the stars,
After the darkness start to fall.
I fight nightmares in your hearth,
To protect your soul from the dark.
This is my duty as a princess,
I am Luna and you are my witness.

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"Never again once was cried," - Poem · 10:56pm Jul 3rd, 2016

Never again once was cried,
By those who lived that Great War,
Having seen their friends cut down,
On that bleak Western Front;

Yet war came again,
For their children,
Cursing another generation,
To the horror that is war;

Many more died,
In their millions,
To feed that beast,
That is called war;

Little could be done,
To tame this beast,
As it came amongst us all,
Tendrils reaching across the globe;

When the beast was slain,
It was for nought,
For soon it’s children,

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pain and misery · 2:01am Jun 10th, 2016

pain is misery
and misery is pain
they both interlock
and make grief, sorrow, death
we can take the pain
but never grief

pain and misery
works as one
and makes sorrow
after grief is sorrow
we feel sorry for ourselves and others
but mostly ourselves for what we do

pain and misery
the final stage of depression
is death why death
but death is are only release
from the pain and misery

bye all that i love
im sorry but its the
only way i get away from it all

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Collected Narrative Poems by De Writer · 1:19am Sep 17th, 2016

I have just submitted a collection of narrative poems that I have written about my and friend's OCs
I hope that you enjoy them.


Poem: Love Unspoken · 6:34am Jul 28th, 2016

Love Unspoken
by CoffeePony

I wonder what happens
To love unspoken?

Maybe it hides, burrows,
In a corner of your heart?
Hiding in the shadows,
Not knowing where to start?

Maybe it melts and oozes away,
Like sugar sweet flowing,
And there it will stay
Useless and rotting away.

Perhaps it slowly dims and dies,
Like stars in morning light.
Drowned in the shining sunlight,
Only sparkling in the dark of night.

Or it may simply die,

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An apology · 11:33pm Jan 24th, 2018

Inspiration's a flash.
You're hit, you commit, and you write it.
But then what next?

So now you've got some fans.
The watchers, the judges, those waiting.
A flash is brief.

So you struggle and plot.
Hope your one hit can carry the album.
It begins, the doubt.

Find a way to stall time.
Excuses, delays, and side projects.
They're beginning to circle.

And then it's too much.
Nothing you write is sufficient.
And the flash is long gone.

Looking back with regret,

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Write. If you feel sadness, write a poem · 10:55pm Aug 12th, 2015

Is it okay to be terrified?
Is it okay to cry every once in a while?
When the road in front of me seems so dark
When the terror of the past has left it's mark

Deep down I know that I wasn't the one who let you down
The truth from a different stand-point can make you frown
Killing your feelings can make you feel better,
Until your soul dies from being a go-getter

You are the soldier of your own mind
Not that it hurts to be both ambitious and kind...

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