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Can't. Stop. Dying... · 8:39pm Sep 29th, 2017

I have only one excuse for why the latest chapter of Regarding: Gary Stu is taking so long.

Dark Souls 3 went on sale not long after I posted the last chapter and that game is addictive as crack.

So yeah, I'd say I'm about half done with the newest chapter, sorry for the delays folks!


Read It Now Reviews #63 – Colors of the Soul, Unfair, Did Not, The Ever Ash Project, Denial · 2:32am Dec 4th, 2015

With season 5 over, it is time for people to release their reaction fics. I expect that this season finale will be fertile ground for fanfics for many months to come. I myself have some ideas, but I am going to try and push out a lot of stories I’ve got in my pipeline first.

Of course, there’s another writeoff coming up in just a few weeks, so maybe it won’t be such a long delay after all…

Today’s stories:

Colors of the Soul by Monochromatic

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So you decided to sabotage your career: a pro as fuck guide to longfics · 8:16am Apr 16th, 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog. Mainly because I’ve been trying to finish the TLS sequel. Guess what?

It’s done now.

Bad news: Done doesn’t mean finished. This thing is going to need editing and prereading to make sure it’s up to snuff to publish (my apologies into the poor saps that agreed on reading this. But look on the bright side: eventually it ends)

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Destiny and Fate · 4:18pm March 4th

Destiny is what you have to become. Fate is what you chose to become. Destiny and Fate are two different things, though it may not seem like it.
Destiny chooses your road for you. It's like being born into a religion. You are destined to remain there, lest you be pushed aside by your family.
Fate allows you to choose your road, but it is more dangerous.

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Added something to my short story anthology, and also there's this · 5:57am August 6th

“Pinkie,” said Twilight evenly. “I’m not gonna judge you for your actions, and I know we all need a friend sometimes, but I just gotta know. Why’d you do it?”

“Oh Twilight,” laughed Pinkie Pie, from atop her throne of bones. “Sometimes, you don’t need a reason! You just do things to see what happens!”

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Which Sunset? · 1:54am Nov 27th, 2015

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