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Minor Improvements · 9:18pm Oct 9th, 2020

Wash your hands for 30 seconds.

The continuation of last week's story arrives, and a comfy post-part transitions to further... engagements~.

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mindful · 10:05pm May 21st

When the thoughts within they struggles, and your mine it only buggles,
you bring forth a ladder, to peer in it farther,
but the mind's a steal, its a muggle.
So with thoughts Askew, and approach of morning dew, what is the mind to do,
but melt.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.


Lack of support. · 10:10pm July 2nd

Twas a guard who stood day all,
by the castle he was stationed on.
He kept watch from autumn to fall,
back to the cold brick wall,
and feeling, not very tall.

One day his legs would cave,
right after his back did gave.
So there he sat slumped without diction,
for his peculiar type of affliction.
Though the day went on well,
and not a soul could tell,
that the guard had lost his conviction.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.


Business of Exhaustion · 10:47pm June 18th

To push oneself has a negative connotation. If you required pushing, then you probably didn't want to do it, why would it have been required to exert addition force otherwise? When tasks come simply, without question or resistance, we see it as positive, handled without a worry or stress, without a push.
It follows the philosophy of the path of least resistance. However, sometimes, a mere nudge is all a river requires to stretch into a new avenue, and flow farther, faster, than ever before.

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A Sticky Situation · 10:31pm Apr 27th, 2018

Greetings all the ponies high and wild, low and bold, far and wide, especially the wide ones.
What is on your agenda? Grand plans for the weekend?
That is good, sometimes you need a bit of relaxation.
Something I will have some time for while polishing and working on a few new projects. One that you will be seeing soon enough.

For now, have a fantastic Filthy Friday and freaky weekend~.


Operation Recovery · 9:57pm Jun 23rd, 2017

This week has been messy. Even a minor operation does have a decent bit of recovery time it seems. Writing has been very slow this week because of this, though next week I should be fine.

There are still new Stories up on my Furaffiniy And Eka's Portal accounts, go on a trip to find them~.

And hopefully you are having a nicer week than me, Happy Filthy Friday all cute readers~.


Commission prices are changing · 10:52pm Mar 23rd, 2018

They are changing a bit to accommodate some fees into the actual price, so the prices are not actually changing much.

Greetings one and all.

Working on some new pony projects, and it is exciting to see how this will turn out. There is some royalty in the mix again, and that is always fun.

Other than that I am still recovering from an operation, which leaves me a bit drained. Shouldn't be too long before I am back in shape however~.

hope you all have a wonderfully Filthy Friday~.


Daylight Strikes · 11:54pm May 11th, 2018

Salutations of the blazing sun and stars to all living in the landscapes of pony.

Today we have a new story to post, as promised, the sun will rise, leading to quite a hot and sultry tale.

A ruler cementing their reign to their subjects in manners most malevolent.
Can the resistance prove victorious? Or shall they be but amusement for the queen?

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Month of nightmares · 12:46am Nov 2nd, 2019

Shadows grow, reaching past their limits, stretching towards the horizon. They all harken back to the vanishing point, a destination as distant as it is fictive, yet we rely on it every moment of observing the world. Every step, towards an abyss without end, beginning, nor reality.
Perhaps it is so, because for there to be existence, we require contrast to make it out.
Else, we would stare at but a blank canvas, lacking the marvel chiaroscuro grants us.

Happy nightmare night~.


Weirduary Has Begun, Event With Commission slots in other places. · 11:31pm Feb 2nd, 2018

Greetings one and all and Welcome to Weirduary.
Though the event is so far taking place mostly on my other accounts.
Until someone gets a weird Pony story commissioned. Hmmm.

but in the meanwhile you can check those profiles for information on the event.
Also there is a lot of info about the event on my Tumblr. My Tumblr name is Septiawrites. but don't go there unless you are certain you wanna see some spoooooky lewd stuuuuuaff in the future.
Ooooooo. Scary.

Enough sillyness.

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The Blackest Friday · 12:52am Nov 25th, 2017

Oooh gosh, how do I manage to keep getting sick for all the holidays?
That is almost a serious question, I am confused.

Going to go lay down now.


Operation Recovery, Filthy Fridays · 10:25pm Jun 30th, 2017

Operation Recovery is still a downer.
That is all.

Oh the story I uploaded to Eka's and Furaffinity this week involves a horse, not a pony though. But some of you might like it.


Project updates, Coming up · 10:57pm Mar 16th, 2018

Week after a post, feels pretty nice. There is another project coming up in a little while, but it might be a week or so off from now.

And here comes this week's joke:
What did the spider say when the fly asked it to go out with them?
"Sorry, I don't play with my food."
"That is ok," responded the fly in the web, "I am all tied up."

And with that we end this Filthy Friday~.
Have a wonderful weekend~.


Sitting on the Grass in Fim Town. · 10:37pm Jun 2nd, 2017

Another week in lovely Fim town, where the grass is neon green and the girls are...
eating said grass...
I don't remember the song going quite like that.

There is no story coming up today as some have gussed, but more can come further ahead.

Those people who read this are still really awesome~. There are only a few of you but you are the reason I write this~.

Have an especially great weekened~.


A new writing age, Time to plant more grass · 9:51pm Sep 1st, 2017

Looks like it has already been a week in the new age, and honestly it is alright~. This place is still quite friendly.
A special birthday gift arrived at my door today, can't say what it is, but it made me happy.

There is no new story up today, haven't gotten much with ponies. Though, might see some again shortly.

To those few who read this, you know I already like you, but have an extra hug~.

Enjoy your Filthy Friday~.


A New Story, Finally, And a big underwater Restaurant · 2:29am Aug 12th, 2017

Whoooly gosh. I thought the dry spell we have been having would end sometime but I didn't imagine it would be with a whole ocean.
That is right, it is the Bay Banquet Series.

This week we see the first part of this fin. Eahm... I mean tail. Tale. Geeze this place is getting to me~.
And you can expect the next one coming out on the next Filthy Friday.
but the first one you can read right now.

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Tumbleweeds across the acers. · 7:35pm Apr 21st, 2017

That does sound like an interesting name for a story involving Applejack, however it is not.

There are currently no new stories I can upload here, which may change in the near future, though it isn't certain as of yet.

However, maintaining a weekly blog is something I want to stick with, even if there are few reading it here.

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Things are happening elsewhere, but here is Comforting · 11:10pm Jan 26th, 2018

Greetings all the ponies in videoland.
How was your Friday? Mine was great, I had eggs and toast.
Well, one of those at least.

There are some new pony projects in the work, but they won't be seen quite yet. However, waiting makes it all the more fun when it arrives, and these blogposts will be here to cheer you up.
Grab something tasty to eat, but drink some water with it.
Hold it, put down the soda. Drink water first, then soda.

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A Dry sister is as good as... Where was I going with this? · 11:06pm Jul 14th, 2017

A dry spell is nothing to worry about, least it is the kind cast by a malignant unicorn, then you are in trouble.

There is more content up on Eka's and Furaffinity, if you wanna take the trek there. This week it involves a Melon.

Otherwise, just have a lovely old time here, or a new time as well.


Something is wrong, on this Filthy Friday · 12:38am Oct 21st, 2017

To be honest I don't even know what is going on this week.

Is it even Friday today?

Ehm, guess there are stuff over on my other accounts at Furaffinity and Eka's portal.
And the event is still going on, though the slots may be claimed soon, I think.

Have a good weekend?

Though, I wish that to everyone who reads this, so that is as it should be at least. Stay Filthy~.

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