[ T ] his group is dedicated to bringing authors and proofreaders together (using our services implies following the rules listed below). Our lists provide a wide variety of proofreaders willing to help out and ensure a high quality story. They can help you go into your story, correct any and all errors they manage to catch (like an editor), as well as offer you their thoughts and opinions on your story (like a prereader).


[ F ] or finding a proofreader, authors are provided with the following tools:

1. The Proofreader Docs (F|L|M). We maintain several lists of proofreaders sorted by number of stories proofread, using the Google Docs platform. The lists contain detailed information about each and every proofreader, such as genre preferences, a time zone, a message to an author, and so on. You can find instructions and access the Proofreader Docs via this link (F|L|M).

2. The Proofreader Database. We have an experimental search engine for the Proofreader Docs in the form of an external site. It scans the Docs regularly and compiles them into a single database that you can search for proofreaders by various criteria—for example, to better match your story genre. The Proofreader Database is available here. A more detailed guide is located here (F|L|M).

3. The Forum. You can post a request thread with a brief description of your story (please follow the thread posting rules listed below), and proofreaders who watch for new threads may reply to you providing their services. Only if you have tried both the above options are you to make a post in the forum. It is advisable not to make a post unless you have have been in the group for a week or more, and have searched extensively through the system. Doing otherwise is simply lazy and will not be tolerated.


[ I ] f you want to leave a feedback on a proofreader you have worked with, please send a PM to Gaster.


[W] ant to join our ranks as a proofreader? Please read information on this page, in this document (F|L|M), and fill this form.


( ? ) Have any questions about the group? Check our FAQ (partially outdated at the moment). Still have questions, or suggestions to improve our group? Post it to the Help Desk thread, join our Discord server, contact via IRC (SSL1, SSL2), or PM an admin.


[ F ] orum threads marked with the tag [OFFICIAL] are created by staff members. Such threads either contain official announcements, or serve the purpose of communicating between group users and admins. Only staff members are allowed to mark their threads with this tag. :trollestia:


1. No harassing any users at any time for any reason in any way. This is not tolerated under any circumstance and you will be removed from this group, its documents and an instant ban without warning.

2. No damage to authors' stories.  No defacing or deleting of an author's story/chapter under any circumstance. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the admins. Authors are reminded to contact an admin immediately with any complaints about a proofreader.

3. We proofread for free. You can pay a proofreader as an expression of your gratitude, but you do not have to, and they may not demand it of you.

Golden Rule: Even if it's not in the rules, admins decide what to do with this group and its relating features. Should we decide something, that is final. This means we can kick you for any reason, and we can change the rules or make exceptions to them as we see fit. If you disagree with our decision, PM us, or you could always report us to the site admins.


Note: Violation of any of the below rules will lead to the immediate deletion of a thread followed by a follow-up PM by the thread deleter (any admin). Continued failure to follow the rules will lead to a ban.

1. A thread must be clearly related to proofreading. Things that are not, or are only tangentially, related to proofreading must be approved explicitly by an Admin, with the Admin giving a comment on the thread after posting confirming their authorization.

2. A thread title must include either [Active] or [Resolved] tag. If marked active, it means that someone is still looking for a proofreader or an answer to the thread. Those marked resolved have been dealt with, so please do not bump them. Such threads are likely locked and deleted later. If a thread is active enough when marked resolved, it may be left unlocked.

3. A thread title must include the title and genres of your story, with each individual genre and rating being enclosed in brackets. (Example: [Active] On The Way To The Sun [Romance] [Comedy] [Adventure] [Teen]) The thread body must include the general plot, genres, and characters you expect to be using / are using in the story.

4. Reposting a thread within two weeks is prohibited.

5. A thread containing NSFW- or questionable content must be tagged [NSFW] or [QC]. If you could not, in good conscience, show the content to an authoritative figure of any kind, then it is probably NSFW. NSFW pictures are not allowed, even in NSFW-tagged threads.

Need something that isn't MLP Fanfiction proofread? Shoot a PM to Gaster, and they will talk to you about creating a Special Request Thread (SRT). While we cannot guarantee anyone will take your job, of the 3000+ people in this group, it might be worth trying. Just be aware we are not responsible for who you select (of those who volunteer) to proofread. You can try to negotiate with any proofreader you find in the group personally as well.

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Icon: My Book! by otakuap



No one is expected to read them.

↑ Please read the group description carefully ↑

for getting help.

K. W.

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#564 · 27w, 58m ago · · ·

Hello everypony!

I'm the project manager of Ambient.White (former Ambient.Prologue). At the moment we are looking for fiction writers who can write little pieces like letter from one pony to another or a note in a diary (just like in Elder Scrolls or Fallout games). If you are interested please contact me at piramidheaded.pony@gmail.com

For more info about our project visit http:/albdifferent.com

Comment posted by anonymous_commenter deleted at 6:33pm on the 20th of October, 2016
#562 · 42w, 6d ago · · ·

I would probably put the second set of instructions on hiring a proofreader in a different spot on the G-doc. Where it is now is akin to taking the pain pills out of the medicine cabinet and putting them under the sink. They're in the same room, but who's going to look for them there?

'Guide to Using Docs' sounds like a tutorial to navigating G-docs in general, not the specific one you made.

#561 · 43w, 1d ago · · ·

I'm pretty new when it comes to writing and was looking for someone who could proof read and give me some tips on how to make my story better!

The help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advanced!


For more permanent contact, my skype is: theatomicshockwave

#560 · 47w, 4d ago · · ·

could anyone help me with this story, it's about a wolf prince that must travel to the land of Equestria to find a cure for his father before times run out. could anyone please help.

#559 · 48w, 5d ago · · ·

Applejack reading the book in the banner is so adorable. Where can I find one?

Comment posted by eldritch mage deleted at 3:46pm on the 21st of May, 2016
#557 · 51w, 6d ago · · ·

I need a proofreader for my story Twilight's Bizarre Adventure Shining Road. It's a Jojo's bizarre adventure crossover.


#556 · 55w, 3d ago · · ·

May I have some help please, I need someone to help me fix my grammar and punctuation. If you want to help please contact me please

#555 · 57w, 4d ago · · ·

I need help please, I cant seem to get it right my grammar and punctuation is terrible. if you want too help, please contact me

thank you :pinkiehappy:

#554 · 58w, 2d ago · · ·

>>405040 i need help ! Please if you want to help come to my page

#553 · 58w, 2d ago · · ·

Hello everyone ! I am writing a story but it doesnt get approved ! Because it is too severe ! And my main language is not english so if somebody can help me i will be so happy ! If you wanna help, come to my page and my story is in comments

#552 · 59w, 18h ago · · ·

Hello everyone, ive completed my first mlp fanfic ever but I cant get it online because It doesnt get approved. Im from The netherlands and english is not my main language. If I resubmit It again It will be deleted if its not good enough. If somebody would be kind enough to help me I would really apreciate It. Please pm me or contact me on my email: rainbowdashiecloudsdale@gmail.com

Thanks in advance: RDCD

#551 · 61w, 2d ago · · ·

I know this is quite sudden, but I request assistance for a proofreader for one of my stories. First is to clean it up just a little. Second, for any future chapter releases. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

#550 · 62w, 2d ago · · ·

I'm writing a story and I need some help with Grammer Becuase English is my second language

Comment posted by Star-Form deleted at 6:07am on the 19th of February, 2016
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