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  • 134w, 5d

    Alright, so I just got booped several hours ago and realized I haven't updated anything on this site since April.

    Guess I got some explaining to do.

    First of all, I apologize to everyone who has been waiting for updates on Succession, Carpe Diem, and Genesis. If you're following The Seer of Truth, stop it. It won't happen.

    I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, but in many ways, I've felt even worse about what I've been putting off telling you all.

    The TL;DR

    I'm tired of the Dark genre. Sorry.

    The Super Long Explanation I Always End Up Doing

    Sometime last November, something as simple as me misinterpreting some test results and thinking I'd failed an exam got me thinking. A lot. I've always been an introvert person, and I've always been really good at introspection. When I found myself confused with my reaction toward failing an assignment for the first time in my life, I started reflecting upon my general psyche and the development it had underwent in the past few years.

    One thing led to another, and suddenly I had a minor depression. Yay.

    While I explored the various problems and issues of my mind that had all piled up to form a depression, I started finding quite a lot of parallels between them and certain elements of my writing. Being an introvert person, I've been good at bottling up various frustrations and inner conflicts and instead using my writing as a means of venting. I've been doing that for many years now, I realize.

    A fundamental duality in the driving forces of my mind is sparking a conflict that has led to a near complete loss of motivation. Succession's major conflict? Twilight going through basically the same, just, you know, with magical soul-draining and the apocalypse.

    My depression took hold late November/early December, and look at that, the 4th of January I publish a story about Celestia with a depression.

    What has changed, then, since I started writing, since I created a FIMFiction account, and since I started Succession, has been the fact that I broke my bottle, so to speak. I no longer hold on to that many of my negative feelings, and thus I have nothing of that sort to pour into my writing anymore. When I'm feeling down, my self-assigned therapy now consists of me talking it over with a friend, as opposed to opening up a Word-document and killing a dozen ponies.

    I feel a lot healthier without the compulsion to kick a pony in the teeth through my writing every few days, but I also know that there are currently 466 people out there who have favorited Succession along with several more handfuls favoriting my other stories, which are all pertaining to the Dark genre to a lesser or greater extent. I really want to finish them, I feel I have some sort of responsibility to do so, and I'm really tired of not having a single completed story on my story list, but I just haven't felt any strokes of inspiration for them in ages. Succession is just too long and too dark for its completion to seem realistic, and without that story, my motivation to finish the rewrite of Genesis dwindles. Carpe Diem is still a possibility, provided I can overcome a long-lasting writer's block on it.

    In Conclusion

    As it stands now, I've put Succession and Genesis on an indefinite hiatus, with little chance of them ever becoming active again, and Carpe Diem on a not so indefinite hiatus. Sorry.

    If anyone is interested in at least getting some semblance of the rest of Succession's story, I can try to spruce up my original story line a bit and provide a super-abridged version of the story. MAYBE with a few of the more awesome chapters written out properly.

    I haven't given up on writing, nor pony writing specifically, I just haven't been very productive the past few months. Been working on composing a few new story lines and started actually writing one of them a few weeks ago. The going's still really slow, though, so no telling when or if I'll publish it.

    Sorry once again for disappointing you. I'm pretty disappointed too.

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  • 210w, 4d
    Succession news + seeking new proofreader(s)

    Alright, so my proofreader finished chapter 12. It, uh, needs some work. I remember being very bored writing it and it sounds like Some Person was just as bored reading it, but hopefully it'll be a bit more interesting for you guys once I finish it.

    On to the point of this blog post: Some Person has apologized for the lateness of his reviews and has urged me to seek out a new proofreader to help keep things moving a bit more smoothly.

    So, any takers? :pinkiehappy:

    I'll be taking a look at the Proofreader Group shortly, but finding someone willing to read a grimdark story several hundred thousand words long might be hard, so if any of you feel confident in your proofreading skills or just wanna give it a try, feel free to drop a comment below!

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  • 224w, 1d
    It has begun

    *Cue This Day Aria*

    So, a few days ago, I decided that 17,000 words is a bit much for one chapter, so I split my eighth and, since I already had nine chapters ready to go, that meant I was finally ready to publish. That only took, what? Ten months?

    And now I wake up to 29 favorites, 2 followers and 11 positive comments. Not bad at all.

    I'll do the final read-through of chapter 3 now and get it up soonish. I'll also throw up another chapter of Genesis while I'm at it, I guess.

    Finally, I wanted to inform you all that Succession was planned out all the way back in February. It's a miracle I've been able to include the rest of season 2 without my story getting messed up, but I'm just gonna go ahead and leave season 3 out. No Sombra, no Crystal Kingdom, no return of Trixie. Same goes for Genesis.

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  • 234w, 4d
    Happy birthday to me!

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  • 240w, 6d
    Rebooting Genesis

    I really like this story it seems. I keep returning to it. This time, however, I am not going to just give it a quick read-through and throw in some corrections here and there.

    I have redone the story line, and while it still follows the basic template (or whatever you might call it) of the original story, there are still a number of notable differences such as the origin of the pony races, a little less victimization of both Luna and Discord, and their respective periods of evil have been extended.

    Every single chapter has been deleted from FIMFiction and moved to a gdocs folder, the link to which can be found in the description of Genesis. As a result, all of your nice comments seem to have been banished to the moon. Sorry. It says they are all there, but I can't see any way of accessing them.

    I hope at least some of you will take the time to read this much improved version.

    Oh, one last thing. Should I add all of those epilogues to this new version as well? In retrospect, they weren't much more than a cheap advertisement for Succession, but some of you seemed to enjoy them.


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After a date with Rarity gone awry, Spike is in an inconsolable mood. When a stranger offers a solution to his heartaches, he must accept.

Little does he know that he has surrendered his heart to a changeling: A rare, but most disastrous theft. It is up to those closest to Spike to retrieve his heart, and discover how far they are willing to go in order to protect it.

First Published
27th Jul 2015
Last Modified
11th Sep 2015
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It had been a fall much longer than a few feet. It had been a fall from divinity. That crucial blow had damaged so much more than just her horn. It had shattered her reality. When a kingdom beckons and a queen prepares for battle, how do you pick up the pieces?

Three weeks after the royal wedding in Canterlot, the sun hangs pale and dim in the sky above Equestria. Luna captains the royal guard while Shining Armor is on his honeymoon, and she governs Equestria while Celestia wanders the castle grounds both day and night, searching for answers only she herself can provide.

Meanwhile, veiled by lies and deceit, a shadow looms over Equestria once more, determined to sink its fangs into the most loving kingdom of all.

Many thanks to Sergiovan!

He does all the readings. Proof, pre, post, alpha, cake and exclusive reading. He also edits, leaves feedback, is a bank of ideas, is a great present for children and adults alike, and comes with his own food and incorporated microwave.

And many thanks to Leonhard too!

First Published
4th Jan 2014
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28th Feb 2014
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The Great Tragedy. The night an era ended. The night the skies stopped turning. The night the Canterlot palace, along with all of its occupants, was utterly obliterated.

Nopony knows how it was done or by whom. But they do know that one unicorn stood at the center of that calamitous explosion, and they know that Twilight Sparkle survived where two immortals had perished.

Twilight awakens in a world a shadow of its former self, abruptly thrust into the fallout of a disaster she remembers nothing of. Faced with a foe that is perhaps more familiar than she might realize, Twilight must find a way to restore her broken world and carry on the legacy of her beloved princesses.

Huge thanks to my proofreaders Some Person (chapter 1-12) and RazerWrites (chapter 12-14). The story would have been much worse off without them.

First Published
9th Dec 2012
Last Modified
18th Apr 2014
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This story is currently being rewritten (although the revamp is currently on hiatus).

All present chapters are subject to change!

From the initial settling of the world by the mighty alicorns to the fall of the cruel tyranny of Discord and the rise of Nightmare Moon, the world of ponies has always been dictated by the actions of the immortal ones.

Discord struggles to find meaning in a world belonging to his enemies, Luna despairs over the night that is so thoroughly detested by her peers, and Celestia must choose sides in a neverending battle between chaos and harmony, light and dark, and love and duty. This is their story.

This is the complete reboot of the very first story I wrote for FIMFiction. The original can be found here.

First Published
23rd Dec 2011
Last Modified
9th Dec 2012