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    Sorry about how long it took to write chapter 14. I took a little break c:

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    Take my poem.

    Take my poem and enjoy it.

    There is a monster inside of me.

    It wants to be free.

    It wants to roam the outside of me.

    It wants to murder me.

    It wants my sadness to rule.

    It wants my happiness to be gone.

    I can feel it, squeezing me in it's deadly grasp.

    Working it's claws down my very soul.

    I try to keep the demon down.

    But he constantly wants to rise.

    That demon, you see, is me.

    There are two parts of me, one that is good, the other bad.

    The good side is the one i show to everyone.

    Flashing it around as I love to see others happy.

    I keep him out at all times.

    The other side of me I keep down inside.

    He wants me to inflict pain.

    He wants me to bleed.

    Within the past year, he has begun to rise.

    His bubbling hatred flowing into mine.

    As hard as I try to keep him down.

    He finds a way to slip past my defenses.

    I try to be happy.

    He destroys it.

    I fool myself into thinking I am truly happy.

    He destroys it.

    I think I almost find true happiness?

    He destroys it.

    I can only hope this darkness resides some day.

    I hope a ray of light will someday come.

    I want that ray to kill the darkness.

    I want the darkness to feel what I want to feel.

    That ray, you see.

    Is love.

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    What I have discovered

    The star system does not mean anything at all.

    If I am able to touch one person with my story, my writing is all worth while.

    So kids, rate it at whatever you want.

    If you give it a low score, I will see it as a high score.

    As I know I have still touched someones heart.

    And also, a link!

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    Sometimes it feels like the world is out to hurt me.

    Why are others allowed happiness, while I am left with sadness?

    It seems like there is no one out there for me, no one for me to give my love.

    I just sit at home, wondering why I am cursed as I am.

    I am too shy to talk to girls, yet I used to be able to.

    Now whenever I see women, I see monsters who are out to destroy my heart.

    As that is the only thing that has been happening to me.

    I have put my heart on the line for so many people.

    And it get returns on a silver platter, crushed into dust.

    There is a terrible emptyness that is growing within my heart.

    A feeling I wish I could fill.

    I try to fill it in with other things, but the hole only get's bigger.

    I wish someone could understand my cry for help.

    I wish someone would understand that I want to love.

    The world is out to destroy me.

    And, much to my dismay.

    I fear it may be working.

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    Well, today a pony will read my fanficton live on a livestream.

    I would love if you ponies would join me!

    I don't know which fanfictions he will be reading 1st, but I would love to see you there anyway!

    It will air at 8pm central time.


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Spike is worried about the contents of the latest note that Twilight made him write, so he investigates!

This has got to be the worst fic I have ever put onto paper. I wrote this as a joke, inspired from my friends over on Mlpforums. Enjoy the craptastic work that I have made for your beautiful eyes.

First Published
7th Aug 2012
Last Modified
7th Aug 2012
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After Spike received a crushed heart from the hooves of Rarity, he decides to leave home to find himself in the world. He sets off on a grand adventure that will teach him who and what you can be if you put your heart to it, and the true meaning of friendship.

First Published
4th Aug 2012
Last Modified
4th Aug 2012
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What if we died right now, but we were able to have communication with our loved ones?

What would we say? What would we do?

This is the question Pinkie has to ponder.

First Published
30th Jul 2012
Last Modified
30th Jul 2012
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If I tried to explain the fiction at all, it would ruin every single surprise I have in store.

So all I will say is, expect Pinkie, Scootaloo, and shipping.

First Published
12th Jan 2012
Last Modified
12th Jan 2012
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Scootaloo has had a hard life,but what happens when she finds the pony she wants to be with for the rest of her life?

I upload in small segments for a reason, because I love short and to the point.

Don't like it, don't read it.

First Published
10th Jan 2012
Last Modified
10th Jan 2012
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This fiction is about my reaction to My little Dashie, and a surprise Filly Applejack for me afterwords. With the knowledge I had about what happened in My little Dashie, could I keep the same from happening away from Applejack?

First Published
1st Jan 2012
Last Modified
6th Jan 2012
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This story will be about my adventures in PonyVille. Feel free to criticize all you want. I need to learn.

All editing goes toward my great friend Grendo.

Give him love.

First Published
17th Dec 2011
Last Modified
17th Jun 2012