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  • 1w, 5h
    Next Chapters of Dragonfire: Enter the Dragon Hero

    All of you readers will finally learn what happened to Sunset Shimmer, to make her lead a life as a double agent. Flare Heart returns. Spike and the boys will do battle with the Shadowbolts to rescue the girls.

    And like Aku said in the recent Samurai Jack episode, "Perhaps telling the story of Sunset Shimmer will break me out of my malaise."

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  • 1w, 17h
    New things we learned from episode 1 and 2 of Season 7

    1. One, anger can manifest into a cloud of darkness, can infect any pony if they breathe into it.

    2. Ember breathes fire. Purple fire to be precise.

    3. Trixie can do transfiguration spell by projecting images in her head.

    4. There's actually a spell that Twilight uses to visualize her fantasy.

    These could be very useful.

    Oh yeah...

    5. Princess Celestia can laugh very loud.

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  • 1w, 2d
    Another Idea From A Song

    So just today, Anh Minh, another well known Vietnamese-American singer, has released her latest song, "You Make Me." Check it out below.

    Now, an idea has been planted in my head. All that's left to do now is to nurture it. Question is, how?

    I could have Sunset Shimmer be the singer in this next idea. Anh Minh does sounded almost like Sunset Shimmer. Kinda. That, and this song did kinda give off that bad girl vibe. And I'm not saying that like a bad thing.

    Then again, maybe Adagio Dazzle should sing this, or Aria Blaze. Or all three girls.

    And then there's the setting. They can't just show up out of the blue and sing the song right away.

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  • 2w, 2d
    Movie Hype

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  • 6w, 2d
    Prince Blueblood's the Not So Great Hero

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Takes place in the same universe of Dragonfire. A spin-off, if you could call it, I guess.

After another rescue mission, from Crystal Prep Academy, Rumble took refuge in Central Park, where by chance, he happened upon a homeless girl, by the name of Scootaloo.

I blame Scribbler for this!

First Published
10th Apr 2017
Last Modified
10th Apr 2017
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Born with the power of dragons, Spike Draco is the chosen hero destined to save the worlds of his homes, Earth, and Equestria, with the aid of his adopted mother and uncle, his best friends, and seven several blasts from his past.

Cover image is only temporary, until I could manage the development of my own cover.

First Published
11th Jan 2017
Last Modified
23rd Apr 2017
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A dragon. A draconequus. And a.......a dude.

The Mane Six and Starlight Glimmer have suddenly gone missing. As a matter of fact, all the ponies are starting to disappear.

With monsters wreaking havoc, criminals on the loose, and ponies disappearing, Equestria is in desperate need of heroes.

Spike, Big Mac, and Discord, all answered the call as they travel all over Equestria, fight monsters, send criminals to jail, to find their missing friends.

Thanks to Rated-Ponystar for helping me with this story.

First Published
28th Dec 2016
Last Modified
4th Apr 2017
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It was going to be a special Hearth's Warming Eve, for everypony. But when news came, that Santa Hooves is kidnapped, and that Hearth's Warming may very well be canceled, a certain pegasus everyone all know and love, answers the call for help.

It's a race against time for Rainbow Dash to save the day, before midnight.

Rudolph vector, courtesy of Neutron-Quasar.

Scootaloo vector, courtesy of Myythic

Rainbow Dash snowboard vector, just found off of google. No idea who made it.

First Published
27th Nov 2016
Last Modified
25th Dec 2016
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A fanmade sequel to Donitz's "Story of the Blanks".

As Nightmare Night approaches, an ancient evil, thought to be long gone, is breaking free from its prison to spread its curse. With time running out, and with one of their friends fallen victim to the dark side, the Mane Six and the CMC must find a way to stop the Villagers of Sunny Town, and their dark master, from conquering Ponyville, and worse....the world.

"You best start believing ghost stories my little ponies, cause you're in one."

Cover Art: Apple Bloom vector by BlindCaveSalamander

The red eyes in the background by zero-zivan(also here on,

The Bone Fiends drawn are mine.

First Published
10th Aug 2015
Last Modified
18th Oct 2016
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When their world is being threatend by an evil Syndicate, it's up to Twilight, Rainbow, and Spike to join forces with heroes from other worlds, to save the day.

First Published
7th Jul 2015
Last Modified
21st Nov 2016