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  • Saturday
    It has been suggested...

    ...that I offer my services as an editor for hire, that is, being paid to run grammar checks and whatnot. Certainly an interesting possibility, but I am unsure of the rates I should offer should I pursue that option.

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  • 1w, 5d
    I’m in an interesting situation.

    You know how sometimes companies will mail out those “scratch off to see the numbers” things and call it advertising? I got one of those and I was like “Well, I’m probably not going to win and I’m definitely not going to buy one of your cars but what the heck.”

    And apparently I won.


    Now, I’m reading the fine print, and it’s saying “Yes, you’ve won, but WHAT you’ve won isn’t clear.” It seems like it’s a cash prize that could range anywhere from two to thirty thousand dollars. Which, I mean, yeah okay sure. Even two dollars would be nice. There’s a 24 out of 50000 chance I could get one of the bigger prizes--that’s 1/2083.(3 ad infinitum), if I’ve got my math right. So, you know, probably not going to get more then two dollars.

    Thing is, to claim my prize, I have to go to another city before saturday, present my magic ticket to the guys, and get whatever. Problem one: I don’t have a car. Problem two: I do have some mild issues with being around other humans. I can overcome both of those--I have family members who could probably drive me, I hope--but I’m wondering... should I bother?

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  • 2w, 6d
    Theorycrafting: Flexible Sophant Rating

    All ponies in Equestria thus far have been demonstrated to be sapient.

    All griffons too. And all (of one) minotaurs, and all dragons, and that chimera...

    But let's get more mundane. Cows? One or two have had speaking lines. Sheep? Only one talked. And then there are goats--a couple of whom worked for Iron Will, but, uh, weren't exactly talkative.

    I think we as a fandom might have made a crucial assumption which should be reassessed. I think the idea that all members of a species in Equestria are sapient--or not--might need to be jossed.

    That is to say, one out of every hundred sheep can talk and reason and the rest are animals. Or that goats can be intelligent--if they really luck out. Exactly the percentage of each race that is person and that which is animal... that might vary, but I get a sense that more herd-based species would have a better chance of producing intellectuals, and that mythical critters might get smarter the more... let's call it OffTheWall they are. Like manticores are lions with extra bits, so not very off the wall, but chimeras are combos of multiple critters so they're kind of off the wall, and dragons have little relations to mundane animals, so they're really off the wall.

    Why is this? I'd point to the harmonic resonance of Equestria's background magic. Could be wrong though.

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  • 3w, 6d
    Monthly Musing

    Achievments can be marked by outsiders, but their value is only measured by those who accomplished.

    At the start of every month, I put up a philosophical statement, then a page break, then explain what my patreon is, what the rewards are, and thank EVERYONE who is a patron. This way, if you don't want to read all the boring money stuff, you can instead debate philosophy in the comments.

    So. Patreon. In the olden days of yore, nobles of all kinds would sponsor a live-in artist, let them do as they please, pay for their housing and lodging, simply because they liked their art (and as a way to brag about their wealth--"Well, I'm housing Da Vinci, beat THAT!"). Patreon is a modern, internet-based evolution of that; I do my art technically entirely for free, and my patrons choose to pay whatever they like for each chapter I release. They can even choose to put a maximum amount on what they pay per month. In turn, not only do I produce content here, I offer rewards for those that pledge a certain amount! Thus far, only one has taken me up on the rewards, but the option for me to review something in this blog, or to make a one-shot, or for you all to tell me what MUST be updated, it's all available.

    Understand: I write for free. But this is a significant chunk of my income--my primary source, in fact. I'd write even if it wasn't, and the fact that so many of you have agreed to support me means more than I can ever express. If you'd like to help out, check out my page--I'm not even asking for much.

    And finally, thank you to hawthornbunny, William Purdy, Jared Baker, Jacob Bielski, FanOfMostEverything, Peter Wildani, David Sallmann, ScottBecker, FencepostErr1r, Karl Kornel, Alamais, Leonard Rinehart-Mann, and Charles M. Hagmaier for their continued donation and support.

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  • 4w, 1d

    Somebody's trying to bring down net neutrality, AGAIN. Thankfully there's a way to be heard. This link has the details.

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There's a little shop in Canterlot that moves around the town

And the unicorn who runs the place is quite hard to track down

But she'll grant your wish, make dreams come true, and be ever so nice

Just do beware: Nothing is free, and you may not like the price.

Coverart by Joakaha.

First Published
16th May 2017
Last Modified
16th May 2017
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This story is a sequel to Unfriendly Competition

Lemon Zest: Crystal Prep's looniest lover of ludicrousness and local lady of looking after lackies. Currently the student with the third highest grades in the school.

Sunny Flare: A student devoted to doing her best in school, works hard to maintain her GPA, and will not tolerate unnecessary nonsense. Currently: fourth highest grades in school.

They are definitely not dating.

That's probably the only thing they can agree on...

Cover art by Maran-Zelde. Part of the Oversaturated World.

First Published
26th Apr 2017
Last Modified
23rd May 2017
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Svengallop cultivates all these.

Troubleshoes complicates them.

And Moonlight Raven just wants to worship her dark goddess.

Fate, it seems, has a funny sense of humor. But before the month is out, the Raven shall Sing!

Coverart a combination of works by Brony-Works, missgoldendragon, cheezedoodle96, and BlueThunder66.

First Published
25th Apr 2017
Last Modified
25th Apr 2017
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Octavia had hit a block in her musical career. She just can't figure out any new songs to write. And all the tricks she's tried to come up with something new are just failing. Vinyl Scratch, worried about her, puts her in contact with a friend who just might have the very thing she needs....

First Published
14th Apr 2017
Last Modified
14th Apr 2017
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This story is a sequel to Crossworlds Guardian, Sailor Orbital!

Applejack was just an ordinary farmer.

Well, true, she was best friends with an arguable deity, and yeah her little sister controlled part of fate subconsciously, and her social circle involved a crazy crew of characters that regularly got involved in wacky shenanigans, and she herself had helped to save the world a few times, and there was the possibility her principal was using the school to scout for super heroes, and technically she had acquired a skin condition that she had yet to see replicated by anybody else...

...but the point was, by most standards, she was an ordinary farmer. Not the kind of girl that went on adventures.

And then she developed a unique form of magic, just in time for the giant bug invasion.


Part of the oversaturated world. Cover by AlloyRabbit

First Published
15th Mar 2017
Last Modified
25th Mar 2017
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This story is a sequel to Sunshipped

"Um, Sunburst? Look. I was visiting your sister and... uh... things have gotten kiiiiiinda weird. Like, seriously, get ready to be an ape weird."

First Published
27th Feb 2017
Last Modified
27th Feb 2017
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Scarlet Umbra is ready. Ready to find the love of their life. Ready to make themself hers. Ready to do anything to become her beloved slave.

...now if only Scarlet knew what she looked like...

Written for FTP15.

First Published
13th Feb 2017
Last Modified
13th Feb 2017
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This story is a sequel to What Shy Did on Her Summer Vacation

And now at last, the world sings again, and so they come to dance.

Ware lest they see, lest they hear, lest they take a chance!

Forgotten once they might have been, yet now they take a stride;

And I fear magics old and new shall very soon collide...

Part of the Oversaturated World. Coverart by jeshannon.

First Published
21st Dec 2016
Last Modified
5th May 2017
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This story is a sequel to Then Goes the Neighborhood

There is a warehouse. It's well ventilated, well lit, and well guarded. Nobody is allowed in without express permission from a goddess.

Today, she tells her friends why.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Coverart by Mishti14.

First Published
30th Nov 2016
Last Modified
30th Nov 2016
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Ponyville: Seven.

Crystal Empire: Four.

Canterlot: Two.

Thirteen loyal, and herself, against all of Equestria, and her own traitorous brood.

Chrysalis can work with that.

First Published
23rd Oct 2016
Last Modified
23rd Oct 2016