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    Hello to those who stayed subscribed to me. To those who subscribed to me for The Adventures of Soulsilver, I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish it. But I have a new story if you'd be kind enough to check it out. It currently has two chapters, so check it out.

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    I actually have time to do things!

    I finished an assignment for TAFE, so I finally got some free time to work on the fanfic! Sure, I had the holidays, and it took ages for the last chapter to come out, but I defend myself by claiming that I had no computer! I also found a candy shop that sells chilli fudge. It is so good you have no idea.

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James Douglas, or JD for short, has a pretty bad life. He fails at most things he attempts to do, he's incapable of keeping friends for any significant period of time, and the only place he could find work at is a dingy little café getting paid less than minimum wage. Oh, and he hears voices in his head.

So how will he cope with getting tossed into Equestria, having to hide his insanity whilst trying to avoid forming friendships that are, according to him, doomed to fail? Poorly. He copes poorly.

(I finally figured out why I couldn't upload the image I wanted to originally. Who the hell put a 1 mb upload limit on images?)

First Published
8th Jul 2013
Last Modified
23rd Aug 2013
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While in the forest looking for some ingredients for an experiment, Twilight finds an injured pony and takes him to the hospital. Who is this strange pony? Why can't he remember anything? And why doesn't he have a Cutie Mark?

First Published
28th Aug 2011
Last Modified
26th Feb 2012