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    Uncle lives a very fulfilling life at his antique shop.  It's peaceful and quiet for the most part, just how he likes it.  Of course, he's a skilled chi wizard, so he knows better than to actually let the universe know that he's content.  So he complains.

    A lot.

    Then one day, a basket containing three infant magical ponies arrives, and his peaceful life goes out the window...to be replaced with, perhaps, something a little more than contentment.

    The universe, apparently, is smarter than he gave it credit for, because now he has "Three More Things!" to complain about to hide just how much they mean to him.


    First chapters take place approximately 10 years before the events of the first episode of the show.

    Edit: Cover Art put together by Shadow Bolt

    Edit 2: New Cover Art by Swan Song.  Link to his page in image source.

    First Published
    12th Apr 2016
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    Some might say that the truth needs no colors. Some might say lying is an unfortunate necessity.

    How far would you go to protect the ones you care for, when it means hurting the ones you love?

    Sketch, an odd artist with a blurred view of the world, struggles to bring that world into focus. All to help an even stranger creature, one that has no place in society, and no hope of anything more. Who said life was fair?

    First Published
    24th Nov 2013
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    Funny isn’t it? Everypony thinks Equestria is a utopia, a place of friendship and magic where everything is just fine. But all you see is Ponyville and Canterlot. Wonderful cities to be sure, but didn’t you notice how the rest of Equestria is different? Unfortunately all your world sees are propaganda reels from our universe. But even then, you can surely see the difference.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed how the country isn’t run as such. Of course we have princesses, but when they hold court all they do is solve small disputes, little issues, they help two enemies become “friends”. They resolve matters of the greatest important to the individual, but of no importance to the nation. If they did anything it’d involve stumbling into a town, forcing ponies to shake hooves and hoping for the best. There are no real laws, the only law here is friendship.

    Perhaps this system works. I’m certainly no authority on the matter, but I’d like you to entertain the idea that it could be improved. Just a thought. Oh but what do I know? I’m only a lieutenant in Her Majesty’s Royal Guard. I am a pawn in their machine, ready to do their bidding, absolutely loyal to my celestial masters.  

    All I suggest is that someone should help them fix Equestria. Someone who can look beyond friendship. Who me you say? Forgive me, but I am but a guard. I pledge only to do my duty, that is all. Whatever that may entail...


    Disclaimers and additional notes:

    One doesn’t need to have seen  or read either version of House of Cards or have an intimate understanding of politics to understand this story. It is only a parody in the loosest possible terms, that being it is about power and politics.

    This story is not meant to endorse or reflect any real world political opinion or candidate. It is a work of fiction based on my observations of the political landscape in Equestria and the absurdity of such a society.

    As I began writing this in 2014, the canon may differ from the show. I have attempted to keep it accurate up to at least season 4. There are certainly references to things that happen later than that, but beyond a certain point I’m pretty loose with show canon.

    Not sure if all tags are correct, will edit as required.

    Art by: Nightjarish

    Instagram: http://www.imgrum.net/user/nightjarish/3448427025

    Deviantart: http://viv-chibi-love.deviantart.com/

    I don’t think I could have ever asked for such a good artist. It’s such a pleasure to have your work as a cover for mine.

    Prereader: Azure Drache

    I cannot give enough thanks to this guy for putting up with my crap and helping make this the best story possible. It’s been a real labour of love for the both of us and a real pleasure working with him.

    First Published
    13th Nov 2016
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    After touring her newest boutique in Canterlot, Rarity decides to treat Fluttershy to quiet dinner at a fancy Prench restaurant.

    It doesn't work out that way.

                                                              Yet another take on Monty Python for ponies.

    First Published
    24th Apr 2017
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    Nobody can deny that, ever since arriving at CHS, Twilight has made real progress in making friends. However, in spite of this, she soon finds out that there is one person, back from her old school, who is not as happy with her as her new friends are.

    Part of my EG Continuity

    Covert art by Siansaar

    First Published
    22nd Apr 2017
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    These first chapters re-introduce us to both Princess Twilight Sparkles ponies and Sunset Shimmer's equestrian girls a few years down from the events of the Legend Of Camp Everfree.

    People change and friendships grow stronger or are forgotten as adulthood approaches. But that's only part of the girls and ponies problems as an ancient evil as old as time threatens both universes, lucky for them they have the help of someone that was there since the beginning and has first hand experience with it all.

    First Published
    30th Mar 2017
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    After being single for all 19 years of his life, Swing Rhythm had never really cared about finding love. He was perfectly content with just his music store and his instruments. That is, until he experiences love for himself.

    First Published
    27th May 2016
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    This is a short story about Starswirl the Bearded.  It is also a story about an Earth Pony.  However, this is not a story about two ponies.  This is a story about one pony.

    One shot.

    Depending on reader response, I may do more stories about Starswirl.

    First Published
    24th Apr 2017
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    This story is a sequel to The Price of Harmony

    Seventy years after her father's death, Princess Umbra daughter to Commander Bolt and Princess Luna, seeks out a solution. The Griffin Kingdoms threaten war, but her mother and aunt refuse to fight. Unfortunately Princess Umbra who is sworn to protect what her father gave his life for, decided to take matters into her own hooves, claiming the throne, banishing her mother and aunt, and destroying her threat by establishing forced piece not only on The Griffin Kingdoms, but the entire world, and all with her new name, Thundaga.

    However, five hundred years later, a pegasus names Cirrus emerges from Ponyville, and with him, a new hope, for he carries a power that he doesn't understand. Now he, an ancient dragon, an evil enchanter, and an ancient hero now must unite the nation and face the tyranny of Thundaga, and spread peace as was fabled by The Third Commander.

    Pre-Story Comic The Ballad of Thundaga

    First Published
    27th Jun 2016
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017
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    This story is a sequel to For the hive, my mom and myself

    After the events that transpire in Canterlot and Ponyville, peace has being restore and life has return to the normality that its used to be. But to prince Kabuto (now re name Caeruleo) the nightmare is far from over. Consume by guilt and remorse, Caeruleo must find a way to atone for his self proclaim sins if he ever wish to rest peacefully again.

    Luckily for him the rulers of the lands as well as the main six will have his back whenever he liked it or not

    First Published
    15th Apr 2017
    Last Modified
    24th Apr 2017