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Dragon Emperor Geon
Group Admin

This is the OFFICIAL page for Character Bio's!

Post them here, and let's get to Roleplaying!

(For those of you who have already made a bio in the Character Bio's folder, I am erasing the folder within 3 days. Please repost them here. This is to just make room, and Organize.)

Dragon Emperor Geon
Group Admin

His Name, Is Geon...

He is Emperor of the Dragon Kingdom. After killing his father and brothers at a young age, he won the throne for himself.


Geon was a son of a gentle king; being the smallest of the group of four brothers. His father's advisor corrupted him at the age of 13 Dragon Years, telling him that he was not going to be crowned at all, but his Sister to be the Queen, since she was the eldest. The Advisor told him that his family was corrupt, and that they would lead the Dragon Kingdom into chaos, scattering it to the point of no chance of rebuilding it. Geon eventually killed each brother, and eventually slayed his father, whom he had a great relationship with. When he killed his father, the Advisor told him the complete truth, telling him that they were innocent, and that he was used so that he could simply move in. A long battle for the throne took place, and Geon remained...

And now, he has ruled the kingdom for thousands of years...for better, or for worse...

He is now at the age of 30 Dragon years, and is taller than any known Dragons. Thanks to some special alchemy, he has grown taller than any known dragon yet, standing at 700 feet tall, and weighs at 4000 pounds. He now wishes to take over Equestria, after discovering Chrysalis' attempt to thwart her was almost granted. Can anypony stop him? Or can they move his cold dark heart?


Geon has become cruel; unopened socially to any, even his subjects. To him, the outside kingdoms are small; their leaders warming the seats for him to simply take over. His view on the ponies, for example, are mere toys to him; he enjoys watching them try to run away, to be killed by him with ease.


He is a Dragon of black scales, with crimson spines. His eyes are of Jade Green. He stands at 200 feet tall, and 4000 lbs.


Unlike a Cutie Mark, Geon's Symbol is not on his body, but on a flag.


He has none. Can anypony change this...?


Name: 8-Bit

Age: 21

Race: Unicorn

Personality: Ego-boosted; Brash; Still friendly; Lazy

Cutie Mark: An NES Controller.

Love Interest: None, Sadly.

Bio: For a pony like 8-Bit here, there is no such thing as a unbeatable video game. He always cranks up the heat in arcades, beating high scores across the board, whether it would be from hard games such as Creatures 'N Changelings, to something as monotonous as playing Cider Tapper. No matter the game, he plays to win, and always makes it his top priority to keep those scores up there. When he's not playing games, he enjoys just goofing off, and dodging any Unicorn duties, whatever they are, although he does enjoy checking out a few spells from Twilight every now and then, learning whatever he finds to be cool enough. Secretly, though, he wishes to achieve something...

He owns an entire arcade that ponies can come and enjoy, which is actually built into his house. During the night time, you can see quite the strobe effects from all the arcade machines. How he gets the electric bill paid, is beyond even me.

He owns quite the collection, and still has bits to upgrade his "Crib" with the latest in arcade cabinets, and even his own personal collection of video games in his upper house.

When it comes down to it, he's got an attitude, but he;s good at putting his pride down, whenever there's a friend in need of dire help. He's usually the first pony to take up what challenge it may be, without truly looking at what he's getting into. He dreams of doing something big, something not game-related: Being a Hero for once in his life. Will he ever achieve said quest? Or is it a Pipe-dream? Who knows.


Name: Rex: The Alpha Diamond Dog (Picture Coming Soon!)


Species: Diamond Dog: Wolf (Wolves are Canine.)

Personality: Greedy, Bossy.

Cutie Mark: He's a Diamond Dog. He don't got one of those, you silly bitch!

Love Interest: Does Money and shiny things count?

Bio: Rex was just like any other Diamond Dog; a Scavenger, a coward, greedy. But One thing he had above the other diamond dogs, was the ability to organize. He soon found out he was a rare breed of Diamond Dog: A Wolf. He could quickly take over the unorganized clan for a better future, and by that, that means he can get anything he wants.

He quickly rose to power, when the others realized his size, in which he was the biggest Diamond dog out of them all. They cared not for his smarts, but they feared his size, and let him lead them. Now they respect and fear him, knowing him as the Alpha Diamond Dog: the Leader of the Pack.

His size is gigantic, and his muscle structure is beyond a normal Diamond dog's. His height is is a whopping 9 feet, much bigger than a normal Diamond dog's, which is usually 5 to 6 ft.

Name: Model No. 3501; aka, Helios
Age: currently has a 1.5 operational lifespan since initial activation
Born: Activation date not recorded; speculated to be sometime in the later half of the year
Race: Mechon M35
Armaments: Mining laser with overclocker upgrade; Electroshock system

Description: Helios is a floating, black armored sphere with a glowing green lens on the front. The lens is surrounded with a ring of blue energy that occasionally flickers. He is surrounded with a cloud of small metal flakes, held aloft with a powerful magnetic levitation generator. The flakes are used in tandem with the holodex system to creade near flawless disguises and blend in with the background, his main feature.

Bio: Helios was going to be the latest scout Mechon model. However, after a mishap where he was uploaded with an Artificial Intelligence program, he was given the ability to learn. He eventually decided that he had to escape his creators after witnessing some of the other experiments in the R&D department within Mechonis. Most notably the Faced Mechon experiments. He makes his escape by stealing a scientific materials transport and attempting to fly out of the area. He never made it past the antiaircraft battery and crashed the transport into a teleporter that was in the process of being shut down due to it acting funny and not always sending things to the other side when put through it. He ended up over the Everfree forest in a wrecked transport, eventually ending up with the transport wrecked at the bottom of the canyon near the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. He has been wandering around ever since, disguised as whatever happens to catch his fancy. He has been working to fill the remaining data cores on the remains of the transport with information about this world, as well as launching a weather satellite to have some knowledge of the different areas.

Personality: Helios is slightly socially inept, given that he is still learning to speak the language of Equestria. A bug in his programming causes him to refer to himself in the plural (ie. "I" becomes "we"). He is slightly paranoid of his creators following him somehow; his reasoning being that, "If we did it, they can too." Other than that, he has learned from the scientists working in the R&D department how to act somewhat normally. He is rather aloof, prefering to stay undercover in his disguise, and it takes a bit of effort to get to know him. Consequently, he dosen't have many friends.

Name: Blaze Arlis
Age: 20
Appearance: Muscular grey pegasus stallion with a light green and dark blue mane and tail ( i didnt do it because its the colors of the earth, i just like the combination of color) and dark blue eyes.
Cutie mark: (for all of those who dont know what his cutie mark is, its the black outlines of a rapper in a white background but thats here on fimfiction). His cutie mark is a microphone on top of an orange hat simbolizing his talents in rap.
Personnality: A great friend, funny person erm... pony (lol), kind, protective for his companions, stupid at times, smart ass and always interested in all kinds of music: dubstep, rap, rock, grunge, etc.
Bio: Blaze was a colt who, like many others, had many dreams but turned down each one as he grew up, knowing he wouldnt be fit to do them. The day he discovered his cutie mark was the same day that he decided to start a new life when he was old enough. At the age of 16 he moved from his parents house in coltifornia to canterlot in hopes of fulfilling his dreams. Unfortunately, the town did not take too kindly on his kind of music and he moved out of canterlot. He thought his dreams his dreams were over when he saw ponyville. He now works for DJ PON-3 at her club, has a lot of friends and a crush on AppleJack. His pals think its weird but support him on it. And on the stage he goes by the name of WOWsah

He is equestrias first rapper and worldly famous.

Name: Lightning Flicker
Race: Pegasus
Age: 18
Appearance: Lightning is a normal weight pony with a pink mane, mint green coat and periwinkle eyes.
Personality: Lightning is a well mannered but easily set off prankster. Seeing that he is quick to annoyance, anger and tears people usually take advantage to this but when with his friends or people he is familiar with in a good way he doesn't show much aggression or depression. He is also a bit shy and gets stage fright if he ever has to perform or announce something in front of a large crowd and even if he is mature, he can act really childish and... weird... insane in the membrane weird...
Occupation: Even if he has a couple of flaws, those flaws won't stop him from hunting for a job! One day, he hopes to follow in his dad's hoofsteps as a royal guard.
Bio: When Lightning was young, he was the center of attention for bullies and was always picked on. But during school, he still had his friends to keep him company. His first friend he met when he was about 5. Buzzard was a unique pony but he was his friend no less! He helped him through alot and in exchange, helped him as well. When he was older, he had it worse... during a walk back to his home, he was attacked and knocked out by a mysterious stallion and awoke in the hospital. He left Cloudsdale at the age of 16 and vowed that he would become stronger, smarter and overall better than how we originally was. He, his family and his friends were sad for him leaving but they all knew it was the right thing...
Strengths: He is fast, agile, sneaky and cunning which are all perfect things he needs for pranks. He is also a trustworthy friend and anypony can trust him with anything!
Weaknesses: He is extremely emotional and prone to becoming sad, agitated and angered easily. He also has multiple fears including the dark, spiders, mysterious sounds, being alone with no one to go to and being tricked.

(take two)
Name: Prometheus
Race: seapont
Cutie Mark: (do seaponies even have these?) A rusty wrench crossed with a scroll
Occupation: Ambassador to Equestria; bird watcher

Description: Prometheus has forest green scales on his lower half, which has traits similar to that of a baraccuda, mostly in fin placement and shape. He has the same fine coat of fur fount on land ponies on his upper half, colored a few shades lighter than the scales on his lower half. His eyes and fins are both yellow, though his fins are a shades darker than his eyes. He also has long, prehensile fins in place of his forehooves, though this common to seaponies. Given that he is a seapony, he needs water to breathe. To do this while on land, he is surrounded with a bubble of water that he can resize somewhat, though it is a bit limited in that.

Personality: Prometheus is rather quiet, preferring to observe his surroundings and listen rather than talk. He is slightly out of his element in pony society and is trying to understand it better. He is not prone to answering personal questions, usually staring at the asker with a blank face until they change the subject. He has the knowledge to be able to make useful things out of random junk lying around.

bio: Prometheus is rumored to work for the UIN (Underwater Intelligence Network), though this is just speculation and unable to be confirmed. He does seem to work for the Aquas Empire state department, as he has been seen coming and going from there at different times. Recently, Prometheus has been sent to Equestria in an effort to establish better diplomatic relations for an alliance. This would seem innocent enough, except for the fact that Prometheus popped up at the embassy not even a full week after there were reports of some sort of crash in the Everfree forest. This would also seem perfectly normal, had the Empire mentioned this overture beforehand. This seapony seems to have much more going on than he claims. He can be found in the small Aquas embassy during working hours, though after that its anypony's guess where he is. When asked, he says that he merely takes walks and tries to understand pony society better in an effort to better the terms of the treaty. He also says that he stops to photograph birds that catch his interest.

Prometheus currently has no contacts, perhaps you have something for him.

Group Contributor

Name: Discord, God of Chaos and Disharmony

Species: Draconequus

Personality: Not giving a damn about others, trolling those I don't like, and being a laid back dude that loves to create CHAOS! I have traveled to many dimensions in the human universe, from books and movies to video games and tv shows. This has led to me possessing a great many human devices, such as weapons and other novelties that I've picked along my many inter dimensional exploring. I am also really impatient and I enjoy laughing at other's misery.

Appearance: Have a horse head with a deer antler and goat horn sporting a bitching beard. Also got the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a dragon, and the left leg of a goat and a snake's tail. I can fly with my bat and pegasus wings. And I never go anywhere without my sunglasses (guaranteed to make you 20% cooler). I can also change my appearance and shape to almost anything imaginable.

History: I'm one of the sole survivors from a distant dimension that was destroyed, granting me the power to call upon Chaos at will. I'm the former ruler of Equestria and God of Chaos and Disharmony, I played with the ponies of his kingdom like a puppet master, that is until the two upstart Princesses used the Elements of Harmony to defeat me. What they didn't know was that I was never really encased in stone, but merely traveling to other dimensions to learn in the ways of Chaos. After a thousand years of roaming numerous dimensions, my favorite being the human ones, I returned to Equestria to once again rule it as its rightful master. But yet again the Elements defeated me when I underestimated them, greatly weakening me. Instead of killing the Element Bearers and the Princesses with a wide array of weapons at my disposal, I instead decided to remain in Equestria and use those that defeated me as my new prank victims. Chaos, like revenge, is much sweeter when served cold, kind of like icecream. If they thought chocolate rain was bad, just wait until they get a load of my newest creations.

Powers: I basically have power of Chaos itself, which is definitely not a force to piss off. My powers grow with the more Chaos I'm surrounded with. A good example of this is that I'm much more powerful on Earth because of the Chaos humans create, while on Equestria I am much weaker from the absence of Chaos and all the Order enforced. I can basically bend reality itself to my will, therefore changing the basic laws of the universe. This doesn't necessarily mean that I'm all powerful, since Chaos can never be controlled I can't use its true potential. This means that i can call upon the power of Chaos and use it, but I can't fully control it. If I was to unleash the full forces of Chaos, then the walls holding reality together would break and you would be able to divide one by zero. Trust me, you don't want to see the shit storm that creates.

Weaknesses: So far the Elements are my only weakness, although I can't really call it a weapon. If I really needed to all I would have to do is eliminate one of the Element Bearers and the rest become obsolete. But I generally don't like killing my enemies, I find much greater pleasure in watching them destroy themselves when Chaos enters their hearts.

Mark: I don't have a cutie mark, but I would like to think it would look like this

I am your God now, worship my epicness!!!

Name: Space Shock

Age: 1023

Appearance: Grey coat, Black Mane. Wears a metallic armor that is thermally insulated. Has headphones to listen to messages and music. Sometimes wears a telsa cannon on his back for combat use.

Personality: Assumes for the easiest route. Space Shock loves the patience of completion and enjoys the feeling of generosity. Usually awkward or silent, carries around a sweet tea set for a calm soothing peaceful moments. "I'd say, if you wouldn't let me enjoy my tea, maybe I should f@ck your face up... with my telsa cannon."

History: A warrior banished into a constellation, but manage to gain his freedom from Luna after the elements of harmony were used to clean the nightmare. He lives in ponyville, but is rarely seen because he enjoys watching the Everfree Forest while drinking his tea. He paints and draws quite some time, but never really had time to party with Pinkie Pie.

Tesla Cannon: Sends a powerful shock wave that suns opponents up to the number of watts being generated.
Shock Hooves: A general shock wave produced by electricity being passed from a high concentration to a low one.

Weakness: Can't handle being totally stripped from his suit for a long period of time. [Meaning wearing absolutely nothing]


There are more if anyone wants to look into my blog.
Name- Tri-Stars.
Fur Color- Beautiful Palish (At a distance could be considered sickly) (Though interesting enough can easily disappear into shadows even while minutely watched).
Mane Color- Brownish Gold.
Eye Colors- Pure Black (Silver and Gold dots the entirety of his eyes [Like looking into the night sky]) (For this reason wears special Sun Glasses).
Sex- Male.
Race- Appears to look like an Earth Pony wearing a red Bandana with the ever-seeing eye imprinted on it (Where the horn is located is a third eye but is hidden in the Bandana).
Cutie Mark- Is a open hand with an eye located in the palm (Could be mistaken somewhat for fortune telling though is not far from his abilities anyway).
Basic Information- Similar to King Kong and a Phoenix when he dies he is reborn (He was here in the beginning and maybe here in the end of time) (Retains the memories of those who came before). Is Sexually Straight but is Intimidated by aggressive Females (Though through fear of breeding because of being afraid of corrupting Bloodlines with his uniqueness). Physically more capable then an Earth Pony and able to perform some of the magic spells of a Unicorn (Though most are just his unique own). Can't swim though that is due to the trauma suffered greatly by the ones that came before. Secretly hides what he is and what he is capable of from everypony and allows others to take the credit. Can't stand watching others suffer and refuses to take rewards with stuff he does (Normally causing friction to those that are used to giving rewards). Has no home and is considered a wanderer and a lone wolf. Another thing is that though he is immortal if he falls in love and breeds he loses his immortality and passes it on to the children (They can only lose it in a similar fashion and it passes on to theirs). Sometimes seen working alongside The Watcher for the better of Equestria.

Name- Darksoul.
Fur Color- Jet Black.
Mane Color- Snow White.
Eye Colors- Glowing Black.
Sex- Male.
Race- Shadow Pony.
Cutie Mark- Dagger and Shield.
Basic Information- Was he the first made or the last he can't remember. What is he? What is his purpose? What are his goals? He doesn't recall after the first couple centuries. Other beings be it Ponies, Griffons, and other races avoid him on sit (He would call em racist but can he truly blame em). Wanders from place to place. So lonely and tired but can't take the final step towards suicide due to his sub-conscious keeps stopping him. He has the appearance of an Earth Pony somewhat, is capable of forming shadow magic, disappearing easily, and doesn't make sound when moving even when moving normally. His mane seems to flow an unnaturally (Somewhat like the princesses) and his fur trickles like the current of water. He is part of the lost and forgotten. His eyes appear almost deaden to the world and he emits an aura of sorrow (Coming from his own emotional pains and stuff). Is there any refuge out there that will accept him or will he suffer for all eternity in this existence?

Name- Forget Me (Not his real name nor does he have one).
Fur Color- Changes through various colors based on emotions.
Mane Color- Changes through various colors based on emotions.
Eye Colors- Changes through various colors based on emotions.
Sex- Male.
Race- Chaos Pony.
Cutie Mark- The Book that caused all of it.
Basic Information- He was born with the destruction and assimilation of an entire Settlement long ago (Krakatoa). All the residents were absorbed into him though not of his choosing. He has access to their memories and when performing their skills temporarily he takes their form. Though they are trapped in him they hold no angst toward him. He just wants to vanish and stop the suffering in his heart for not being able to free those within. He is the eternal and undying. He is neither in life nor death (Undeath doesn't even touch this).
This all started with the discovery of a book in a forgotten ruin. Several resident members felt strange magic in it and wanted to test it so they brought back to their settlement (The name of the settlement is long forgotten in the annals of history). They performed the spell in the center of the Settlement while villagers watched and then everything went black. When Forget Me awoke he looked around toward the settlement and all he saw was empty buildings and heard voices and moans in his head. He ran away from the Settlement as far as he could and ran even further. It took a long time for him to realize the situation he is in and wishes he wasn't born like this but the souls in him reassure him and try as best as could be to comfort him (They believe the events that happened was meant to be and he was meant to do something great with all their knowledge and skills). He can't stand to see others suffer and must help them (Whether he wants to or not [The souls within are persistent on this subject] and just when he finishes he vanishes before any response is given.
Rumors and stories have passed along through all of Equestria of a great wanderer and how sorrow seems to be constantly on his mind. Can anyone understand? Will anyone help him? Will he finally succeed and vanish to be forgotten like he wants?

Name- Barter.
Eye Colors- Always Golden Yellow.
Sex- N/A.
Race- Spirit of Aid.
Information- An entity that assists the hero of the story when he/she and his/her group is fighting a losing battle. Barter's Form and Gender is determined by what is best at conversing with the leader of the story (Author designed). How Barter can move great distances is through shifting between planes or the path of shadows (Kinda like that guy in Resident Evil 4 that would just move around and sell stuff to the main without ever being bothered by the enemy). Barter's Stock could go from norm and exotic of that world to oddities of other worlds(The cause of the oddities are brought out in desperate situations). Barter's first encounter normally means the main and/or group will gain free stuff for meeting Barter. Afterwords Barter starts pricing the items, gear, and weapons in a slowly rising price till they reach what is called the norm of that world. Barter does not like to fight due to not wanting to blow Barter's cover. Barter is immortal and immune to all ailments. Barter speaks in the third person and refuses to talk about Barter's past. The reason Barter sells the stuff at normal price is that even the Spirit of Aid needs to make a living to some point.

Name- Toodles.
Scale Color- White.
Mane Color- Black.
Eye Colors- Varies on emotion (kinda like those mood rings).
Sex- Male.
Race- Chaos Changeling.
Information- A changeling taken by Discord and altered and had an interesting concept laid out. Instead of feeding on love Toodles feeds on Madness, Negative Emotions (Not all of it but enough) and Sinful Desires. When Toodles feeds from a target he makes the target more pure and harmonious then it has ever been. Another thing that makes Toodles unique is that he doesn't have holes like other changelings because Discord didn't want too much resemblance to the original creature. His intelligence is that of a dog and doesn't change no matter how many times he feeds. He can speak but it is only remnants of those he has fed on still digesting (Friends and animals can understand him through body language, pheromones, and eye color [Though through rare occurrence his words can make some sense]) (His ramblings is like taking Deadpool, a Mad God, and pure randomness into a blender and throwing it). Animals both wild and domestic are attracted to him because of the aura of peace that surrounds him (Even the most aggressive beasts/monsters are pacified by his presence and may even defend him should he be threatened). The only way anyone knows his name is the dog collar with tag he is wearing (Tag has his name and property of Discord on it). Who is did you think kept Discord from destroying the worlds but are overly friendly Toodles.

Group name: the Midnight Crew
Group description: Pitch black, with white, soulless eyes and mouths. They have no other discernible features. They are all accomplished wielders of shadow magic and darken the area wherever they go, from merely deepening the shadows to completely removing all light in the area and fully manifesting, though the only things visible are their eyes and mouths when they speak. They cannot exist in well lit areas and will vanish when exposed to high light levels. Their speech is purple.

Individual descriptions and bios:
Jack Noir: Jack, a griffon, was one of Princess Luna's personal advisors before the NMM incident. When she went insane and tried to attack Celestia in the highest tower of the old castle, Jack tried to restrain Luna. Enraged, Luna responded by blasting him through the wall with pure shadow energy, shattering his wing in the process. Jack fell the long way to the ground and landed in the courtyard in the shadow of the castle. While mortally wounded, he was prevented from dying by the shadow energy, bonding with it and melting into the shadows in the process. He Stayed in the shadows ever since, finding that the light was painful for him. He still has not forgiven the royal sisters for that, Luna for doing it to him and Celestia for doing nothing to stop it. He would'nt strike them directly, preferring to make situations so that they trip up and fail.

Hegemonius Brute: Formerly known as Hearts boxcars, Hearts was a simple Minotaur that worked for the local questing agency in Canterlot and well known for his brute strength. He was thrown out on the street when the agency was disbanded, and left with no money to speak of. He went to a bar one night to drown his misery, and ended up taking on not only the patrons of that bar, but the one down the street and the members of the Kung Fu club across the street. After all was said and done, he was arrested. later, in his cell, he was approached by Jack, who was impressed with his raw strength and being able to take on that many ponies and come out on top. Jack offered Hearts a position in the gang that he was planning to make. Hearts readily accepted, knowing that this would most likely pay better than the guild, as well as get him out of prison. Jack used his shadow magic and transformed Hearts, renaming him Hegemonius Brute. HB is very good at following orders, and is called upon when a more physical approach is best. His attacks are based off of a pair of magically imbued dice.

Draconian Dignitary: A humanoid dragon known as Diamonds Droog, he was employed by whoever was the Dragon Emperor. He has had several employers, the most recent of which was Emperor Geon. After Geon took the throne from Smaug after the most recent War of Ascension, Droog grew tired of Geon and his unclassy ways. Droog was assigned to investigating the Midnight Crew by Geon at one point; seeing this as a way out, He sent himself to Canterlot on the basis of a "closer investigation." In reality, he was planning to defect into the group when he got there, as he had already contacted Jack and reached an agreement. Once there, he sent Geon a letter stating his resignation, as well as the information that he had stolen one of Geon's rings of power, and was changed by Jack's shadow magic. He became known as the Draconian Dignitary, and is the one that is sent out to deal with people, as he tends to be a smooth talker. He is quite classy to boot, shown when he uses the ring to turn invisible and his magic to deceive people. He uses the ring to activate an unusual type of red lightning when he is pissed off.

Courtyard Droll: CD was a pony named Clubs Deuce, with the special talent of demolition and a love of gambling. He was instructed by his employer to demolish a closed down office building in Canterlot, but took down the one across the street by mistake. He was fired and would have been arrested had the Draconian Dignitary not intervened. He was commended for his work at taking down a building that the Midnight Crew wanted destroyed in the first place. He was offered a position in the Crew, accepted it, and was transformed and renamed the Courtyard Droll for rather arbitrary reasons. He goes about things with a ponies outlook, preferring the nonviolent approach to things even though he is a member of the Crew.


Appearance: A pony with a silver metal body.
Earth CyberPony
Pegasus Cyberpony, similar to the Earth Cyberpony instead they have metallic experiemental foldable wings that they use to silently fly through the air like a bullet
Unicorn Cyberpony, similar to the Earth Cyberpony with a metallic horn on the head charged with elecrtical energy and magic

Background: Ponies that have had all of their emotions stripped away, and their brains placed inside of a cybernetic body with only one dream. To make every living thing them like themselves, and they will never stop until the Universe has been "upgraded". They were created as ponys next evolution by a genius who was dying, he wanted all of Equestria to evolve into these Cyberponies. The Cyberponies were defeated by a stallion called the Doctor. Those who are denied upgrade get deleted and will kill or "delete" all in their path or if you deny upgrade

Weapons: A metal hoof that can deliever a lethal blast of electricty, laser guns, strength beyond that of a royal guard, intelligence greater than that of any pony scientist to ever be born, and a bullet proof metal shell.

Weaknesses: You have hope they do not, They are not immune to spells, slow and make loud marching sounds in groups.

Battle Cry: "DELETE!"

Name: Liliana (Lily) (*I know it's not a pony name :twilightoops: I'm sorry*)
Age: Variable
Appearance: Typically, a light grey coat with a fiery red, curly mane. Her eyes are a deep, emerald green. Her mane and tail are of moderate length, and typically bounce about when she walks or trots.
History: Liliana was once a high-ranking changeling lieutenant. In fact, she played a key role gathering intel for Chrysalis, disguising herself as a guard that stayed very close to Princess Cadence. After the downfall in Canterlot, however, Lily was placed on a different kind of assignment... Her mission: Discover different types of love for changelings to feed off of. Chiefly, physical desire. One thing led to another, and she's now no longer a part of the swarm. She owes no alliegance to Chrysalis or anypony else, though a letter of pardon from Princess Celestia herself allows Liliana to live normally in Equestria. An independent changeling, Lily makes her own path.
Demeanor: Slightly flirty, mostly laid-back and funny. She's a lush, and can drink with the best of them, but also decievingly intelligent. Lily is an extremely talented changeling, surpassing the abilities of your average run-of-the-mill drone. She possesses a modicum of magical talent, though to avoid confusion, whenever she changes into a Pegasus, she cannot use what small talent she does have. Her talent isn't even enough to learn any spells, just enough to produce the smallest amount of telekinetic manipulation or a small amount of magical energy in the form of a close-range shock. Her best talent is shfiting into a Chimera or other fearsome creature to instill fear in would-be attackers, or even victims. Still, Lily is a laid-back individual, more prone to flee than to fight. Be careful when angering this laid-back mare. She won't outright admit she's a changeling, nor will the end result be pleasant when she does. Typically, it'll happen in a dark alley when you're not looking, and it will most certainly take you by surprise when "That mare from earlier" changes into a roaring Chimera.

Name: Exo, the Exorcist, the Metal Giant, the Lightning Metal

A metal creature created from long ago. Now it was brought into a different land, seeking the source of power to fuel its gluttonous appetite.


Exo had no name, no goals. Its occupation was to follow, to lead and to destroy. The Exorcists were the Emperor's Guards from a world of different time and place. Their creator of the metal creatures was unknown. Its ominous strength and channeling through the electricity made them dominant and above all, terrifying, that would put the hearts to every living being.

In the midst of a random battle an unknown portal took one Exorcist into the land of Equestria. Without the power source from its world the metal creature was rendered useless, empty and faded unless a source of energy would awaken it. A group of unicorns, overconfident and unaware, brought the Exorcist to their world. At first, they didn't know what to expect until the Exorcist followed in their whim, controlling the metal creature.

Throughout the years the Exorcist followed the unicorns wherever they went until an unfortunate event had lead the unicorns into a squabble. This forced the unicorns into an unavoidable feud which causes them to depleted their magic reserves.

With the argue ended and their magic drained the Exorcist regained its freedom, at the moment. Without the magic that supported the metal creature it attack them in the sight, slaughtering the unicorns at the spot, consuming the magic from their lifeless bodies as it walked on the unknown path.

In time the Exorcist then fell into a deep slumber. It now awaits for its appointed master, waiting for another unicorn or a magic user to awake the slumbering monster.


The Exorcist does not harbor any emotions or the sense of morality. It only followed by the command of its appointed master. Out of a rarely chance the metal creature would bear a shred of decency and the honorable role unless the metal creature were severely injured or slowly losing its power source.

In the case that the creature showed any sign of goodly morale and an act of kindness would only mean that its seal, the creator's way of blocking the emotion, shall shatter and its memories of it previous life would emerge. This stated that the metal creature would be traumatized and would chance destroy itself, but not many were certain if it would lead to the result.


Humanoid, Heavy Class. An iron monster, weighed with tremendous strength. Its massive height of ten foot tall is unmissable as the Exorcist full armour beared in extravagant colour of white. The identity behind its helmet was mysterious, unknown to any living soul. If one had the chance to glimpse the true face of an Exorcist then the subject would be horrified as some said that they had seen death itself.

Its eyes glowed ominously, staring deep into the soul and the appointed action being commit. The creator seal was hidden behind the Exorcist back, magically protected and hidden well. If any living creature would touch the creator's seal then the subject would relive the memories of the Exorcist, the rise, and its creation of what was today.


The mark of the Exorcist was planted in its chest. Its mark was the Empire's emblem, the extravagant angel that cross with two sword. The creator seal behind the Exorcist back differed in front as it shaped of a ancient rune character. A single character hidden from the living and only the dead that could discover it.


Out of the conquest and the battle, its only relationship was with its fellow Exorcist brethren. Unknown how they manage to bond so easily would be a mystery. The chance of bonding with a living creature had always ended in a disaster. But a few did manage to succeed and remain to tell the tale...


The Exorcist harboured in close combat, equipped with the assorted weapons between the bladed longsword to the lengthy point of a dreaded spear with their shields at their side. Its also wield the manipulation to the conducted electricity. Either the gauntlets or their customized weapon it would be foolheardy and suicide to face them in direct combat as they're the force to be reckoned with.


Water. Although the Exorcist almost seemed invulnerable if it were to rain or to be gushed with water their rendering electric powers would not be used, until they're dried off. Possible imagination on subduing the Exorcist is mostly recommendable.

A creature needed of energy power would be its greatest weakness as it would slumber if it doesn't found a suitable need of its desire.


Taken considerable note that if an Exorcist managed to find a power source and swallowed it entirely then it would be able to go freely without the use of a magic user. At this moment the Exorcist would be almost invulnerable and deemed dangerous to all living creatures, good and bad.

Mist Peak here. Quick bio is
I am married, pregnant, green coat with a cyan mane.
Im 22 and an E.S.F. sniper and commander.

Joined the Equestrian Specail Forces when i was 19, but didn't see action for a year. I am in a squad known as Delta Team. I am, as others say, sarcastic, calculating, and used to be cold after loosing most the squad in a well planned assault by the Black Legion.

Flutterguy 26
Group Admin

Name Trusty Spirit


Trusty Spirit was born into a fairly well off family, his father was and still is the owner of the second largest courier company in all of Equestria. Like a lot of ponies, Trusty was born in Manehattan but because of business, the Spirit family moved to Canterlot itself. The HQ of the family business is there to this day. By Trusty's 17 birthday he had figured out that he wasn't like the other Canterlot boys, and he didn't want to work in his fathers business all his life so, so on his 21st, he moved out. He hit the road and didn't stop walking until he ran out of bits. Trusty got a far a Ponyville where he took up a part time job at the "Dragons den bar". After a year and a half there he had scrounged together a few thousand bits and an idea. His father had been an entrepreneur, so why couldn't he, so Trusty bought a vacant building and turned it into "The Prancing Pony".

Trusty, as his name suggests is a trustworthy and approachable pony, however he can be too trusting of other ponies at times. He would be happy have a yarn to you about almost anything, but if you get him onto the topic of business you better have a few hours to spare.

Trusty has a Apple-Green coat, which clashes with his bright orange mane and tail. He has warm lavender eyes that deep and comforting to lose yourself in. You will rarely see him without his blue shirt and hoof-watch, the clock itself is broken, and is always spot on 9 o'clock.

Trusty's cutie mark is a depiction of a cash-register, he was bullied for this at school because they perceived it as greed. Trusty was disheartened, and despised his cutie mark because of it, until his father pointed out that he was destined to be a greet entrepreneur, since that day Trusty has secretly worked towards one day having a business as big as the family's.

((Muhahahahaha >:D ))
(These characters are for use in Adventure Alright)
Name: Shard, the Exorcist, the Diplomat, the Iron Shield


After a hundreds years after Exo's existence, it wouldn't be long before others would discover the talent to bind a soul into a suit of armour; however, Shard is different from the rest of the others. Leader of the group called the Exorcist, it had traveled into the land of Equestria, reclaiming the fallen Exorcist, Exo ((Note from the "Adventure! Alright!!"))

Shard had several goals and one of them was to retrieve its fallen Exorcist. The rest of its past and its former life shall be reveal throughout its quest.


Unlike the Exorcist's unharbouring emotion, Shard may well be the very first to have one. It had sense of morality, feelings and other natures it provided. Shard acts decent, influential and act like a caring father. When trouble was about to brew it seeks alternative mean to end the conflict in a peaceful manner. It is the very first time that an Exorcist would think like that instead of head-on fighting

Taken note though that Shard may be sweet, it also bores a cunning personality. Using the power of words is more dangerous than using the sword.


Humanoid, Medium Class. Similar to Exo.


Similar from Exo, but the creator's seal could never be found. It's stated that the seal was Shard itself.


With its emotion intact, Shard harbors a deep respect of strength and courage. It can befriend with any intelligent creature or race.


Shard is equipped with a cerulean shield, sword and a singular short dagger, composed by a same, but different method of soul attachment to a weapon. The soul contained only one: a griffin. Like the rest, it had the power to manipulate electricity and can empower its shield, weapon and its entire body into a walking electricity.


Water and unlike the others it doesn't bear the creator's seal. The greatest flaws of Shard is its emotion. Though the leader of the Exorcist, it harboured both happy and sad feelings. Sometimes emotions would interrupt its concentration in battle. Possible imagination on subduing the Exorcist is mostly recommendable.


Shard doesn't need a master to acquire the need of magic. Somehow and some way it had manage on its own freely and without disruption. It would mean proof that Shard had tremendous capacity reserves of storing magic and doesn't need the command of a magic user.


Name: Shadow, the Exorcist, the Speed, the Silent


An accomplice of Shard in a mission to retrieve the fallen Exorcist.


Doesn't harbor any emotion. An Exorcist that obeys its leader: Shard.


Humanoid, Light Class. Similar to Exo.


Similar to Exo. Has a creator seal but is hidden deeply within its armour.


Befriended to other Exorcists, little success to living creatures.


Shadow is equipped with two cerulean of short daggers and an unlimited numbers of knives stored hidden. With the power of electricity it could blister into tremendous speed, vanishing from an instant from normal eyes.
Its daggers and knives are coated with a paralyzing toxin that disables the enemy. An excellent scout and spotter.


Water. The creator's seal if it were to be crack. Shadow wore light-weighted armour and could be shattered by either a direct contact with a cannon or a powerful magic. Possible imagination on subduing the Exorcist is mostly recommendable. Dependent to their leader, Shard


Name: Shock, the Exorcist, the Bloody Hammer, the Malicious


An accomplice of Shard in a mission to retrieve the fallen Exorcist.


Doesn't harbor any emotion. An Exorcist that obeys its leader: Shard.


Humanoid, Heavy Class. Similar to Exo and the largest of all Exorcist.


Similar to Exo. Has a creator seal but is hidden deeply within its armour.


Befriended to other Exorcists, little success to living creatures.


Brute had only one weapon and that it would be its cerulean hammer. With the power of electricity, combined with its incredible strength, it could shook the ground with its weapon, sending a shocking wave of all that stood. The Exorcist seemed almost impervious to any form of attack, heavy equipped with considerable defenses. An excellent warrior both on defence and offense.


Water. The creator's seal if it were to be crack. Shock is a slow paced paced warrior. Possible imagination on subduing the Exorcist is mostly recommendable. Dependent to their leader, Shard

General Appearance:

(Couldn't put it onto the general body because I am incompetent.)


"Well, I've stopped keeping track of my own birthday, far too much trouble, remembering dates and all, but I do believe I'm somewhere in the range of 37ish?"


Scatter-brained, intelligent, semi-cowardly, nervous, talkative, socially inept, friendly, considerate. "By all regards, I am a proper Trottingham gentlecolt!"

Love Interest:
"Oh, well," Atlas gives a distracting cough, "I suppose I rather fancy Miss Lockheart. But I dare say the feeling isn't exactly mutual..."

Royal Cartographer. Though, he often boast that he is also an excellent navigator and can read any map, in any language... so he says...

Atlas, after leaving school in Trottingham, found himself in the employment of a private map making firm His most notable accomplishment during his time in the private sector was his mapping of the Zebrican coastline. After a few years of success, Atlas found himself tasked by Princess Celestia herself, to map the Griffon Territories, as stated in an agreement between the griffons and the equines. Once completed, Atlas was offered a place in the academy as a professor in the field of cartography. Yet despite his job as a professor, Atlas still finds himself, on occasion, tasked with missions of mapping new regions.

"Well, I'm quite handy with a pen..."
-Has a spell called "Clairvoyance." If he has a piece of something (Ex: Half a torn ribbon,) then he can find the rest of it.
-Is a competent spell caster when it comes to teleportation and basic levitation.

"Come now, there really isn't a need to become violent is there? ...Is there?"

Side info:
Atlas is currently in a story of mine, meaning that -This- Atlas is a few years behind the one in my story.

Name: Commander in Chief Morpheus the First of the Changeling Armada under the rule of Queen Chrysalis the First.


History: The Commander had recently been given his promotion due to the invasion in Canterlot. In that conquest, he had led a battalion of troops to guard the Elements of Harmony. However, he was defeated by the Mane Six, being bested by a party cannon to the face. Before his promotion, the Commander use to act as a guard in the hive. But he was known for pulling pranks and tricks on many changelings. Thus, earning him a reputation as a trouble maker.

Personality: The Commander is a trickster of sorts, although he will only do it when he isn't on a mission. When he is on a mission, he becomes over-confident and easily curious to the world around him. He also has a tase for good food, even though he cannot consume it. On top of that, he is the worse second-in-command to ever lead the hive. He has been known to loathe his own queen, considering her to be unfit for leadership. But considering his status as a drone, he is content with the current position he does have.

Other then that he also likes to talk in a Trottingham accent, although rather poorly since he is indeed a changeling. It had started since his mission in Hoffington, where he apparently had to use the accent so much it got ingrained in his head.

Weaknesses: Although he would never admit this in public, the Commander's fondness for desserts is also his biggest weakness.

Name: Gray Shark

Age: 27-29

Appearance: Gray Shark has a light gray coat with a contrasting dark gray mane. He has a single scarlet red eye (other one is covered by an eyepatch) and is an earth-pony. His attire is ninja-pirate with a pirate hat, ninja mask, pirate jacket, black ninja clothing under jacket and pirate eyepatch. He has a golden-colored hoof located on his right side. Within that device, there is a retractable sword for use. His tail is pretty much refined and such and his mane has three strands sticking out from under his hat.

History: Gray Shark was the one pony that everypony seemed to forget about. He barely remembers his parents as they neglected him and he had no siblings to cling to. He was truly alone in the world. Born in Canterlot, he was wandering and wondering about the world. Eventually he would become tied up with the wrong ponies and was put to work as a killer. He was a natural and he saw this as an opportunity to become a somepony. Unfortunately that decision would come to haunt him in his later years. After a spree of killings, almost everypony was after the infamous 'Gray Shark'. The gourds wanted him dead and so did other assassins. This led Gray Shark to disguise himself as the other posh ponies, he had to become a socialite. Dressing in fancy clothing and developing fancy talk, he fight right in with the other high-class ponies. This period of time would be the time where Gray Shark's inner gentlecolt would appear and would stick with him for the rest of his life. He switches between lives every now and then to keep things interesting. You never really know where he is if he's not around.

Personality: Quite around unknown ponies, but will eventually have them rub off on him. Very honorable and gentlecolt-like. He respects all mares and other swordsmen. Sometimes will act cocky around his friends and more often his enemies. He is clever, but hasty at times, a combo that has served him well in the past. Lastly, he is usually calm and collected, rarely raising his voice unless angered or scared.

Mark: Unknown, covered by jacket/clothing.

Relationship: Kind of knows Rarity. The two met one day after Gray Shark won a contest for best design and he got to spend the day with her. Ever since she left to go back to Ponyville, he still wanted to see her just one more time.

Strength: Experienced killer, talented swordsman. Good in designing costumes whether they be for practical use or combat uses. Also good at creating devices to aid him in his causes (bombs, knives, poisons, etc.)

Weakness: Mares whether it be in a fighting situation or in everyday life. He is easily manipulated by them due to his somewhat chivalrous attitude. Also, he is deathly afraid of spiders, instantly getting shut down if he sees one.

"They asked me what I wanted to be. I said a ninja...and a pirate. So, then I decided: why not a ninja-pirate. Heh, Celestia knows how the hell that would become who I am today."

~Gray Shark

I got my big sister to help me with this :pinkiecrazy:

Name: Crash Course

Age: 24

Appearance: An off grey colt of medium build who has brown hair.

History:A while back, he stumbled upon an artefact while on a class field trip to a museum. Disobeying his teacher he went and touched an ambulate while no pony was looking, only to become cursed by it. Afterwards he faced 12 weeks detention for damaging a priceless artefact, and had a severally dulled sense of pain. Fast forward a few years he discovered his immortality due to a climbing accident, after falling 40 feet and surviving he discovered that he literally couldn't die. Because of this and despite his clumsiness and general lack of coordination, he took up extreme sports, sometimes jumping off mountains purely for the fun of it. fast forward 10 years he is now 24 years old and working in a dead-end store job, having blown off his education. He will abandon this the first chance he gets.

Personality: He is egotistical and arrogant, often grossly overestimating his own abilities, has little regard for the needs and wants of others. Despite this he has a good sense of humour (although his jokes are often directed at others or the suffering thereof). He is optimistic and generally believes in doing things for the crack, he purposely tried to take risks for the thrill of it.

Mark: A pony falling head-first into and therefore braking a vase. His special talent is breaking things and unfortunate accidents

Strength: Can't die no matter how badly wounded due to curse. All injuries heal after 2 to 8 minuets. He has a dulled nervous system giving him a rather large pain tolerance (thus the lack of concern over injury).

Weakness: Complete disregard for his own safety, clumsy and accident prone. He can't fight but will still try, often with disastrous results. He is egotistical and arrogant, often grossly overestimating his own abilities and jumping in without a plan.

Name: Excelsior

Age: 29 in human years

Species: Earth Pony


Occupation: Luchador

Background: Being the son to Pegasi parents, he always seemed like a disappointment in their eyes because he wasn't born pegasus. His grandfather, however, was an aging burro who taught him the art of Lucha Libre to teach him the importance of his heritage and the pride of those born to the earth. Excelsior then grew up rising through the ranks in the world of fighting and excelled, seeing this as a different way to soar without wings. He eventually even won the Equestrian championship belt and met a nice mare whom he was planning to propose to. His life couldn't be better, but the griffin he was fighting the championship match with wasn't at all a good sport. After the match, the griffin and his buddies murdered Excelsior's marefriend right before his eyes. He tried to retire because of the pain that his fighting brought him, but that life just kept pulling him back in. So he swore to never take off his mask as a reminder to never lose his honor as a fighter.

Cutiemark: A note and drama masks. A natural performer.

Personality: Prideful in his honor and strength as a luchador. Somewhat absent-minded. He's happy-go-lucky guy who means well and is normally the life of the party. But there's always this somewhat sad and lonely vibe that seems to radiate off of him. He kind of just seems.....tired all the time. He's also quite volatile when someone questions his pride, skill, or even when someone disrespects his friends. Really hates griffins after what happened that night.

Relationships: He tries to move on from his late marefriend and find someone new, but just can't seem to bring himself to do so.

Strength: He's a champion fighter luchador. What do you think?

Weakness: Always runs into things head first as his volatile nature tends to set him off quickly. He's prejudice against griffins and uses fighting as a last resort.

Name: Prism Fringe

Age: 10 in pony years (which is 40 or so in human years)

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance: Very large, slightly taller than Big Macintosh. Green fur and blue mane, scars on his right front leg and near nose

Personality: Prism Fringe's personality is up for debate. Some describe him as a larcenous scoundrel that would sell his mother or offspring for the right sum of bits. Others see him as a loyal soldier who risked his life for fellow ponies. One thing for sure is that he has a soft spot for foals of any sex and refused to curse, smoke, drink or harm them. Prism Fringe would also defend a foal from bullies and would never openly allow them come to harm. He is also known to look down on Unicorns calling them privileged anemic brats that have done nothing to deserve the monopoly on royalty and political influence (but unicorn foals like Sweetie Belle are exempt from this attitude). He is blunt and is willing to teach colts and fillies combat if he deems them "Good enough." Finally Prism is a strong adherent to personal liberty and loathes ponies who try to flex authority against him or others.

Cutie Mark: Black belt, originally white (see bio)

Bio: Prism Fringe was born in a very small, boring town where pegasi messengers often stopped. Unlike most ponies who get cutie marks later in life, Prism Fringe was born with a cutie mark. It was a white belt. In school he protected other foals from bullies for free. When he was 12 he ran away from home and never looked back, the reasons are unclear, even to Prism at times.

At 17 Prism joined the Equestrian military. However He had little love for the military however, seeing Celestia as a mere tyrant and Luna too weak to change her. He was dishonorably discharged after three years and he discovered his cutie mark turned yellow due to his experience in fighting.

At 21 he created a team of protectors called "Prism's Pack". This protected ponies from bullies and often royal guards of Celestia. Over the years his cutie mark became orange. Prism's Pack was eventually arrested and imprisoned. During prison, Prism's cutie mark became blue. He eventually became the only surviving Prism's Pack member.

At 34 Prism was released from Prison and became an adventurer and at this point his belt was purple, at the end of his adventuring career it was brown.

At 38 he ended his adventuring career and decided to duel Shining Armor so he could "stop the corruption." He lost but this granted him his now black belt cutie mark.

Now Adventure is calling Prism Fringe back into the game. What is in store for him?

Name: Topaz Trinket (Warning: May contain spoilers of Ancient Evils. Nothing too bad, but don't say i didn't warn you!)
Appearance: He has a white body, with a long, dark cobalt blue mane. A little taller than average, but not very muscular. Wears black framed glasses. Has a long tail as well as his mane.
Race: Unicorn
Birthplace: Fillydelphia, Equestria.
Cutie Mark:: A partially opened scroll, with a quill.
Occupation: He travels with trade caravans to make a living, buying and selling goods from far away places. It's the best way he could think of to see and write about the world, while also making money to support him and his sister. Travelling all throughout the world, from Equestria all the way to the land of the Zebras, he maps and writes observations of these foreign lands, and does trade.
Family: A sister by the name of Shooting Star, who he is very protective of. She is his older sister, but her aging has stopped, leaving her body that of a young filly. Topaz and his sister were orphaned as children, raising themselves working for caravans ever since.
Personality: Very kind, but overprotective of his sister. He prefers to stay out of the spotlight, never being the hero. He refuses to talk to anypony about the specifics of his sister not aging, for some reason. Very intelligent and curious, but sometimes lets his curiosity get the best of him. He tends to be a bit too serious sometimes, but Star can usually get him to lighten up.
Age: (In "Human" years, whatever a human is) 19

Name: Shooting star. (Warning: May contain spoilers of Ancient Evils. Nothing too bad, but don't say i didn't warn you!)
Appearance: That of a young filly, with dark blue hair, and a white body. She has a short cut mane, but lets her tail hang long.
Race: Earth Pony
Birthplace: Fillydelphia, Equestria
Cutie mark: None yet. (BLANK FLANK!)
Occupation: She travels with trade caravans to make a living, buying and selling goods from far away places. It's the best way She could think of to see and write about the world, while also making money to support her and her brother. Travelling all throughout the world, from Equestria all the way to the land of the Zebras, she does trade in foreign markets, while her brother maps and writes observations of these foreign lands, along with helping the caravans.
Family: A brother by the name of Topaz Trinket. She is his older sister, but her aging has stopped, leaving her body that of a young filly. Star and her brother were orphaned as children, raising themselves working for caravans ever since.
Personality: Very kind, and adventurous. She is lighthearted, and never takes anything too seriously. She always manages to get her more serious brother to lighten up. She is rather blunt, and some would say she has no class, others would say she simply says what's on her mind.
Age: (In "Human" years, whatever a human is) Physically: 12, Mentally/Length of existence 22 (Her aging was stopped, her brother says some strange curse befell her, but she has no memory of anything that happened during it.)


She is a quiet unicorn of twenty-three (by human years) who studies the illegal magic of Necromancy. She holds a soft spot in her heart for Changelings and secretly hopes to become one someday, somehow.

Her past does not matter, but as being sexually aroused by killing her lovers (usually through some attack of the throat, whether it be slicing or strangulation) she is formidable with small blades.

The lovers that she takes a liking to are lucky- or unlucky -enough to become one of her 'trophies' to prove her skills in the dark arts.

She is rather sadistic, although depending on her mood she may take on a submissive, masochistic role.

It's been a while since I've role played on such a large scale, so forgive me if I'm rusty and leaving out some potential information.

Doctor Ace Sorou

Species: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Rank: Lieutenant
Allegiance: Equestrian Royal Army
Appearance: Dr. Sorou stands at 5'11", and weighs about 160 lbs. He wears a long white lab coat over top some casual clothes, a black shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. His brown curly hair is parted down the centre by a rubber strap that holds his goggles to his head, and he always seems to have a wide grin on his face.

A Brief Personal History: Long ago, on 21st century Earth, there was a prodigy born, who excelled in robotics, astrophysics, and theoretical sciences. One day, he was able to create a portal across time and space, to discover another world filled with an alien race known as 'ponies.' But rather than share his scientific find with the rest of the world, he decided to move to the utopian world known as Equestria, adopting the planet as his homeworld.

During his time spent on the world, he used his intelligence to build an army of robots and machines in order to protect Equestria, and defend the inhabitants of his town, Ponyville. By doing so,Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria, noticed that he had a penchant for technology, and a burning desire to defend his home. Because of this, Celestia gave him the option of joining the Equestrian Royal Army, and gave him a rank of Lieutenant.

Strong points: Genius level I.Q. (300), Tactically inclined
Weak points: Not physically strong, only cares about defending his home, and the livelihoods of everyone living there

Name: Quick Write
Race: Earth pony
Mane: Black and medium length
Build: Slightly above average.
Eye Color: Brown
Cutie Mark: two red pencils crossed.
Occupation:Equestrian Damage Control Bureau (in charge of repairing damages caused by the Mane six.)
Special talent: Paperwork/ Poetry
Birthplace :Mexicolt
Background: With the return of the Elements of Harmony, The E.D.C.B was founded in order to compensate any destruction or Chaos caused by them. Quick Write was chosen to lead the Bureau do to his lineage of family serving Equestria. At first he was honored to serve the Princess, however; he soon found this job to be a living hell playing janitor to the Elements.
Current residence Ponyville
Personality: Fun to be around, caring, and intelligent, but most of that is hidden under stress due to his job.

Stone Pillar-Brother
Iron Hooves-Brother

Golden Rose- While in a private Academy in Canterlot Rose stumbled upon a journal containing poetry written by Quick Write, after returning it the two would become friends and eventually lead to the being engaged. This story would not have a happy ending as Golden Rose had died before Graduation, Quick Write since then has stopped writing poetry or dated since.

Name:Stone Pillars

Race: Earth Pony

Sex: Male

Mane: Black buzz cut


Build:Muscular (big Macintosh's size)

Eye Color: Brown

Cutie Mark:Stone pillar wrapped in vines.

Occupation:Equestrian Army


Special talent: Combat/Entrenchment warfare

Birthplace :Mexicolt

Current residence :Mexicolt (southern Equestria)
Background:With the discovery of a gate to Tartarus in the early days of Equestria, the tribes have always kept a standing army in southern Equestria. Joining the army at a young age Stone has seen the worse Tartarus has to offer, despite an honorable service he has refused prommoitions to become an officer preferring the front lines over the command rooms.

Personality:Despite seeming like a rude and mean stallion, Stone cares for those under his command and will fight tooth and nail to protect them. He does not talk much outside of combat situations especially to civilians.


Incompetent officers who are will to waste the lives of his men.

Feelings towards the royal guard:
Stone Pillar despises the Guard believing them to be weak in body and mind because they do not allow earth ponies to join. His opinion of them has only worsened since they were unable to prevent the invasion of Canterlot and that their Captain was brainwashed.

- Quick write:Little Brother
- Iron Hooves: Big Brother.

Names: Crush and Chords, the twin brothers.

Race: Unicorns

Appearance: Both have a white coat and golden blonde mane, brushed in the style that Big Macintosh wears. Crush has blood red eyes, while Chords has a pleasant green.

Cutie marks: Crush has a pair of revolvers crossed in an 'X' fashion, while Chords has a black electric guitar. A PRS, to be specific.

Personalities: Crush is a gunslinger, and as such, his personality is a good match. He is slow to trust others (but will respect them), is straight to the point in what he says and does, but always looks awesome doing it. He is intelligent, cunning, and perceptive. He has a bit of a sadistic streak, but he keeps it in check.

However, he's doesn't often want to talk it out, letting his twin revolvers, Law and Order, do the talking.

He's practically Clint Eastwood! XD However, unlike Clint Eastwood, he is shy when it comes to his love life.

Chords, on the other hand, is more humorous and light-hearted, and tries to see the good in ponies first. He loves to entertain, and his enchanted electric PRS guitar, the Black Beauty, is perfect, able to produce the sounds of an amp without actually needing an amp. Of course, he learned from his brother that the world isn't all smiles, so he had his guitar reinforced with pieces of steel, turning it into a rather effective bludgeon. Combined with the axe blades he put on the sides, well.... Nopony has tried to attack him so far. :D He has also learned to channel his magic through his guitar for some powerful spells.

A fan of rock and metal in particular, he can't stand the new hip-hop artists. And when he gets annoyed, he has a tendency to swear. He is also a decent repairpony, having learned to completely maintain his guitar all on his own.

He's practically Eddie Riggs! XD

The two often travel and work together, simply adventuring across Equestria.

Bios: Growing up together in a wealthy family in the city of Manehatten, the twin brothers had much free time to practice and try whatever they chose. After both discovering their cutie marks on the same day, the two took to their talents. Crush joined the police force for some time, gaining a plethora of medals and commendations, while Chords became the local rockstar, filling stadiums to the brink. Both the brothers grew tired of the grind, and together set out to find adventure. Little do they know, adventure finds them.

Name: Shades
Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasi
Body Color: Brown
Mane Color: Black
Accessories: Sunglasses
Cutie Mark (Not shown): A pair of sunglasses
Special Talent: Keeping a cool/calm personality
Other talents: Cooking, singing, playing guitar

Backstory: Shades was born to a hockey-playing earth pony named Goalpoast, and a surfboarder pegasi named Seabreeze. He grew up in Ponyville with his little brother, Slam Dunk, and his childhood friend, Big Macintosh. As a young colt, he discovered his special talent when, while on an overnight field trip to a mountain lodge with his class, a fire broke out. While everyone was panicking, Shades kept his cool as everypony got out safely. It wasn't until the next morning he discovered his Cutie Mark had appeared. Now as a young stallion, he's become a musician famous in his hometown, and is in a relationship with his marefriend, another Pegasi named Giggles. Speaking of which...

Name: Giggles
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasi
Body Color: Tan
Mane color: Brown w/ yellow highlights
Acsessories: Silver, heart-shaped pendant with the words "I Love You" enscripted on it
Cutie Mark: A large heart surrounded by three smaller hearts (not shown)
Special talent: Showing compassion
Other talents: baking, cloud swimming

Background: Giggles was born and raised in Cloudsdale with her mother and stepfather. She discovered her Cutie Mark after her first date with a colt she met at Summer Flight Camp, named Shades, ended as the best date of her life. She stayed with him over the years, and now lives with him in Ponyville where she works part-time at Sugarcube Corner.

Aaand here's the cutiemarks:

Oh... here we go again.

Name: Techno-Beat. (Tech)
Gender: Stallion/Colt.
Race: Unicorn
Body Color: Light Blue.
Mane: Dark Red (Maroon)
Cutie-Mark: A Music note turned into a head-phone.
Special Talent: Technology, but more at home with sound eqipment.

Brash with his friends around, he transforms into a timid creature whenever he faces tough obsticals by himself. Whenever around technology, he's in his element. Nothing can turn him away from a task with a computer in front of him.

Little to none. Nothing much happened till his 18th birthday, at which point he was diagnosed with degenerative memory. In order to combat this, he became part of a clinical trail to test a sort of cure... A memorial AI, designed to help him mantian his memory. But as time went on, the AI developed a sort of symbotic relationship with the AI. Now they are an unseperatable team.

Name: night-wing.
Race: pegasi (always thought to be a unicorn under a illusion spell)
Gender: male
Age: 20
Mane/Tail: silver with red hilights.
Coat: white.
Personality: kind, caring, will fight to protect his loved ones, practicing his abilities over dark magic ( will be in his bio), can be cold hearted from time to time.
Bio: born to a family of earth ponies he was raised on a farm. He constantly went to the everfree he felt calm there. His family allowed it. When he was five he found a temple, an ancient temple, he felt he should go in there. As he was wandering around he found a chamber with only one item, a vial containing black liquid, as he was examaning it he suddenly felt his thirst. He undid the cork, drank all the mysterious liquid, felling better. Only then did he read the inscription 'who so ever drinks this elixer, will gain magic O' dark use carefuly'. He promptly fell unconsious. He awoke in his room, to his parents delight. Began to reacount his tale up to the point where he read the inscription. His father quickly told him to get his thing ready, when asked why, he said we're going to see Princess Celestia. The trip to six days to complete and when they arrived, Princess Celestia quickly told the gaurds that day court was over and teleported them to her room. Celestia asked night-wing to tell her what happened. He told her his history, about the everfree expeditions and the elixer, when she cut him off by asking him to tell her the inscription. ( for purpose is will type it again) ' who so ever drinks this elixer will gain Magic O' dark, use carefully'. Celestia frowned then said you have a gift train in secret, my quarters are sound proof I will go and find you at night to teach you to use properly (not this was before five years before twilight was born) use with your heart, use it for good, now you might want to check for your cutie mark. Confused he checked and there it was a ball of black fire inbetween his wings. (Note his wing are red)
Cutie mark: black fire inbetween to red wings

Name: The Executioner. His true name has been lost in time

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. He was so good at his job in the past and served with such undieing loyalty that the princesses decided to grant him immortality

Appearance: His coat is dull brown and with a black tail, his head is covered by a executioner's mask so his mane, eye color, and what he looks like are a mistery, because of this some state that he doesn't have a regular head, just the head of a skeleton


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Hi there name's Winter

Name: Winter Dusk

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: His coat is a light blue like a calm night whereas his mane is a mixture of two colors both yellow but with one yellow slightly darker (my profile pic should help)

Personality: Winter will do about anything for his friends and even more for his special somepony since he values love and friendship above all other things in his world although winter has a somewhat appealing outside when you get him mad he can hold a grudge for a long time and might even use the grudge against the pony who insulted him or hurt him later

Bio/History: As a Filly I was always an outcast my father a very prestigious Unicorn and my mother A great pegasus who was close to one of the best at clearing the skies (on a stormy day) although not even close to the wonderbolts. When I was born my father shunned me since I wasn't even close to his color coat or mane he suspected my mother of cheating but dismissed it since my mane was close to hers. The next great shock or surprise he never told me for him was that I had no wings instead i had a horn, my entire life was full of shunning from my father and his friends since I wasn't as excellent as he was with magic, my only friends were my mothers flying buddies but I grew tired of that and ran away leaving Canterlot at age 15 and exploring all of Equestria in a year before finally settling into a small house in ponyville and starting up my studies again in hopes to return to my father and make him proud

Cutie Mark: Three Snowflakes and the Moon behind them

Name: Black Lavender

Gender: Female

Race: Alicorn, but rarely ever uses her horn, so she considers herself as a pegasus.

Age: 17

Appearance: A light lavender color for coat, black irises, a darker purple and pink for mane (same for tail), and six freckles in the shape of a triangle above her nose.

Personality: Grumpy, rude, harsh, and ignorant. She is also secretly a scaredy-filly.

Likes: Watching ponies suffer, flowers, and the dark.

Fears: Death, loss, family, and danger.

Biography (History): Black Lavender grew up on a lavender farm (hence her name her parents gave her), and is very good at planting. She soon ran away at the age of 9 and stayed in the Everfree Forest for a while, for so long so that she doesn't fear it anymore. Later, she was driven out by a mass amount of parasprites, and moved to Dodge Junction at 13. She lived there for a few years, but after a little incident, she was driven away and moved to Ponyville at 17. She's been living in Ponyville for a few months so far, and plans to stay.

Cutie Mark: A piece of lavender.

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Name: Steel Wing
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Species: Pegasus
Coloration: Gray coat, short black mane and tail, sapphire eyes.
Other physical traits: Larger-than-average wingspan; his hooves stretch out past the fur on his legs.
Personality: Compassionate and generous, though hard-headed and somewhat slow.

Backstory: Steel Wing is a colt born and raised in Stalliongrad, whose mother, Leaf Wisp, had given birth to the trifecta; his eldest brother, Neon Vice, was a unicorn, his older sister, Sweet Root, an earth pony, and himself a pegasus, though the former two were born to a different stallion. His childhood was quite simple for the first several years, aside from the few occasions he was picked on for having larger-than-average wings by some of the other colts, but took a turn when his brother died working at the local university, leaving him the stallion of the house, since his father, Iron Wing, was a guard that served in Celestia's guard. Although, whenever his father would return home, he'd teach Steel a few things about using the sword and how to defend oneself. On the day he received his cutie mark, his older sister fell into a flooding river, and he jumped in to save her. The current was powerful, and since his wings were drenched, not to mention too underdeveloped for proper flight, he had to survive kicking through the torrent for an hour before he could reach the shoreline and get his sister to safety. And from that, Steel Wing received his cutie mark: a metallic-looking heart with two bent wings on both sides of it, signifying a machine-like endurance to not give up. Later in his life, he became recognized as one of the fastest flyers in Stalliongrad, a skill granted from both his endurance and larger wingspan. He currently has no set profession, but chooses to continue to explore what the world has to offer.

Cutie mark: Metallic heart with two bent sliver wings on both left and right sides.
High Endurance - Primary/Special Talent
Expert Flying \
& l - Learned through practice
Swordponyship /

Name: Ruby Melody
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Species: Earth Pony
Coloration: Ruby coat, long light-ruby mane and tail with salmon streaks, and greenish-turquoise eyes.
Other physical traits: Several dark freckles.
Personality: Introverted, though has moments of outwardness to those she is close to.

Backstory: (Coming soon)

Cutie mark: Pink musical note in a spotlight
Special talent: Singing

Name- Silent Rumor

Sex- Female

Colors- Coat: dark grey. Mane and tail: Purple and white

Race- Earth-pegasus (like pegacorn but with earth pony and pegasus)

Age- 20

Silent. good listener. Hard to anger, but when angered can get agressive and talkative. Tries to be friendly for all.

She or actulay he ( reason for this explained later) was born in Manehattan. he was born with white coat and blue mane with lighter stripe in it. His wings were crippled from the birth so they were surgicaly removed. His family consisted his pegasus father Thunder strke and his earth-pony mother Silent Glade. He lived his early life in manehattan and got his cutie mark when he was making school project.

He went to college in canterlot. After his college he got job as a research assistant at canterlot university. After couple of months working he had an accident which changed his whole life. One normal day when he and the professor were suposed to research Poison jokes magical properties, someone decided to pull prank with liquid rainbow. Just when the PJ was in the professors magical grip the Rainbow was dropped in front of him. This caused sudden explosion and Rumor happened to be in middle of it.

After the smoke settled they noticed what had happened. his coat had turned to dark grey, his mane and tail had changed to purple with white stripe and he had turned to mare. Only her eyes had stayed same icy blue color (I'm using her pronoun instead of him now. sorry). After the accident they tried to reverse the effects, but something in the mix had made those effects permanent. Little after this she changed her name to Silent Rumor and left canterlot to travel and search cure to her problem.

Cutie mark- Scroll with wings. (represents her love to research and freedom.)

name: alexander t-rexian
species: changling/dragon
age 300 years old
gender: male
cute dragon form - white fur with big blue eyes
changling dragon - black rotting body with soul yellow piercing eyes and green slime
personality: ruthless, cunning, voracious and loyal to the hive

bio: alexander was a normal dragon that wanted unlimited power, but played a very heavy price. He attempted to take the gods stone but the original protectors placed a curse upon it that made his mind and body go corrupted and weakened him into nothing, they then split the gods stone into three pieces and hide one in a volcano, another under the sea floor and the last high in the sky.

Alexander vowed he would return as he was rotting into the ground and faded away, but a small band of changlings found him 200 years later and helped him. Once they had nurtured him to the full health, he decided to take on a form to find the gods stone easier and now is the form as the young dragon.


false form: a small dragon covered in white fur and having big blue eyes, with a red scar on his nuzzle. his claws consisted of three clawed fingers and his toes where the same,

true form: His true form consists of a zombie like dragon with black, rotting like tar skin. His eyes where star like with yellow dots in the centre, in the centre of his ribcage he has a green sun like object that shines brightly. His body was very skeletal showing ribs, spine spikes and even cracks in his skull

strenghs: hot green flame, sharp claws, his brain power, transformation and spiked tail

weakness: his ribcage, his skull (if hit hard enough) and united powers

fears: being defeated/destroyed/sealed again, losing his immortality, death

Name: Mural
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female

Appearance: Slightly taller, and skinnier than the average pony. Mural's coat is a light blue, her mane and tail are dark grey. Her eyes are a deep, dark blue. She (almost) always seems to have a light smile on her face.

Personality: Calm, high tolerance for annoyances and insults. Hates violence and arguing. Kind, dislikes seeing others in pain. Likes quiet places.

Cutie Mark: A brush tipped with green paint.

History: Mural lived a fairly peaceful life out in the country, away from any large cities or small towns. She lived with her parents and little sister nearly her entire life. At a young age she earned her cutie mark by painting a picture, a bit too good of a painting for a filly at her age. When she grew older she decided to leave her home and family to pursue her dreams of becoming a well known artist, with little success. She still continues to travel around Equestria in hopes that she will become recognized.

Name: Dark Nebula
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male

Appearence: Dark has a dark blue coat, he has a black mane and tale, green eyes, and wears a black jacket with hoof watch strapped to his left foreleg.

Cutie Mark: Radio Broadcasting tower.

History: Not much to tell, Dark lives a normal life. He was born in Manehatten, at the age of 18 he became a radio host for Rockstellar radio in Manehatten. Gained a decent reputation and a pretty good paying job. By the age of 21 he moved to Ponyville wear he sat up his own studio in his home, were he nows runs a show called Everytime.

Name: Revenant
Species: Changeling
Age: 8 months
Gender: Male-aligned
Coloration: (Normal)Black body, dark gray mane, red eyes (Corrupted)Light gray body with glowing blue veins, dark gray mane, red eyes

Personality: Revenant's personality is a complex one. At most times, he likes to be friendly and cheerful. However, after various fragments of other's minds fused with his own, he can easily turn dark and spiteful, particularly when he feels something or someone has wronged him or is beneath him. Most of the time, only Revenant's friends and allies see his friendly nature, for loyalty is some he holds almost above life itself. To his enemies, Revenant is a ferocious beast, savage and uncompromising. In short, Revenant plays to win, and winning is something his is very used to.

>Shapeshifting: As a changeling, Revenant has the natural ability to change his body into that of any creature similar to his own body size. He can imitate inanimate objects, but the replication is rarely exact, or sustainable for long periods.
>Flight: As a changeling, Revenant has the ability to fly using his wings. His flight is slightly slower than that of a pegasus, but he is much more agile. He is capable of exceeding Mach 1, but doing so pushes his body far beyond its normal limits, and results in incredible injury. As such, he does so only in the direst of circumstances.
>Magic: Revenant can use his stored energy to perform magical feats. His repertoire is slightly limited in scope, as he is unable to learn from almost anything other than a book. However, he does possess knowledge of several notable spells:
>Shield Breach: Revenant can focus his magic to penetrate even the thickest of magical barriers. However, this spell is costly to maintain and takes all of his concentration to do so, preventing him from any movement whatsoever.
>Active Camouflage: A spell invented by the changelings, Revenant can augment his shapeshifting abilities to create the effect of invisibility. The slower he moves, the more effective the spell, allowing for a snail's pace to change from a senseless speed to a deadly walking ambush.
>Network Rift: Revenant can tear open temporary rifts into the Changeling Portal Network, allowing him to flee many situations and travel at incredible speeds. However, the rifts are unstable once created, and tend to collapse after one use. Anything caught between dimensions will be cut in half when the rift collapses.
>Consume Emotion: Revenant can actually feed off far more than the average changeling, able to be fed through simple friendship, and is able to feed at a pace that leaves his target no worse for wear, even over extended periods. It also acts as a sort of 'emotion meter' as Revenant can roughly identify whatever positive emotion a creature is feeling.
>Dominate Mind: Revenant's diplomacy is unrivaled. Staring into his eyes is tantamount to being his servant, and should the need arise, the changeling can, through direct contact with his horn, enter another creature's mind and attempt to dominate them. If successful, his consciousness replaces the being's, and he can directly manipulate the body in question. However, this is when Revenant is at his most vulnerable, as being defeated in the mind will effectively render him brain-dead for several hours. Revenant's control is not absolute, as the creature can fight against the control once their mind has recovered, and he can only control so many bodies at once.
>Sever: Composed of two beings, the Changeling Prince/Commander Revenant, and an essence known only as 'Wraith', Revenant can split himself into two beings once more, more than doubling the amount of force he puts out. His changeling body becomes violently unstable as a radioactive pathogen turns him into both a nuclear time bomb and a virulent plague. The more time he spends in this form, the more uncontrollable his abilities become, as the immense buildup of energy seeks a way to escape his body by any way possible. 'Wraith' is also a force to be reckoned with, selectively intangible and invisible, as well as possessing the same radioactive pathogen as Revenant, only controlled so as not to self-destruct in a nuclear fireball. Wraith is only destroyable by the energies Revenant emits, but can be subdued with enough effort. Re-fusing is the only way to prevent Revenant from reaching his detonation point, and it takes several months for him to completely stabilize.

Bio: Born to the changeling Queen and King as the sixth of a clutch, Revenant was at an early age exposed to a radioactive pathogen buried underneath the changeling hive. The result was a greatly empowered, but mindless savage prince who destroyed everything he touched. When he escaped into a pony city, he wreaked havoc for several days by backing up sewers, reversing street signs, stealing everyone's left horseshoe, and causing general mayhem. Ashamed, Revenant was placed in partial stasis by his father for several months. His body developed, but his mind remained as savage as a beast. Later, a personality implant allowed Revenant to live as a normal being. He was appointed Commander of the Infiltrator sub-species, and has been at the forefront of changeling espionage ever since. At a later time, an incident occurred in which the prince was separated from a previously unknown other half, known as 'Wraith'. After several days, Revenant was able to re-fuse with his other half, preventing what had been shaping up to be a catastrophic overload of his powers. Since then, Revenant has been working diligently to refine his control over Wraith and his 'Severed' form, but has been making little headway.

Name And Name History
Her name is Electric Shock. She goes by Shock, but the one she cares for can call her Electric. "Electric the Lightning Storm." As her mother says.
Mane- Black mane with blue around the edges.
Tail- Black with blue around the edges.
Eyes- Beautiful blue eyes with a tint of black
Coat- Grey with blue around the edges
Cutie Mark
A storm cloud with blue around the edges, and a yellow lightning bolt.
Wings- Black with blue tints, and they're very large.
Electric Shock grew up in a mansion. She was pampered very much, but she enjoyed it. She could fly at age 5, fast. But as everything corrupted and Pinkamena killed her parents, she was left alone. She had no sisters or brother, and does not have a relation to any pony.

Name: "Jack" Frost Ironforge
Age: 20
Race: Unicorn/Changeling hybrid
Personality: Likes to help, but has a greater 'need' to prove to himself that he isn't weaker than the best, Twilight Sparkle. Has some anger issues and a little bit of depression, but has goals large enough to keep it under control.
Cutie Mark: Has none, but was born with strange black circles covering his flank.
Love Interest: Unknown
Bio: Was born in Canterlot as the son of the royal smithy. While his mother was carrying him, she was attacked by a changeling and impregnated with a changeling larva. The larva died in her body and Jack absorbed it's DNA, causing him to become what he is today. Later when he was born, his mother still loved him the same no matter what, which caused her own death as Jack unintentionally drained her of her love. When Jack came to the age to join school, his father asked the princess to take him under her wing because he was too dangerous to be placed in a public school. Celestia agreed and trained him in many fields of magic. Celestia always treated him as less than pony though. As he got older, Twilight Sparkle became Celestia's number one student, which caused Jack to become jealous and search for more powerful magics, most of which were forbidden. He got into a lot of trouble and was forced to go back to his father to take up his profession as the royal smithy. From there, he learned the trade, always hating Celestia, and feeling a deep rivalry towards Twilight.

(note I have a lot of ocs from rping so much, so bear with me)
Her name is HEARTFIRE
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Bold and adventurous
Cutie Mark:
Love intrest: Lightning Lash
Nickname: Hearts
Bio: Born in Ponyville by a mother who is a writer and a father who was a secretly a drunkard. She meet her best friend, Silvershy when she was a young filly. She meet LightningLash in a battle in the Everfree forest, where they we rivals and worst enimies for about a week, until they became friends. Her entire life, LightningLash and ThunderThrash, his Twin brother, have been fighting over her. Hearts has always been a great adventurer and fighter.

Appearence: has a baby blue coat with blood red mane and she has lime green eyes.

name: Capricorn (self insert)

personality: considerate, shy, not a risk taker, humble, (stubborn at times; mainly when he doesn't get his way), brave(sometimes), serious, quiet( ridiculously), submissive, easy going( most of the time)

good qualities- he's artistic, and humble, and can be very nice, often being a gentlecolt, and is also sympathetic, and protective of his loved ones. He's also quite smart and very good looking, he could easily be a great Pimp if he wanted to, raking in all them hoes like a magnet pulling in paperclips. :rainbowwild: He's also fairly good at writing.

bad qualities- he's prideful( too prideful) and loses his temper as soon as he doesn't get his way. He's also too shy around girls, which gets in the way of him being a good Pimp, it's actually one of the only things holding him back, it also get's in the way of him being assertive or even getting a mare friend. (you have to make him angry before he'll be assertive) He also is very weird and acts like a complete idiot half the time which is why people think he is none too bright.

talent: writing

current home: cloudsdale



Name: Hymn Spark


Race: winged Unicorn (also known as an Alicorn)

Gender: male

Hometown: unknown

Personality/Traits: smart, problem solver, athletic, passionate and emotional fighter, compassionate, serious, agile, fighter, protective of loved ones, stubborn(but can see reason when needed).

Clothing: silver plating and helmet covers mane but leaves face open.

Weapons: shield, multiple swords and axes, hooves (he can hoof fight pretty well too)

Strengths: he is very skilled in combat and being an Alicorn allows him to hold up to for weapons, however he holds a large shield in in his magic and a sword, so he holds only three weapons- two more in his wings, he has the agility of a Pegasus, and brains of a Unicorn, also he is a very passionate fighter, making him a very dangerous enemy to have.

Weaknesses: do to a birth defect to being only half Unicorn, he is extremely weak in magic, only being able to levitate things such as weapons, and do small spells which have little use to anypony but an assassin for he must be less than a foot away to do any damage at all. also he was never taught to fly so he cannot fly and his wings are weaker than a normal Pegasus's wings anyway so he would be very weak and slow in the air anyway. also he never backs down from a challenge- even when he knows he will lose, this often gets him hurt and or nearly killed because of his pride.

Background: he never met his parents and lives with his Grandfather an old retired Pegasus General whom was one of the greatest to ever live, once known as God of war he lost half his wing, an eye and a hoof in three different battles. after he lost is hoof he retired and lived on the ground. and met Hymn Spark not long after as a young foal, he raised him and taught him to fight- despite his crippled appearance. Hymn Spark never really went too far from his Grandfather until he was sixteen then he left to see the world- and came back a year later claiming his place was with his Grandfather.

Team: good

Love: none

cutie mark: large shield with sword at the side of it.

another OC place said it wasn't an Alicorn and changed my post so I decided to do this just in case it was the same absurdity here.:derpytongue2:

2146048 .......:derpyderp2:your dead to me.

Name- Shadow
Age- 21
Race- Pegasus
Personality_ brash bold has bad luck
Appearence- pony code 2S330301201CD0E8FE548A00001FEAE00UN1837003200000K100A025A6FE2102107f3fcc004cb2
Love intrest- not known
Bio- As a filly she always wanted to be in the royal guard. When she finally gt to join she was extremely happy but after a couple of years she was turned down because she thought to bring bad luck. (More TBA)

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