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Three months ahead warning?

I'm in. Done. Settled.

Let my second favorite ship begin. I love writing these two together. The dialogue...

Hmm, I might have to enter this one. 3 months to write...

Three months...

It's not long enough! :raritydespair:


Oh hell yes.

I'm looking forward to what you pump out.

~Skeeter The Lurker

And it'll be very interesting now that I've reread it that you want us to start with them in a relationship. I've never wrote any of that myself, so I'll have to work on how to not make it feel forced. I like this challenge, and I am sure I can figure something out quickly.

And it will be full of laughter. And hopefully dawws.

2766975 Are you in every thread that has ever been made ever? I swear you have powers to be everywhere at once and it's kinda scary to be honest. I still have four weeks for the Rare/Twi. Oh noes... I still have only concepts at this point. But I'm sure I can wiggle something. For this? Three months? I'm sure I'll think of some Rare/Dash. My main story turned out to be Rare/Dash once it started going, and it was thanks to Razed I got into them as a couple at all last spring, oddly enough. I laughed it off before, now the chemistry... so much trolling.


Heheh, you know me, boss.

Here. There. EVERYWHERE.


~Skeeter The Lurker

2767039 What are your favorite ships? Clearly this is up there if you are judging.

Oh god... the dialogue is already forming in my head. Go away mud wrestling. Shoo!


Any, really.

More partial to TwiDash, but any works as long as they do it right.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2767085 Twi/Dash will always be best ship. Bluebird's Song. So many tears.

I'll write a Twi/Dash one day too. I just... Ardensfax. The intimidation.

I'm so excited for this! I'll just have to make sure not to make them swear much at all. Tone down the KiltedKey. :rainbowlaugh:


I dunno... I got faith you could.

But this first. Then finish the rewrites so I can read EEE.

But this first.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2767221 I have three months to do this. I'm only on the last edits of E.E.E. You will squee you sexy hunk you.


I look forward to it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh I see how it is.

2766939 I love it when you write these two together, so this will be a fantastic regardless:rainbowkiss:

2767854 I will tone down my swearing drastically though. This isn't an audience for that.

But the flirting, subtle sexual tones? Why... Rainbow and Rarity are like Sterling Archer and Lana. :trollestia:

2768809 I would expect nothing less.:raritywink:

2769543 "Rarity."








"... Danger Zone. :rainbowwild:"

2766736 It's February now, and the temperature is rising into the 60s here in the south.

It's still hitting single digits at night where I am... :ajbemused: It's not spring until the months stop having 'r's in them.

Hmm. The theme matches really well to an old RariDash idea I had a while ago that I set aside to work on other things. Maybe it's time for me to shake the dust off of it and see if I can turn it into a story.

2766736 My only question is that can this be before end of season three? Ala no Alicorn Twilight? Not that I don't mind her in her current state, I just think I need to wait till the season ends before I really want to start working on anything with her and wings. See where these keys go.

Other than that. I'm jotting down ideas and scenes. I'm so excited for this. Far more ideas than my Halloween story.


Another contest? :raritydespair: Jake R, I'm gonna start to hate you for make too much contests :fluttercry:

Anyway, I must think about it. Not much time in my life and less inspiration :ajsleepy:

100% I AM IN! :pinkiehappy:
However, when I say I'm entering a contest I usually never start anything for it :twilightsheepish:
But I'm determined to actually do something for this one. I have three months. I'll think of something.

I've already got a couple of entries to write, but I think I can get something out for this. After all, I want an excuse to write RariDash again, as my first attempt was hardly successful. I'll start brainstorming at least.
Let the contest begin.

2771889 With this much time, I already have a title, and basic ideas rolling around I have to do it. They have so much chemistry in dialogue together, more so if you go into the PG/PG-13 area.

I know, which is why I love RariDash so much. One of the best ships for sure. I haven't got much yet, but hopefully I'll think of something good in the time we have.

2772274 Eeeeeyup. It's all thanks to RazedRainbow. I just make them more flirty/slightly perverted/sarcastic. Because they would be like that with each other. Poking each others egos constantly. Great lolz. Great dialogue. And god save you if you praise both of them at once. The Ham. Large.

Hmm, do you have any RariDash? I feel like reading your perverted, sarcastic versions of them.

Ethanol, Elements, and Estrogen. Erm... yeah. I wrote that. People liked it. And I'm honored they did.

Be warned: It's pretty much MLP written by Seth Rogen or by the cast of Archer. Vulgar language, sex jokes, extremely questionable ethical choices, alcohol, weed, and the characters pushed to the extremes are expected. But that was the point writing it. I wrote it as real 20 year old people act. And... horrible things.

Oh yeah, I've started on that one. Look forward to seeing RariDash in there.

2779008 It gets there, and I'm working on republishing the altered - and vastly edited - ending.

Already have the first thousand words of the Rare/Dash done completely. I am very happy. :raritywink:


I wish luck to everypony participating in this contest :pinkiehappy:

2. Have Rainbow Dash and Rarity already in a romantic relationship at the start of the story, and remain in said relationship at the end (no get-togethers, and no ending breakups)

I shall have them break up at the beginning of the story, and get together at the end! Bwahaha, I've found a loophole!

2943708 I wanna read this.

My idea nearly isn't as creative. I'm a comedian above a romantic writer like that. Sniffle.

Comment posted by SleepIsforTheWeak deleted Mar 5th, 2014

3011283 In the wake of this decision, I feel the need to ask for some clarification on what you mean by "Thematic Relevance" in the OP. Thematic Relevance seems to indicate you want the story to be relevant, thematically, to one of your four Rs. I would, personally, think a story that had to do with two ponies going on a trip in an effort to overcome the stagnation of their relationship has 'thematic relevance' to Renewal, Rejuvenation and Reconciliation, so was the issue that it wasn't relevant enough to them? Was it because the reconciliation attempted wasn't necessarily successful? Are you looking for the entries to be wholly and entirely focused on one of these things? Because the phrase 'Thematic Relevance' doesn't really imply that, but if that's the case, I (and other people considering entering the contest, I would imagine) need to know that sooner than later.

TL;DR: Can you please clarify on what is and isn't going to be accepted here, and perhaps give some examples of where you're drawing the line?

3041005 I feel like the entire story was set in motion by an attempt, by Rainbow, at achieving those things. If that's not good enough, okay, but as someone who's trying to decide on a plot to explore, I don't want to spend the next two months working on something only to find out at the last moment I wasted my time.

So in this instance, was the problem the fact that the relationship felt doomed at the end, that the attempted reconciliation wasn't successful enough, or that it wasn't focused enough on that aspect? Does the story need to have a specific moment I can point to as _the_ [rewordofchoice], or does it just need to have a more hopeful outlook?

3041208 You don't need to get defensive, Jake. I was just asking for clarification, not saying your decision was wrong. Up to this point the guidelines have been rather vague.

So, just to make sure I'm understanding you now; If a story had approximately the same level of relevance to the themes but had a more triumphant outcome and tone, it would be acceptable for the contest?

I ship AppleDash and what is this?[1]

[1] Disclaimer: The author of this comment may or may not actually ship AppleDash™ or subscribe to conventional shipping paradigms in any way.

3041313 Oh, shit, so that means my already written sniffle squee ending for my story is going to work. :pinkiehappy:


A month left, a theme I'm not really good with, and a ship I haven't considered in six months?

How am I only just now seeing this? Too bad, unless I tried to rush something.


To experiment, we're only gonna have one winner for this contest, seeing as how second and third-place finishes don't usually mean much.

I can assure you that second and third place mean something to the people who win second and third place. 'If you ain't first, you're last' isn't very fun. But I guess it depends on the number of entries. Being second or third out of five people would be pretty lame, too, and RariDash is still criminally under popular.

Fair point, but I think you're underestimating the effect saying "You've won something" can have on a person, even if that something is just a little pat on the back.

Sorry. I tried, but I couldn't get what I wanted to write for it to work. There may yet be a story that comes of it, but I've given up on finishing it by the deadline at this point.

3230491 Becauae it's fiefteen thousand words in and I don't plan on releasing it until the 3rd for dramatic effect. Ending is already written. One middle chapter still needs to be done.

Sorry for the noobish question, but I've never entered my own writing into a group before. How does one accomplish such a task?

Ah, much thanks.:twilightsmile: Sorry again for any bother.

Way, way too busy.

I just learned of this group, and the contest, yesterday... But, I have plenty of time to crank out 4k of RariDash (Safe For Work) love :twilightsmile:

Hope to have it submitted within the next few days

And, to make it even more of a challenge for me, I shall do this from the 1st Pony POV. I am thinking I shall do it through Rarity's perspective. And, I shall include all four "R"s :pinkiecrazy:

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