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"....Should I?" It was all Pyre could think of to say.


"I don't know... I thought perha- well look at that!" Sombra stuttered.

Lying below the hill they stood atop, lay a gleaming city filled with a contrasting green to the surrounding tundra. In the distance a train whistle blew as it headed away from the city, leaving white plumes of smoke in its wake.

Avoiding the answer he didn't want to know, Sombra tried to turn Pyre's focus on the promise of warmth instead of the biting cold of the Tundra.

"......How is this place green..., when it's so cold around it..." Pyre asked while eager awaiting some worm ground to walk on.


"Remember all that stuff I told you before?" Sombra asked over his shoulder, in good-humor.

"...oh.... sorry..." Pyre blushed a tiny bit, "I'm just.... anxious..."


Seeing the mare blush, Sombra gave a hearty laugh full of mirth.

"Then let us put that anxiety to rest!" he said before he galloped down the hill, keeping the mare as steady as he could.

Pyre held on to Sombra as they went down and reached the border of the empire.


A few of the ponies wandering the streets looked over as they noticed the pair stepping onto the green grass. The ponies of the three realms regarded the sight with curiosity, it wasn't everyday a pony rode into town atop another pony, but one of the crystal ponies blanched in fear as she recognized the stead.

"So how does the warmth fe-"

"Run for your lives!" a mare screamed as she bolted, causing confusion as she pushed through the crowd.

The added attention soon turned the street into chaos as more of the crystal ponies recognized the new stallion among them. Many of the other ponies followed suit being part of the groups fleeing, cowering behind shelter, or getting unfortunately trampled by accident. Within minutes the surrounding block was empty of ponies, besides the odd straggler, and the sound of horns blaring could be heard in the distance.

"... Now that was odd...Usually the crystal empire is rather welcoming, and the stallions of the realms aren't so willing to walk among each other without any armor on..." Sombra said as he noted a trembling shape under a table cloth.

"..........They must know me here..." Pyre sighed, "The things I've done.... the lives I've destroyed.... they must...." She got off of Sombra's back, and walked around on the warm grass.

"........It feels so good... to walk on the grass...."


"I can imagine," he replied. He was unsure if she knew, but he wasn't going to reveal the truth he had discovered about himself.

Taking a few strides to join her, he noticed two eyes dart back under the tablecloth as he looked over. Trying to be stealthy, he softly walked over to the table before flipping it over with a kick. The crystal stallion underneath screamed like a filly before Sombra slapped him with a back hoof. The stallion's scream turned to a frightened whimper as he was pulled to his hooves, and forced to keep eye contact as Sombra's horn crackled.

"I know naught what this mare has done to make you all act like foals, being frightened by their own shadow, but I would at least expect your empire to show more control." He told the stallion sternly.

"Ye-yes s-s-sir," the stallion squeaked.

He flinched slightly when Sombra cocked an eyebrow, and then dusted off the stallion before lettting him stand on his own.

"Now take us to your council... or are the eight still... nevermind, just guide us to the palace. I'm sure my companion would appreciate a warm bed and perhaps an opportunity to relax in a nice bath. So lead on stallion of the crystal empire, we shall follow." Sombra proclaimed in a loud voice as the stallion managed to nod agreement without fainting.

Turning to Pyre, Sombra gave a dramatic bow as an offer to the mare to follow along.

".....Sure... I guess...." She followed Sombra through the empire, her eyes in awe of the crystalline buildings and homes, but saddened by the other ponies reactions to her with Sombra, and she sighed.

"I never knew... that they'd hear of my fire..." She bumped into another pony. "Sorry.." She apologized but the mare she bumped into ran off in fear.


They managed to make it half-way through the city before their path was blocked by a living wall of armored ponies and leveled lances. The crystal stallion tried to make a subtle exit, but Sombra once again grabbed him by the scruff of his mane and made him sit before walking forward himself. The center of the wall parted as a white unicorn stallion, clad in bluish steel with gold inlay, walked to the front of the wall. His gaze seemed oddly similar to Sombra's as he glanced between the trembling crystal stallion and the other two pony's following him.

"You are not welcome here," the unicorn proclaimed as his own lance was leveled, "surrender or we will have no choice but to use lethal force."

Sombra's chest itched slightly as he looked upon the captain. Something about him seemed familiar, but he couldn't place it.

"........." Pyre hid behind Sombra, thinking they were after her.


"Well this is rather rude. Not even introducing oneself before leveling a weapon at royalty." A few of the guards shared dumbfounded looks as Sombra spoke.

The captain brought them back to attention with a stomp of his hoof; demonstrating the discipline and respect many of the guards had for the captain.

"Well, your 'highness', if you don't step away from the hostages and place your horn to the ground, you'll find my introduction quite painful to experience." to accent the point, he stopped Sombra's slow approach by placing the lances' tip under his chin. Something on the white stallion's chest flashed in the sunlight as he moved, making Sombra's eyes widen in surprise.

"......You're not here for me...?.." Pyre came from behind Sombra, to the surprise of some of the guards, who had recognized her from what Celestia had announced.

"Captain! He has Pyre with him!" One of the guards spoke.


With the moment of distraction, Sombra pushed the lance aside before grabbing the captain by the crest on his chest. The crystals on his chest glowed with dark light as slight shadows appeared at the corner of his eyes.

"First, your ponies at arms will stand down," Sombra ordered as the captain dropped the cumbersome lance, "and then you're going to tell me where you received-."

He was interrupted as a rose aura surrounded his hoof and the captain tripped his other front hoof. Before Sombra could get his balance, the captain pushed him down, incapacitating him with his forehooves crossed beneath him.

"Seal his magic and shackle him," the stallion ordered from atop Sombra before turning to the mare. "I'd prefer not to hurt a mare, surrender and I can assure you that you will be treated well."

"Why are you taking him?" Pyre's hooves forced themselves into the ground. "He has done nothing wrong to you..., release him!"


"Nothing to me, but Sombra was the dictator of the crystal empire; prior to him cursing it to join him within the ice of the arctic. When the seal broke, he failed to retake our empire and was castout by the crystal heart," the stallion said as a strange ring was placed over Sombra's horn, while he struggled.

"Lies!" Sombra angrily yelled from beneath him, "not only do you blatantly wear my daughter's crest, you think it wise to spew such garbage."

Sombra managed to roll out of the hold , but the magic constraints on his body grew as a few more unicorns added their magic.

"I won't say it again, stand down!" the stallion said, "this is a direct order from Prince Shining Armor of the crystal empire."

"Return what you have stolen!" Sombra cried in defiance.

"STOP!!!" Pyre's eyes were bright as fire and her fiery mane spread around the entire area.

"RELEASE HIM! NOW!" She was instantly surrounded by guards but she sent a shockwave of flames across herself, pushing them away.



Cautiously Armor raised his hoof as the aura around his horn lowered. The other constraints on Sombra soon followed suit as the other unicorns reined in their magic; although their horns still crackled with energy. Sombra raised himself as he nodded a quick thanks to Pyre before glaring at the white stallion that had proclaimed a royal status.

"I'd advise you to rein in your magic miss Pyre. If you truly pose a threat to the ponies under my care, the treatment you'll receive will be quite rough." Armor said as he stared down the mare, a skill he often used on the new recruits to test their mettle.

Noticing Armor's tail, apparently sporadic movements, a crystal pony and pegasus separated from the group of onlookers as they prepared to perform their assigned tasks. The two separated after going around the corner of a building, the pegasus winging her way towards the pegasi barracks as the crystal pony made his way towards the castle.

Pyre calmed only slightly and walks towards Shining, "I do not fear you.... I fear nopony..." She's up to his face, the guards unable to help.


His gaze held firm as the heat washed over him. A drop of sweat made him blink one of his eyes before he spoke.

"That was never the intention, to make you fear me, but Sombra was the instigator here and you are pushing the boundaries of my goodwill. Accept the charges and back down."

"....What are you to do with him.. and me?" Pyre's fiery mane circled around Shining.


A few of the earth-bound guards stepped back as the flames blocked them from approaching, while some of the braver pegasi hovered above them. A few of the unicorns kept their horns trained on Pyre, having forgotten about the other possible threat looming behind the wall.

Meanwhile, Armor stood fast in the growing heat, seeming in control and in command despite his position.

"The two of you will have your magic temporarily sealed until Princess Celestia and Luna arrive to hold court. Sombra will be tried under Crystal Empire law, for slavery and attempting to create chaos." he answered, "the two sisters will know your charges and determine what is to happen with you."

Terror struck Pyre's face, believing the Princesses will sentence her to another mad house with another mad doctor, who will torture her and hurt her for another decade.



Seeing the flicker of fear, Armor managed to raise an eyebrow before a dark blur tackled him to the ground.

"This is not yours. Thief!" Sombra proclaimed, before using his teeth to tear the crest from the front of Armor's chest plate.

"Sombra!" Pyre snapped out of her trance and launched a stream of flames at the guards about to attack him.

"Stop them!" Guard began to charge the two.


Giving the stallion beneath him a quick jab to the muzzle, Sombra leapt off Armor and startled Pyre as he slid beneath her and lifted her. Without a backwards glance, he galloped through the winding streets of crystal.

"Fuld tygt!" Sombra said to Pyre, his teeth clamped on the crest as he tried to outrun the pursuing guards.

Glancing around, he seemed to be looking for something as they ventured closer to the city's core, the crystal palace. Jumping partway over a merchant's booth, Sombra upended its content of crystal snow-globes, causing them to go flying. Triumph briefly flashed in his smile as one of the armored pegasus was sent out of control by an airborne globe to the muzzle. Taking no time to savor the small victory, he galloped on with the mare on his back.

"..........." Too many thoughts ran through Pyre's head as she was carried through the streets by Sombra. She looked back and ducked from a magic shot. Pyre retaliated by creating a wall of fire behind her and Sombra, blocking off the guards, all except the pegasi.

"Ugh......" She gets off and runs with, so Sombra can run faster, "Hurry!"

In front of them stood the crystal gates to the castle. Many times taller then the average pony, its crystalline surface reflected light as some dark blurs barricaded the door from entry. The palace walls encompassing the courtyard made escape impossible, unless the gate could be broken or the guards incapacitated. The guards seemed to know this as they bordered Pyre's flame wall, the pegasi darting above to ensure no escape.

"........trapped..." Pyre looked back at the Pegasi guards coming in close. Her eyes began to glow fiery orange as did her horn and fire began to form around her and Sombra.


"Or so they think," Sombra said as he turned to the wall with a searching look. "Would you be so kind as to create a smokescreen Pyre?"

Pyre smiled, "Sure...." Her fiery mane turned black at the tips and thick, black smoke belched out from it. The Pegisi guards ran straight into the smoke and slammed right on the gate, as Pyre and Sombra disappeared.


Quickly getting to work, Sombra started trotting along the walls base, constantly stopping to tap the wall. He remembered them using it, but he didn't how to open it.

"Ah-ha!," he cried before he vanished from sight, seemingly into thin air.

"Sombra? Sombra?!" Pyre started to yell, getting scared. She then saw some guards coming for her and she started to panic.

A hoof came through the wall and dragged her in as the guards go past.


"Shh," Sombra whispered as he placed a hoof to Pyre's lips, glancing at the well hidden entrance. Looking through the glittering wall of light and crystal mirrors, he silently prayed this hiding spot was still as hidden as he'd remembered.

From outside it seemed exactly like a wall, but from the inside a pony could easily survey past the strategic placing of crystal and mirrors, into the courtyard. Especially now that the guards were widening their search area in case they had teleported.

As the final platoon of guards galloped out of the courtyard, Sombra took his hoof from Pyre's mouth and checked if he still had the crest he'd reclaimed. "Sorry for that miss... Thought I'd caught you by surprise and that our location would be revealed by an accidental shout."

Pyre nodded, "Thanks.. and I have a name you know..." She looked around the inside of where they were. "What is this place?"


"Sorry miss Pyre," he told her, "this place was Euphoria's hideaway."

As he spoke, he pulled some cobwebs away to reveal a strange workshop. Upon the dusty table stood the remenants of dusty puppets, much of the paint faded from their smiling faces and outfits.

Letting his hoof drop heavily, Sombra tentatively walked forward before pulling a puppet from the table. He carefully wiped the dust from the wooden mare to reveal an intricate carving that seemed a copy of Pyre, but with a faded white coat and a mane and tail delicately fashioned out of blue quartz.

"Why would she leave her puppets here," he quietly murmured as his eyes began to tear-up, "how long has this place been abandoned?"

"................" She looked at the toy that seemed to resemble her and her eyes widened, "What are these things...? And why does this one look so much like me...? I've never been here before...or knew it even existed...."


Sombra remained silent as he held the puppet in his hoof. He slowly sat on his flank as he looked at the wooden mare. Very carefully he pulled the crest he'd taken out and managed to attach it to the puppet. It was a little big, but it was enough. Sombra just stared at the puppet as tears rolled down the sides of his muzzle, dropping to the dusty floor.

Pyre saw Sombra's tears and was dumbfounded; he wasn't even resembling the shadow creature that held her captive....

She walked up to him and put a warm hoof on his shoulder. "....who is she....?"


Jolted out of his depressed stupor, Sombra tried to hide his tears by quickly wiping his muzzle and giving a fake sneeze. "Sorry, something got in my eyes. I'm just alittle surprised that she managed to complete it, but I believe this is a puppet of my daughter... the crest was a gift for her marriage to True Blue. How it got into the hooves of that," as he spoke his teeth grit together, "thief that calls himself a prince is beyond me."

Pyre couldn't find a way to cheer Sombra up, so she kept her hoof on his shoulder and looked around the room some more.

"Is there another way out of this room?"


"There should be an entrance into the castle around here," Sombra said as he placed the puppet in a deteriorating saddle bag made for a filly. It would've been funny seeing him struggling with the clasps, if it wasn't for the desperation evident in his hurried movements. "We best start looking." When he finally managed to position the saddlebag, he seemed to calm before he turned and froze.

As a crystal on his chest gave its last flickers of dark light, he collapsed where he stood. "What the?!" Sombra said as his body twitched in an effort to stand.

"What's wrong?" Pyre laid to help Sombra.


"I don't-," it felt like a hot poker was driven into his stomach as the second of the nine crystals lost its luster, "get this seal off me." The hoof pushing at the ring around his horn showed her what was needed, but even the stallion's weak attempts to move the ring showed no signs of it budging.

Pyre tried to use her magic to pull the horn off, but was then pushed into the wall by it.

"Ooff! Ugh... That's not wanting to come off..." Her eyes flashed orange, "But I will melt it off..."


"Just get it off!" he shouted as another crystal went dark.

Pyre's mane burned bright as the ring on Sombra's horn was covered in searing flame. Pyre struggled to maintain the heat, as the ring seemed to fight back.

Then a burst of light exploded in the room and Pyre was knocked into the wall again.

"Ugh... Sombra...? You okay..?"


A cough answered her as he cleared some smoke. "I think so," he said, a thin scorch mark on his horn being the only sign of damage. The crystal on his chest slowly seemed to replenish themselves as the dust settled, and a shard broke off the top of one wall to partially reveal an entrance.

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