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(A battle is not won by might. It is won by cunning and speed. Think of your character and how his surroundings are set.
1. Fire became negligent in enemy territory after subduing the fallen monarch.
2. Sombra seems to have some mental lapse, and he remained docile-ish for a short time after being near Pyre.
3. Sombra is confident in his victory after being pushed into a corner, and seemed to speak to someone/pony
4. How can Fire affect his environment to bring forth a favorable outcome.
5. Luna's shield seems to protect her from any outside harm, yet she was shackled.
6. Luna's chains have only so much reach.
7. Sombra seems to have a hidden ability that he is forbidden to use, possible ways to challenge it.)

Sombra's eyes blazed as he watched his makeshift weapon swing just out o reach of destroying his foe. It wasn't much difference, but the light had dimmed enough to smother the flames behind him with a blanket of suffocating black.

"So.. you actually can fight..." The Flaming Alicorn mocked as he dodged every blow. "I heard you were once a great king.. it appears my sources were wrong...."

The Fiery Alicorn wisped around Sombra's attacks as a stream of fire that zoomed and dived and soared around the abysmal chamber.
Pyre had to take shelter in another cave; the cold was becoming too much for her to bear.

"I HATE snow....."


Shifting his form to avoid the flames, Sombra quickly retaliated with what looked like a javelin of flames. As the javelin started to disperse, another speared through the waning shadow.

With a similar method, Fire deftly avoided the projectile as the opposing forces clashed, neither side gaining ground in this fight of light and shadow.

"You seem to be holding back..." The Fiery Alicorn laughed as searing flames shot out from his hooves and his mane belched out more thick smoke, making the tough air even more so.


"My power isss more then enough", he replied as he noted the amount of smoke in the air. If it kept up the prisoners would suffocate.

"Hehehe...." The Flaming Alicorn smiled as its magma armor grew onto it and its mouth appear. A lava tongue licked its molten teeth as magma dripped from its mouth. Its thick black mane of smoke engulfed the entire prison. The Fiery Alicorn also grew bigger in size and his laughter became even coarser and unbearable.

"You've been in your darkness too long...." Flames erupted out from the Fire Alicorn's mouth and engulfed the dank chamber and the dark king...


Before Sombra was consumed by the flames, Fire noticed his angry glare suddenly shift to one of pleasure. A smile, eerily reminding Fire of when Pyre first started lighting towns on fire.

"Yesss missstresss..." the ominous hiss said from within the blaze of brimstone and flame.

All that remained the chamber was the chained princess...

Everything else was incinerated by the scorching flames, until there was only ash...

The Fire Alicorn smiled, a truly detestable sight, then walked across the ashes of the other prisoners and pathetic monarch to the restrained Princess of the Night...

"You're lucky your barriers keep you safe from my flame...." The Flaming Alicorn's molten tongue swirled around it's molten teeth, "Consuming you would save me so much time..."


From behind Fire, there was a small sliding noise. This was shortly followed by the sound of clinking chains and loosening mortar as the wind made Fire's smoky tail and mane fly behind him.

A small chuckle was heard before somepony said, "you lack the ssstrength to kill me."

The ash formed a whirl as it streamed into the floor. Sombra's body grew as the source of the wind became more apparent with each piece of ash and mortar to disappear into his form. The ground beneath his hooves was eaten away as small chunks seemed to liquefy into him. The possibility seemed impossible for he'd become utter darkness; a black hole with form.

"You have taken the sacrifice, but the princesss is hersss." Sombra hissed as a crack at his feet expanded.

Through it, a receding trail of shadows were seen before a primal howl of glee was heard. It didn't take the chilling feel, of somepony stroking his separated body, to understand a damned being had been notified about their fight.


The Flaming Alicorn watched the darkness surround the area, filling in every crease and crevice. It's flame seemed to dim from the overlapping shadows.


As quick as it had started, the suction stopped when the cell door was smashed in. Silouetted by the sudden light, the creature cracked its neck. Unable to make out many defining features, Fire watched as the biped strode forward and grabbed Sombra by the back of his mane, with what looked like small tendrils. Sombra gave a surprised shout before the two beings vanished into the floor, leaving not a trace.

From the hallway the sound of hoof falls signaled anothers approach.

".......a challenger approaches....."


Candelle sat in the cave and stared a fire in her hooves. She looked around and saw how dark and dank the cave was.

"Ugh.... Ah.... ah... AH.... CHOO!" She sneezes and flames shoot form her nostrils and her fiery mane flares.

"I hate snow.. and caves...."


The hoof falls slowed to a stop, as a creaking was heard. If Fire had to guess, the door to the cell beside him had been opened. Not hearing it close, Fire quickly jumped away from the wall as Echidna smashed her way through.

"So you still live... good~" she cooed as she knocked a brick into the air and kicked it at his head.


Feeling miserable, Pyre shuddered in the cave before she heard something. Perking her ears-up she could swear it was the sound of somepony screaming. Jolting as she heard a thud in the back of the cave, Pyre flared so she could see what it was.

"Mussst return Missteress needsss-" Sombra's words caught in his throat as he noticed the cave resident.

The brick stops in the air and explodes in front of the Flaming Alicorn's face.

".....You must do better than that....If you are to destroy me..."

The Fire Alicorn raise it's brow as it saw the white demon's smile.
Pyre got up and surrounded herself in flames.

"What are you... you ..YOU.. ACHOO!" Flames spurt out of her mouth and she launches back into the cave wall.

"That was just a welcome," claws slowly split the skin on her hoof as she bent her legs for a lunge. "And this is for taking my prize."

With the cracking of stone, the two titans renewed their battle.

Something about Sombra raged within him as he looked at the defenseless mare. Each step became a battle as he tried to get closer. He'd made it half-way before he collapsed. Lying on the cold stone, he could feel his body battle itself as it fractured multiple times before becoming whole.

"Platinum..." the name slipped out of his slowly forming muzzle as Pyre got to her feet.

".........................." Pyre said nothing as she backed away from the from the strange occurrence going on in front of her. She created a fire-ball and had it at ready, in case he attacked.


He emitted a violent coughing noise as his eyes flickered between menacing green orbs and confused blue eyes. Scratching his hooves against the metal guard around his neck; he struggled to remove the clasps.

"What manner of witchcraft," he said before his voice shifted and his attempts lost strength, "mussst protect the mistresss."

With a final desperate grab, Sombra's hoof caught on the armor's latch and with a clatter it fell to the stone floor. Beneath the concealing armor were two wounds that made Pyre taste bile in the back of her throat. Around his neck and upon his chest was a line of necrotic flesh with vein-like pieces of black crystal surrounding it; they eerily resembled the outline of a necklace that no longer hung from his neck. But the other wound shocked her even more. It was a ragged wound that began over his heart, and exited from a wide slit on his side.

"What... are you....? You're not the same...." Pyre came closer to the wounded king, though still armed with fireballs ready.


She flinched and nearly launched one of the fireballs as a terrible hiss escaped his gnashing teeth, but his following collapse made her stay her hoof.

"...........You're hurt....." Pyre moves closer to him, "You should relax..."


Instead of responding, the stallion silently remained on the stone, his body shivering as wisps of shadow occasionally appeared near the gruesome wounds.


Warm air began to surround the fallen stallion, comforting him in a blanket of warmth as Pyre's horn glowed a warm orange. She sat on a dry patch of the cave she made and watched for any movement from him.

(Um.... try not to put things in our characters heads too often, please? :twilightsheepish:)

(Fixed... I think.)

Sombra's shuddering slowed as it turned to to the even rise and fall of serene slumber.

"......who are you....?" Candelle watched the stallion's chest rise and fall and her breaths soon echoed his.


He must've heard her as his ear perked up slightly. One of his fore legs was placed on the ground as he pushed. Not getting much movement, he opted to turn his head and open a sleepy eye-lid.

"...Platinum what do you?... you're not my daughter." he said, showing more awareness as he raised his head. "Where am I? Why am I not dead?"

"........In a cave in a mountain..... I am......" She thought long before answering, "....Candelle...., as for your other questions.... I don't know...."


"Then how..." his eyes widened in fear as he touched his neck. Looking down at the black crystals, his head darted around the cave, desperately searching for something.

"The amulet! By the gods; tell me you destroyed the amulet!" he exclaimed, with wild eyes as he managed to grab her shoulder. His eyes darted down to the hoof as he felt warmth, but no sensation of touch.

She backed away, "What do you mean, amulet? You had no amulet...."


Sombra stumbled a little as his supporting hoof slipped from her shoulder. The sensation vanished as well, when his hoof left her shoulder. Managing to stay on his feet, he tried to stand tall. Looming slightly over the smaller mare, he tried to match the tone he'd used with Platinum. It was one he had used throughout his daughter's life, from her rough housing filly years to the years she had blossomed into a dainty mare. It was the voice of a concerned father.

"Miss... I need you to be honest. The amulet is a trap; its corruption will make you do unspeakable things, things nopony should ever do. Was the amulet really not with me?"

"There was no amulet..." The ashen mare replied, "Nothing.... and besides... I don't need an amulet to make me do horrible things...."

She sat back on the cave floor and the warmth soon grew cold. The sun began to set outside and the fragments of light that barely manage to creep into the cave bounced into her mane and it shimmered throughout the cave.


Sensing the depressing aura, he did something quite unexpected. Taking a few shaky strides forward, Sombra dropped to the ground next to the mare and and rested his neck across her shoulders.

The ashen mare looked at him. She was surprised, confused, and angered all at the same time.

"What are you doing...?" Her voice was a mix of rage and concern at the same time.


"Some may consider it old fashioned, but everypony has the right to be comforted," Sombra said as he hugged her tighter, "if the warmth you give is the sign of a horrible pony, perhaps I should learn to do the same."

He finished with a slight chuckle before he started to hum a low song.

" ............" Pyre was confused, isn't this the same pony that had bound her? She listened to his humming and began to doze off.

"...when the day has lost its way, and darkness falls around.
I will burn a candle bright. I will lead the way
To a distant land, singing once again.
Till the light. Does call..."

He softly sang the familiar verse, noticing the mare becoming sleepy.

"... Turn your thoughts to happy days. Days to be beautiful and strong.
I will wait the whole night through, till your dreams are over... Rest well."

She falls asleep in the cave as the waning sun falls across the horizon, and the moon gleams down along with the stars.

An Ember appears by her head; it flickered oddly, as if wounded.


Taking no notice of the weak flame; in the waning sun, shining off Pyre's mane; Sombra carefully lifted his head from the mare's shoulder as he heard her drift off to slumber. Looking at the mare with a sad smile; he still couldn't believe how similar she was in appearance to his daughter, Princess Platinum. One of his hooves raised from the ground to fix part of her unkempt mane, but he hesitated. Softly lowering the hoof, he stood up and walked to the cave entrance, sitting on his flank when he reached it.

His doubts were quickly answered as he heard a gust of snow-filled wind past him. He did not feel anything physical. Only the emotions of an old mule,and the memories of his rein as warring monarch filled him now... So why did this familiar looking mare bring such warmth to him.


Taking no notice of the weak flame; in the waning sun, shining off Pyre's mane; Sombra carefully lifted his head from the mare's shoulder as he heard her drift off to slumber. Looking at the mare with a sad smile; he still couldn't believe how similar she was in appearance to his daughter, Princess Platinum. One of his hooves raised from the ground to fix part of her unkempt mane, but he hesitated. Softly lowering the hoof, he stood up and walked to the cave entrance, sitting on his flank when he reached it.

His doubts were quickly answered as he heard a gust of snow-filled wind past him. He did not feel anything physical. Only the emotions of an old mule,and the memories of his rein as warring monarch filled him now... So why did this familiar looking mare bring such warmth to him.

The Ember fizzled and floated near Sombra, revealing two glowing red eyes, also growing faint.



Surprised by the sudden voice, Sombra jumped as he looked for the source. He acted on reflex and stood in a defensive pose inside the cave entrance, expecting a threat from outside. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

"Quite different....." The floating Ember moved to Sombra's face, revealing itself to him.


"What in the hay?" Sombra said as he looked cross-eyed at the ember. Ever since waking, things just seemed to get stranger for the unicorn.

" need not fear me...."

The Ember decided to use Sombra's apparent amnesia to his advantage.

"I am a spirit.... a guardian of sorts...."


It obviously had the opposite effect as the ember saw anger flash in his eyes.

"You lie! Your damned spirit returns to complete the corruption I ended," Sombra growled as he put himself between the ember and the mare. "I shan't let you corrupt anymore demon! I failed to take my life before your magic affected me, but now I can wander this world until your amulet is destroyed at my hooves."

"........................" The Ember looked at Sombra's stance and recognized a determination he had seen before, but knew he was too weak to fight.

"...I am not what you think I am....." It disappears and leaves a small cloud of smoke.


Thinking the creature had vanished, all the false strength faded from his limbs as he dropped to his flank once again. The weakness in his limbs still remained, and he just didn't have the strength to fight the encroaching sleep, as his eyelids fluttered closed. His breathing began to still as he remained in position, his slumber akin to that of the dead.

Pyre's body rolls close to Sombra, again send warmth around his weak form.


Giving a glance at the mare, he gave a guilty smile.

Goodnight... Platinum, he thought before drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

The night slowly gave way to morning as sunlight peeked into the cave. Sombra's form had remained in place for the entirety of the night, and was eerily still, as he continued to doze with his head on his scarred chest.

Pyre's mane flickered to lie as her eyes opened to the light peeking into the cave. She found herself a foot away from Sombra and she rose to her hooves.

"......He's...sleeping....." She thought for a second and then began to start a fire in cave.


Sombra's ears twitched at the sound of crackling flames, as life slowly entered him. Taking a breathe, he slowly exhaled. Smacking his lips together, in an attempt to wet them, his eyelids groggily fluttered open. He felt much stronger after the rest, but it still seemed like he'd only just closed his eyes to sleep. Glancing around, he finally located the mare by the fire. Looking at the unfuelled flame, he slowly made his way over.

"Well isn't that interesting," he said as he made his way to the opposite side of the flames.

It was a strong flame, but oddly didn't warm him as he'd expected. This lead to him putting a perplexed look on his face.

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