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The RPs are officially closed. I'm keeping these open for character sheets.

Everything starts in Ponyville! What happens?
You can still use your other characters (I won't put them on the list) to show how horrified they are of everything going on.


Echidna Ancient being, bipedal pony Female (Insanity)
Cutie mark: Black chaos sphere
Draws strength from disharmony. Harmony agitates her.
Appearance Her true form is scar covered, with a skinless muzzle and various colors of flesh Her mane and tail are skeletal in appearance
Powers: Can gain a pony's ability by adding their flesh to her body. Powerful cognitive/tactical skills. Can control the space around her. If touched she can read your memories. Knowledge of ancient runic magic

Paradox Being made by the elements of harmony . Appears as an earth pony.
Symbols: Gold ankh, red infinitas, and Celtic runes.
Cutie mark: Celtic Compass with seven runes.
A pony in everything but origin, who tries to control his own destiny. Being a guardian of the ponies of destiny, he wields a dark secret....
Appearance:A marble grey coat with various symbols adorning his body. His mane and tail are translucent when he's using his own magic but changes to match the power or item he absorbs.

Normal Powers: Can fly abnormally fast and easily use difficult spells, through the use of his symbols. Density control. Can channel energy, powers, or life if connected to a source. Can affect plant growth.

Releasing the seal:Activated when disharmony becomes overwhelming. Loses sensation of pain and feelings of harmony. Powers are strengthened to a lethal point. Mindset becomes focused on destroying truly disharmonious beings. Returns to normal after harmony balances out.

Pyre A mare possessed by her Fire-induced madness
Appearence: A grey coat not dissimilar to burnt wood. A mane and tail that appears to be made of flames. Eyes that twinkle with madness.
Powers: Can manipulate fire and is immune to it as well. Body is extremely hot to the touch. Unable to create fire originally, but her strength has grown to the point where she can. Has the power to become a being of pure fire: Alicorn of Fire.

Psych-Optic: A once brilliant psychologist driven mad by the loss of his wife.
Appearance: Has a light gray coat, parts of it looking singed, and a dark purple mane, also looking somewhat singed. His right eye has been replaced with a robotic one.
Powers: Has no exceptional powers other than his ability to deduce one's mind in seconds and able to psychologically destroy them in minutes. Robotic eye gives him intel on whatever he is looking at.


DJ Bl4ck0ut (DJ for short)

Appearance: little human girl with long black hair down to her waist and a white lab coat

Appearance form 2: 8 foot tall muscled human. wears a black lab coat and a surgical mask. bald, has a large, single-edged sword on his back. She can also invent practically anything associated to robotics and gentics.

Powers: Regeneration. Can change her form between 2 at will

Powers (Second form): Regeneration. Incredibly strong. Uses 3 weapons: a sword that he has on his back, a large butcher's knife, and a pistol with explosive bullets.
Other: Also has several 'pets', AKA genetically mutated animals that are under her/his command. Also has an ally named Forge

Crimson Forge (Forge for short)
Appearance: red stallion with a darker red mane and tail. blank red eyes
Powers: Incredibly strong and emotionless. and immune to basic physical attacks such as cuts.

Fate Wind (Fate for short)
Appearance: Green pegasus with yellow hair held back by a hairband. She wears a white coat, and an eye patch on her left eye.
Powers: Can change into any living creature, her favorite form being a puddle of living slime that she can manipulate at will. Physical attacks will not effect her in the least.
Appearance (Genetic Apocalypse): appears when fate's eye patch is removed. Pure black coat with 4 total arms. 2 looking like gigantic bug-like scythe-arms, and 2 normal-ish ones. Her left eye has 3 pupils that focus on one object at will.
Powers (Genetic Apocalypse): A body of acid. She can change into any living creature and can duplicate herself. It requires her to split into pieces. Her invincibility comes from her reaction timing. If one catches her off guard, her morphing isn't used and she finds herself hit.

BlackBurn (Black for short. Also sometimes called Wrath)
Appearance: Red coat, black mane done up in a ponytail, and blank red eyes
Powers: Can create pitch-black fire. It is not actually "true" fire, so fire users and other beings used to fire will still be wounded by it. It consumes anything and everything, leaving nothing but bones and scorched ground. It needs to fuel to burn and is not hot.

Berry Punch (Berry for short)
Appearance: Purple mare with poofy mane with an incredibly long tongue.
Powers: Can use magic such as teleportation and scrying, and is quite good with levitation. Can read minds

Appearance (second form): Red humanoid creature with large leathery wings, sharp teeth, blood-red slitted eyes, long claws at the tips of her fingers, and long horns coming out of the sides of her head and forward-facing.
Powers (second form): Complete control over fire. Can use incredible amounts of magic, even to the point where turning back time is possible. Can read minds.

Appearance (third form): Black coat and mane, but in same style. Closed eyes are endless pits of darkness that seem to completely draw you in.
Powers (third form): Eyes can open to show pure yellow eyes of a cockatrice. Incredible regeneration and teleportation. Can read minds as well.

Pet: Rocky: her pet rock golem which she mentions quite a bit. It is usually underground

(I'll just keep an eye on this. isnanity/illogic confuse me too much:rainbowwild:)

"Ugh... Now where am I.....?"

"Our second home... My Pyre...."

(Question! How does the physical World of Insanity work? Is it always the same, or does it manifest differently to different minds? :trixieshiftright:)

509967 "So the firebug has come out to play" Echidna said, looking quite smug, as she walked towards the pyromaniac called Pyre.

The Psychopath
Group Admin

509925(It doesn't manifest outside the world of Insanity. It is those who come from it that are 'manifestations'.)

Just keep pushing it......" *eye tic*

(I'm sorry me no understand)

510702 "I'm always looking for a new toy to play with." Echidna remarked, giving a dejected sigh. "I guess you'll have to do for now."

Glancing at Pyre, she noticed that flames appeared around the other mare's hooves.

"Hehehe... Here, I can create Fire! What was that you were saying about a playmate...?"
*She looked towards Echidna and laughed*
"I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself yet... Considering your ridiculous appearance...."
*Pyre smiled and twitched in anticipation*

510857 Trying not laugh, Echidna looked at the maniacal mare.
"I look like this due to a seal. What's your excuse, fell into a pile of ash?" She responded with a grin, seeing Pyre's flames grow. "Maybe drowning would be the best method for you. No that would be too short."

*Pyre's eyes shone orange*
*Flares streaked across the area as the flames grew higher*

510888 Feeling the waves of raw emotion roll over her, Echidna began to feel euphoric. There was no way she'd allow such a tasty morsel escape.

"You are nothing but a servant! Your fire needs you no more then as a host! It would abandon you the moment you become weak! You, Pyre, are a hollow shell, and I will expose it!" Echidna yelled, at the agitated Pyre. A shimmering glow appeared around Pyre and liquid began to fall.

"What is this?!?" *Pyre stares at the strange liquid, then proceeds to set it alight*

511081 "I would advise against that." Echidna remarked with a smile, as the heated liquid around Pyre started to steam.

"Am I supposed to be intimidated by steam?"
*The steam starts shifting*
"What?!?" "It appears my little Pyre needs help.... Hehe..."

511107 Silently staring at Pyre, Echidna raised a hoof with a smile. As some of the drops fell on her leg it started to corrode. That's when Pyre's eyes started to burn and tear up.

"Be careful of the acid dear. It tends to hurt."

*A stream of fire wrapped around the wound*
"So, that's what you do? Meh..."
"Do not be overconfident my Pyre...Things work differently here..."

511121 "I'm guessing you're Fire. You apparently notice more then your host. I wonder if she's starting to have difficulty breathing yet." Echidna said, looking at the flickering flames.

Not understanding, it noticed the flames and steam were taking the shape of the glow around Pyre but would go no further.

"So... You can hear me.... Hmmm... I protect her from the fumes....I have to keep my little Pyre safe..." *The fire twirled around Pyre* "You would do best not to interfere with me...." *Piercing red eyes appeared in the flames*

511154 "You're an elemental being, no different from a Windigo. There are ways to deal with your kind especially one with a, precious host." Echidna said, grimacing like she tasted something sour as she stared down the eyes.

Suddenly Pyre's form fell to her knees, gasping for air.

"Didn't you notice there was only so much breathable air in that barrier? It was all part of the plan. A barrier that blocks in the oxygen and a irritating burn to distract you was all I needed." the stone under Echidna quickly took the form of a throne, as she started to sit.

"Wonder how it feels being killed by the one you trust most... how about we find out?" she glared hungrily at the flaming eyes, as Pyre continued to cough.

*The flames flew towards the barrier*
You have proven yourself to be a real nuisance, Echidna...." The flames then flew towards Echidna and smothered her with smoke. "RELEASE HER.....NOW!"

511875 "Release you're powers and submit to me. Perhaps then I'll let your precious Pyre live!" she said, breathing in the smoke with ease.

Feeling the smoke try to grasp at something tangible within her form, part of it started to be absorbed. Assured of her victory, she started to laugh. That's when she felt it...a presence that made her very being, cry out in anger and pain.

"It seems somepony wishes to interfere in my fun." Echidna said dryly as a marble grey stallion appeared on the scene.

Paradox could feel it. A familiar force full of malice and another who had the presence of two, coming from ponyville.

I'm on my way Luna. he thought, growing translucent red wings from the infinitas on his back. Giving a flap of the wings, he soared through the Everfree forest, avoiding trees along the way. In a short time he neared Ponyville and noticed a column of smoke coming from the center of town. Pushing himself to go faster, he skidded around a corner to see a trail of smoke leading from Echidna to an unconscious pony encased in an aura of flames and steam.

"NNNNOOOOO!" he yelled, galloping to the figure and activating the ankh on his forehead.

His mane quickly started to take on the form of the flames and glowing aura, as they receded from the collapsed pony.

Turning his head, he glared at the white form sitting on the throne.

"You best hope Luna survives you vile witch." Paradox threatened through clenched teeth, as Echidna blew smoke from her mouth.

"I got what I needed. Have fun with your, 'princess'." she replied with a snicker, a thorned portal opening beneath the throne.

As the throne vanished from sight, Paradox flew through the space the cackling pony had been.

"You won't be able to run forever!" he shouted in anger, letting the wings recede into the symbol on his back.

Turning he finally noticed that the mare he'd protected wasn't his missing friend.

"Are you alright?" he asked, trotting over to the weakened pony to give her a hoof.

Helping the mare get up, he felt his forelegs scald slightly.

"You're really burning up there..." he said, staring questioningly at the warm mare.

Feeling a sensation around the scalded skin, he watched the scalds on his legs heal. This is new? Looking away from the mare for a moment he lifted a healed foreleg to better inspect it.

"Grrr... Whatever..." Pyre turned away and started to walk off as the flame followed her.

513487 Noticing the mare's movement, he trotted after her.

"I never really got to know your name. Are you new to Ponyville?" Paradox questioned as he kept glancing, quizzically, at the floating flame following the mare.

Pyre looked behind at him and muttered something unintelligible. "Fine...It's Pyre... and yes, I'm new here..." Pyre glanced around. "Grrrr.... SLAG IT ALL!! Where are those idiots!!" The flames grew to a fever pitch.

513792 "Intriguing...that flame seems to be linked to your emotions and has such a strange combination of harmony and chaos."

Pyre turned at the comment to see Paradox waving a hoof between her and the growing flame. Seeing the mare's angry glare, he quickly put his hoof down and gave a sheepish smile.

"Sorry, I just wanted to know more about how you became like this. You exude a presence similar to Princess Luna after her and Nightmare Moon merged."

"I burned down my home and all I ever loved...." Pyre voiced lost the edge in her voice...

515401 Paradox felt sympathetic for this wayward mare. Even though he had made so many new friends, the one pony he'd promised to protect had been snatched from him so easily. As he began to apologize for asking such a painful question an idea made him change his approach.

"When did this happen and was it the flame you're connected to?" Paradox asked trying to keep his voice caring and level, not wanting to give any false hope.

515401 Seeing the mare's confusion he gritted his teeth before shoving a hoof into the flame, slightly cringing as it burned his foreleg. Feeling the strange sensation of healing warmth again, he closed his eyes and began to focus. The flame seemed agitated as it's form began to change.

The flame began to grow and growl; two red eyes appeared in it. "You're asking a lot of questions....STOP."

542217 Grimacing from the pain, he focused on sending his mental message though the flames being, Finally unable to take anymore he pulled his blistered foreleg from the flame. Holding his leg up as it began to heal, he turned his head towards Pyre.

"I believe these three know you well...Candelle." opening his still healing hoof, three warmly glowing wisps of white flame danced on his hoof. "Sometimes the dead never truly die but live on for the sake of others." he said, remembering his vision of Celestia's deceased parents, King Solstice and Queen Eclipse.

Pyre stared first at Paradox then down at the three small flames, warily.

Pyre continued to stare into the wisps, her beginning to glow. Not a fierce glow, but a warm one. The Fire began to rage. Grrrr.... Pyre! Enough of this!" Pyre ignored the voice and walked toward the white smoky wisps.

Paradox smiled as Pyre gazed wondrously at them. Then, the smallest of them flittered to the charred mare.

The Flame grew larger as it's growls grew louder. "PYRE...... RETURN...... NOW!"

545172 As the white wisps of flame floated towards the slightly shocked mare, Paradox stared into the eyes of her flame with a mix of respect and distaste.

"I may not be able to fully understand you or even properly judge your deeds, but I respect you for becoming a guardian for such a fragile filly when nopony else would. It reminds me of myself quite vaguely." he said to the flame, starting to feel the strain of keeping the three souls together outside of their vessel.

Paradox and the flame's gaze turned to regard the joyful mare playing with the happily glowing wisps. Apparently she'd been to distracted to hear his statement so Paradox gave a lighthearted chuckle, before sighing.

"It's time for them to return Candelle or their ethereal forms may depart indefinitely." he said as the mare continued to watch the wisps dart to and fro.

Pyre watched silently as they disappeared back to where they came, and for the first time, a real tear fell down her face.
The Flame glowed in anger, "ENOUGH!!!" It flew down to Pyre and engulfed her, to the shock of Paradox. Pyre vanished and the Flame turned to Paradox, "You've made a terrible mistake this day!" The Flame burst, setting the everything within five meters ablaze.

547036 Flaring his wings, Paradox rode the heat wave backwards before cancelling the magic and landing safely outside of the flames growing size. He felt something in the flames movement calling to him but the inner struggle that overcame him made him drop to his knees.

"I don't need your help, there must be a reason!" he roared internally as the being within him reacted to the flame's growth.

"Why do you flare so wrathfully..." he said in a strained voice, sweating bullets from the effort

"YOU MEDDLE IN MY AFFAIRS!" The Flame became a roaring Inferno as it shot streams of flames and fireballs at the stallion.

547156 he tried to put up a barrier but was stopped by another attempt at escape he just couldn't stop.

"RUN!" he shouted at the flames as the runes on his cutie mark glowed a bright red.
The flames and fireballs completely engulfed the stallion, obscuring his form from view. After the barrage continued for a few minutes, the flames died down enough to reveal a charred crater where Paradox had been standing.


The Flame then wisped away to where ever it took Pyre off to, leaving the scorched terrain behind....

547193 "There is no escape for disharmony." a voice whispered on the wind, reaching the flames.

(Just to tell you that they'll be gone a while)

Comment posted by Hydra deleted Dec 20th, 2012

A robed figure walked onto the scorched battleground and cursed. "Missed her again..."

550094 Hearing a strange crackling from the crater, it gave a curious glance. Rising from the scorched crater was a pure black alicorn. His form told of ancient times, where power was respected and ponies fought for their lords. His mane was silver with a streak of crimson and his fur seemed to constantly move. On his back, were strange looking wings and his forehead bore a broken horn. As his grey eyes opened, four bands of precious metal appeared on his legs.

"I sense her presence..." the alicorn said aloud, his scythe-like tail swishing in agitation.

He turned his head slowly before settling his gaze on the cloaked figure

"You lack the disharmony to be the catalyst. Where are you hiding her?" he ordered, focusing on the figure's hood.

"Her?" The hood turned towards the alicorn, revealing a small blue light inside. "I believe we are looking for the same mare...." Faint mechanical whirring emanated from the figure.

"Hmm... Strange.... You resemble the princesses, but other than that....." The figure removed his hood revealing a stallion with a short violet mane. The blue light came from the robotic eye on the right side of his face; it appeared to be analyzing the alicorn.

"You are not insane..., yet you are surrounded with the same energy.... Fascinating....."

559569 a spark flew from the alicorn's broken horn as the stallion felt an increased strain on his body. All around him the ground cracked and started to sink into a bowl shape. It was obvious the alicorn was using a gravity spell to confine him.

"Why do you seek her!" Paradox's alter ego shouted angrily.

The stallion slowly walked towards the alicorn, feeling his limbs grow heavier as he approached.

"Heh, I seek her for personal reasons, none of which concern you..." He walked up to the alicorn with his robotic eye fixed on the horn, while his normal one looked into the alicorn's own eye.

559986 Noticing the strange eye movement, the black alicorn grabbed the stallion by the throat.

"Answer my question or experience suffering like no other." he answered through gritted teeth. "That is the only deserving punishment."

He held the stallion as it gurgled a response.

"Release him!", the alicorn heard Paradox shout in his head.

"Silence foal! If he's connected to her, he must die." the alicorn responded aloud, twitching as Paradox tried to retake control.

The stallion noticed the alicorn's inner conflict, "He's deciding on whether or not to kill me... schizophrenia perhaps?"

560016 Having his grip loosened by Paradox's attempts, the alicorn dropped the stallion to the ground in a heap.

"Leave me to my decisions, this was my war long before yours!" the alicorn said, still twitching involuntarily.

It's magic didn't seem affected as the stallion still felt the increase in gravity.

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