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I suggest we post pictures of awkward turtles to fix our problems!

Yes, I did take the first picture off of Google looked so awkward!

The Psychopath
Group Admin

4644830 You're back again?

4644881 Yup. I'm going to do my best not to drift away again...I need internet superglue to keep me on FiMFiction. Melt down Flash Sentry!

The Psychopath
Group Admin

4644933 Then you'll need to know that a tremendous amount of people we knew disappeared from Fimfic.

4644948 Naught has told many people are left? This thread needs more awkward turtles...
4644973 Post a turtle or the world ends!

The Psychopath
Group Admin

4645039 Uhhh...Samaru, Cobalt, Naught Saught, IkioStar, Hydra (although he lives the hippy life now and can't connect as often :trollestia:), and me. S'bout it. I don't know if you know Jet_Black1980 and Query, but they're still here, although Query deleted his story.

4645126 We need to start indoctrinating,'s the only way...

And by indoctrinating, I mean recruiting! Bribe em with cute pictures of Sweetie Belle!


You want awkward turtles you got it.

4645566 Awesome turtle, but not so awkward. Now, if it was wearing a sombrero in the middle of a crowd of iguanas from Mexico, shouting stereotypical things offensive to their culture, that would be awkward. You get a free WalMart Internet for contributing, is WalMart, though.

Get on Steam or something when you get outta work, unless you're out already. I need a chat buddy while I continue to engorge on fics.

4645655 Well, I guess they can be awkward at times, being both teenagers and mutant bipedal turtles, but I meant something more along the lines of the turtle being in an awkward situation. Look at the one I posted. It looks as if he/she just came across an ex. That's it's exact face expression! There could be other interpretations of course, some a bit too inappropriate for me to speak of since I wanna keep this PG for now unless authorized to bring it into Turtle Moulin Rouge, which would be a whooooole different kinda awkward...but you get where I'm coming from, right? If you want, you can also draw a picture yourself of an awkward turtle or do some sorta vector of one yourself...hell, get a video of Vector the Crocodile saying "Find the Computer Room" and Photoshop a turtle shell onto his back and I'll be pleased. Just get me some compromising photos of turtles!

I promise I'm not going to use them to blackmail Tank and Rainbow Dash...that's not a bad idea though.

Edit: I'm addicted to font resizing!

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