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even if it ends up killing me in the process!

That's the beauty of being illogical.

Because what's the fun in making sense?

I will bring this group back to what it used to be, because deep down I know all of us wants to be illogically logical and logically illogical.

4129178 I guess I'll be forever the Mr. Spock of this group....too soon?

no... not too soon.

Just right.

But surely, we will forever be immortal after our deaths. We live on as memories through our loved ones and fans, and even until the day they die, we will be alive and well.

4129502 It's a lovely long and prosper

Venus Fingers Forever!:heart:

Can't say it could be in better hands.

The way this group seems to work, I give less than a month before something happens to draw you away from internet for an indeterminate amount of time.
Makes no sense but that seems to be the way of it.

There is no fun in makin sense, however I can agree we need at least a sliver of reason...

Comment posted by The Omega Directive deleted Mar 3rd, 2015

I have a plan in mind...
But I will have to do it tomorrow.

As for right now, I must work out the kinks in my plan, and in my lust-stricken heart.

You done? If you are, VICTORY MUSIC

If not, sad music

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