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Jet Howitzer
Group Admin

Melancholy has made a valid point (Damn you to hell!) and so there will be some changes to the plot.

First off, the previous idea, while interesting, will spend far too long outside of Equestria, so I'm scrapping that idea, for now. Instead, each of you will need to write a day in your life, until you are removed by magical means. In order to maintain consistency I will hear ideas for the specific magical occurrence that precedes the actual teleportation. You will, after the teleportation, find yourself deposited somewhere in Equestria. Where specifically, is up to you, but only ONE person can appear in Ponyville, of that I am certain. Some suggestions for locations include: Everfree Forest; Canterlot; Appleloosa; Manehattan; so on, and so forth. To be fair, putting yourself farther will be more difficult, but it will also allow for more character development. And, if you like, you can have the pony of your preference there with you, but you will have to explain why. For the sake of getting things going I would like to have an into chapter of at least 1000 words by Friday. If you are unable to make this, let me know. Given that 1000 words is the minimum for posting a story, we'll take that as a starting point.

For those who wish to do more, go ahead. Remember that this is from YOUR perspective, so write in first person. And this is your life, so this shouldn't be too hard to write. One more thing, before you start. All of you need to write as if you were AT LEAST 20. I want the main shipping pairs to be that old, since that is how old the characters in the show are most often portrayed as being. It'll be easier that way.

That's all for now. Any questions, let me know. PM me, or reply to this comment. If you don't hit reply when you comment, I may not respond for a while, so it is in your best interest to hit reply.

Group Contributor

Mkay first thing is FIRST!

second what type of items in this story are to be declared taboo? how is drunkeness to be percieved? (note i will probs not write explained sex even if it is implied nor gore unless it is absolutely necessary for a fight or grisly scene or somethin like that)

For said teleportation method maybe it could be like said character(s) slowly seem unable to move and their bodies from the bottom start to become transparent slowly working it's way up while the sounds of the background sound like they're getting further and further away? Probably cliche but giving it a shot.

296727 I'm sorry but you've got a Dissonence there. A day in your life, yet be 20? For anyone not of university age it is impossible to have both. Now, you know everyone's age, so maybe that isn't a problem, but anyone still in school can't have a school day at twenty.
So what if that means some pony is a foalnapper? Sounds like a writing challenge to me to make that work. Maybe have maternal rather than romantic shipping.
I'll probs think of more things later when I'm not so busy.

Schizo platypus
Group Contributor

good god, i think you chose the worst possible time for me to write, but i shall try!:rainbowdetermined2:

Jet Howitzer
Group Admin

296750 Is there no pleasing you? (sigh) I'm trying to prevent any questionable relationships. If a given author is, say, 15 and the pony is 20 that strikes me as being a bit odd. Maybe we can change the age of the ponies, since that will be easier to write. I suppose we can use magic to change ages. I mean, it's freakin' magic after all.

296777 Oddly enough, no, I'm surprisingly hard to please. :pinkiehappy:
Seriously though, while I can appreciate where you're coming from but you're trying to be both realistic and unrealistic at the same time. How can you ask a 15 year old to self insert and then talk about their day five years from now? They'd have no concept of what life's like at that age. Having both is asking for an unreasonable demand and one must break to keep the story believable.
Thinking about the general age of this site, and the way people have been shipping before I've read well received Applejack on 13 year old human stories. I agree that's a little odd, but then again this is Equestria, a magical land where ponies of questionable age not only work full time jobs but own business and do taxes. So having someone who's fifteen probably wouldn't raise too many eyebrows if it was written well.

I'm not trying to be difficult just to be annoying or upset everyone (don't put it past me though), I'm just genuinely questioning what I feel to be serious elements of dissonance in the concept ideas, because if I can do it then so can the audience and I want to see this work as well as it can, for everyone. If you're going to ask for thoughts and opinions then I'll give them, doesn't mean you have to take them though.

In the EQ I'm in, any pony can get a part time from the age (human age) of 10. The cmc are (again in human age) 8. All the ages are asumsions of mine by how they act and what I learned being there

Schizo platypus
Group Contributor

296776 actually looking at my schedule, i have 2 exams and a project this week, and 6 exams to study for next week. so maybe next Friday for me?:twilightblush:

Kujo Blaze
Group Admin

296821 That's fine.

296727Have you ever thought of expanding on places like stalliongrad or even Tartarus?

Kujo Blaze
Group Admin

297274 Ha, stalliongrad that's a good one :twilightsheepish:

297488Funny thing is i didn't come up with it:trollestia:

297274 Ok Stalliongrad's a good one, that sounds like a place that actually might be in the show.
Tartarus though? I'm not quite seeing a mythical Greek labyrinth constructed to contain the Titans being a location on Equestria...

297605Remember the episode were twi was visited by her future self? it was mentioned there.

If this is indeed so, (which I'm happy to believe it is) then that is awesome as sin.

297631ya and Cerberus was there too:yay:

297633 Wait, that would be the wrong gate......

297641 Cerberus, protector of the gates of the underworld, not Tartarus.

297642then the show got it wrong:facehoof:

297643 I gathered. It's fairly easy to mix up Tarterus and the underworld though if you have only a vague knowledge of Greek myth.

297644it's funny, i'm actually obsessed with mythology................................derp:derpytongue2:

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