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Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

Hello, and welcome all to the sixth in our running installment of bimonthly Twilestia contests. There's a full five of these things out there for those who don't know the basic idea, and it's pretty self-explanatory, so without further do let's jump right into the contest and its content:

The Premise: The name of the game is Healing. Celestia has a multi-millennia long history of tragedy and loss behind her. Twilight is a soup of anxiety and low self-esteem. These two ponies each have flaws and pains that can get them down. Outside sources, of course, can help, too. Rejection, ostracization, deception, a sour moment in a friendship. Stubbed hoof tips, books not filed according to the Dewey Decimal system, ponies who talk in theatres. Anything goes. For the contest, showcase the way these two ponies can grow stronger and happier in each others' presence, and please, be creative as you can. Shipping, non-shipping, tender moments, tough love. Whichever you prefer. Just remember to have fun out there!

Limitations: Add anything you like! Darkfic? Sure! Drugs? Yep! That one weird Five Nights At Freddy's wet dream you never told anybody about? We...well, yes, we're judging, but we're still letting it through! We do wish to avoid killing our judges with word overdoses, however. So for the sake of judge safety there's a 25000 word limit, and for the sake of your own chance at placing we request that it be no shorter than 1000 words. Both of these restrictions can have exceptions or limitations, that said. Talk it out with the judges and see what they think if you have a concern.

Entering a story: Add a comment to the following thread down below. We look forward to it.

Judging: As always, we will have three judging slots, which will remain open until taken by an applicant. We do not screen our judges, using a purely first-come-first-serve system. It has, thus far, been the worst form of story judging except all the others that have been tried, and been the one people are most happy with. Therefore, send in applications as you will.

The Judges are:

-Honey Mead



Winnings: Just like last time, runner-ups for third and second place will receive an advert in the form of a group comment post on them. Second place will also receive a group post about its placing, with an optional interview from a willing group member. First place will receive a position in our lovely contest box, but because it's also getting a little crowded up there will more importantly be featured on the front of the group page beneath the description. In addition, offers of fanart will go to first place, then second, then third as they arrive.

Deadline: This one will last until December 24th, rolling in just in time for the holidays and giving people that extra bit of free time for writing they might need given the crunch time that this season tends to be.

Does have to be when Twilight was a filly or in her present years

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3711213 No age requirements. Either works.


What's hilarious is that I'm already telling myself, "Hey, it's two months, that's loads of time." :facehoof:


I imagine it'll be at any point in their lives. :twilightsmile:

3711240 I do have another question, should it be in the Equestria Girls universe or regular

3711250 Either or, your choice

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3711250 3711443 What he said. If it isn't directly forbidden, go to town.

Yay! I'll be up for this.

Group Admin

I'm so game. I'll be entering. Just a matter of getting the story itself written.

Hmm... tempted, so tempted. Already have two other stories I'm currently working on, though, and being a painfully slow writer makes me suspect that even two months won't be enough.

We'll see what happens!

I can be a judge again.

Is a sequel alright? I'm writing a very dark story for NaNoWriMo about Celestia and Twilight and this'll give me a reason to write a a sequel involving Twilight's healing. Reading my monster fic won't be necessary. Promise!:heart:

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3712542 So long as the sequel can stand alone.

3711778 Sold!

wrote my first fim fic for this " You Are Not Alone" its short but I tried to get my thoughts across

3713023 For the record Corvi's story: Alone ( You Are Not Alone )

I'd love to enter this contest. Twilestia is something I've been interested in writing

I was sort of already writing a sequel to a story... and, while I wasn't too sure if it worked with the premise, Steel convinced me to participate. So... once it's done (2/3rds done sofar) I'll post a link here. :twilightblush:

Can anyone judge, because I would totally be hip to judging.

I'd be happy to judge.

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3715947 Our last judge accepted!

3716318 Given I've never done this kind of thing before, and perhaps missed reading elsewhere, pardon me if asking about the submission procedures for a story sounds stupid. I mean, is the comment thing the only thing I need to do?

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3717463 It does not sound stupid, especially as a first time question. Yes, all you need to do is add a comment linking your story in order to apply.

Just reminding people that this is here...

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3787600 We have several people working on entries at the moment. Dinna worry, people know.

Eh, I'd actually kind of forgotten about it. My writing had run into some problems, so I'd put it on the back burner, and kind of forgot it was there. So this was a useful reminder. Still not sure I'll find the inspiration in time to actually enter, though.

Here's my entry.

Spent a long time trying to find somebody to draw me some cover art, but in the end this was the best I could find.

Bri-sta, if you're reading this, I wanna commission something!

hmm, to the thinking throne *sound of a bathroom door closing*


*greeting echoes through the empty hallways of a once mighty civilization*

"Is anyone still there?"

*The vibrations knock a single pebble down from its perch. It skitters down the slope and comes to rest at the hooves of the pony*

:fluttershyouch: "I'm so alone..."

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3905045 We still have three days left before the contest closes!

I'm pretty happy with the turnout, honestly.

3711705 That said, I was hoping that Kinsley might be able to get her story out in time. :twilightsheepish:


I know, I know! I'm not saying that not enough people entered. It's more like... the last thread had at least some activity in it. This one just appears as a lonely and dead husk in a desert.

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3905103 That was mostly Jonesly and I telling terrible puns, however. Mostly these contest threads don't tend to be too active. And just as well. I'd rather they focus on the stories, myself. :twilightsmile:

Alas, my entry won't be coming. The muse is sound asleep, and I don't feel like forcing myself to finish it while uninspired will make for a terribly good story. Good luck to everyone else.

So, this went forgotten. (Not in the least by myself) :twilightsheepish:

I didn't forget! I, uh, just didn't have anything relevant.

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3787600 3715570 Alright, so the contest has been closed for a while now. Just reminding you both that I'll need your decisions within the next week. Then we'll be able to announce our winner!

1) All Our Yesterdays
2) Sizeable Differences
3) You Are Not Alone

The only entries are the ones in this thread right? (to my count: 3)

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

3953518 Yep. Somebody else said they were going to before the deadline but never did.

Just out of curiosity (and not in any way because I have a pony in this race), now that the next contest is up and running, will the decisions for this one be coming soon?

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

4015474 We're waiting on 3953518 to make a decision. I should have posted a reminder, but never did.

Okay, thanks! Just curious.

Huh that's really weird, I swore I replied with the same ordering as Honey Mead. I'm really so sorry for the delay!

Knight of Cerebus
Group Admin

Well, after some delay on the part of the judges, without further ado our contest results!

Our Winner, Twilestia first-timer Grey Heather's labor of love All Of Our Yesterdays!

In Second Place, we have the long awaited Growing Pains sequel Sizeable Differences!

And coming in Third we have Corvipony's very first story in Alone (You Are Not Alone)!

3925023 3730245 3713023 Excellent job, all of you. Your words were impressive, no doubt! Our winner will be added to the contest box shortly, as will notifications on the runner-ups and the discussion board for second place. Congratulations, everyone!

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