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Yup It has been more then fing year since my first account Mirageandjazz11 was banned from tfw2005

why.... i don't know the hell is an infraction?

they never told me what i did they never told me to stop

so i made another account named ritrax11 and guess what they banned me from that too and then i tried making more but they banned me by ip address so i gave up.

and just yesterday i did it again after a long time) i made an account called Sting vs Bee and yesterday it worked fine and i made a few posts that did nothing to reveal who i was i even change my ip address.

and today they somehow figured it out and banned me and to add insult to my injury they deleted my posts all of them.

and so they wont accept my apologizes in fact they ignore me.

i hate the mods on that site i hate them that i just trashed my house in a rage and if i had a lawyer i would sue them i just can't deal with it anymore.

I don't know what to do i just want to be a member of that site again.

Well, why don't you look it up then. There are dictionaries to help us these days.

3103439 While I've made some friends, they do seem AWFUL eager to give someone an infraction.

I got an infraction for mentioning ancient Israel and her enemies cuz it was "religious". That's not religious, that's effin history backed up by archaeological discoveries. Not to mention it feels like a high school where you have the Bayverse fans, G1ers, Beasties, UT fans, and the suck ups.

It feels good to vent about this and know the mods can't do A THING about it.

3104358 Yeah it seems to be the case.

and what do you mean the mods this sites mods or tfw2005's mods?

3104422 The TFW Mods.

Honestly, I feel much more comfortable with MLP fans than TF fans...

True you seems to get less backlash for when you have an opinion.

you know what i think that's why i was banned in the first place one of the last things i did as Mirageandjazz was briefly argue with a mod over something i forgot a day before.

sounds stupid but that's the only reason i can think of.

3104486 Hmm... that does seem awful...wrong, but what was it over if I may ask?

3104501 Yeah i don't remember but i don't think its was worth getting me banned so i'm not going to say that's the reason but that's the only interaction with a mod that i can think of that happened shortly before.

i'm pretty sure it was something minor about the movies though.

all i really need is to find someone from tfw2005 that's a cool mod like Tunakuun (sorry if misspell) and somehow make an apology letter and show them how i matured.

3104536 I thought Tunakaan was just on the news.

The guy I mostly have issues with is Supersquad7, feels kinda like it's his mission to get people in trouble.


Really? i never noticed anything off with Supersquad7.

3104628 Well, maybe it's just me he doesn't like (he did give me two of my three infractions).

3104635 speaking of infractions it was my fifth one that was my ban.

and this is my newest accounts reason

You have been banned for the following reason:
ALT-ID You are no longer welcome here.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

and this was my original's
You have been banned for the following reason:
Rule #1 - 5th infraction

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

3104652 Weird, did you actually have five infractions or were they lying?

3104667 I think I got both my 4th and 5th on the same day.

my first three are legit I just did not think infractions had to do with banning at the time.

In life I am kind of slow... not stupid it just takes me longer then others to learn/figure out things.

I don't know what the 5th one was for though it never said.

Here are some things from the rule board that might help:

1. No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing, Etc.
We will not tolerate insults, excessive profanity or throwing a topic off course. Use of racial or bigoted terms is not accepted. Posts intended solely to antagonize others are not accepted. Keep topics/posts where they belong. Generally, “play nice”.

6. Do Not Post Things For Banned Members / Report known member alternate IDs
Once they are banned, they are done with this forum.

7. No Public Discussion On Staff Actions
Do not mouth off or publicly question staff decisions. If you have a problem, comment or question, contact a member of the TFW2005 Staff.

13. No Disruptive Posting or Flamebaiting
Do not purposely post anything which will cause another member (or members) to react negatively. This is subjective. The TFW2005 staff will evaluate the trend of posts made by those consistently being reported or those that are repeatedly involved with arguments on the site. If their overall method or content of posting leads to staff attention repeatedly, we reserve the right to warn, infract and/or ban accordingly.

Overall Community Flow and the Rules

If your presence on the forums causes a disturbance in the normal daily flow for members or staff, the Admins have the right to enact an immediate permanent ban with no warning.

This could include:
• Being repeatedly reported for posts/threads/visitor messages/pms
• Need for intervention in buy/sell/trade interaction between board members
• Need for intervention in buy/sell/trade feedback threads
Posts triggering public or private arguments
• Presence triggering strife among members or staff due to actions outside this forum.
If these or any other unwanted actions happen, regardless of the quantity, duration, or spacing of events over time, Admins may immediately and permanently enact a ban if they feel it will benefit the community as a whole.

Sentences in Bold are ones I strongly suspect are the reasons for your bans.

3105413 Alright thank you it makes more sense but a permanent ban its just not fair why not make it a year long ban.

Those have been the rules of TFW2005 since the site was first founded. Three strikes (or rather four if you count the initial warning) nets you a one week ban, then you get another chance under stricter conditions. You screw up your second chance with two more infractions, you're done. End of story.

It ALSO only makes you look worse if you continue to keep breaking the rules by making alt. accounts, as they're not going to listen to you. They don't give third chances, though considering how much you hate the moderation staff it makes no sense why you want to go back there so badly.


3107007 If I may contribute my two cents, making alt accounts to dodge a ban is the fastest way to lose any sort of sympathy they may have had for you. You should have approached them via email or some other method and apologized, pleading your case with civility. When you react to a ban by doing something else against the rules, then few people are going to be willing to give you a second chance.

FYI, when dealing with other online communities. Like Fimfic, for example.

3131420 Yeah i know that now
but back then i did not i was immature and i had no idea why i was banned now i have a small idea but i don't know how to contact them.

its just not fair that they can't at least unban someone if they prove that they have learned from their mistakes because a few months or years can show someone what they did wrong.

to be fair i only made 2 other accounts besides the ones i named (mirageandjazz, ritrax, singer vs bee)
those two were instant bans.


Consider a permaban a lesson in maturity. Some things you do will have actions that can not ever be undone.

And in the OP you admitted to making a dupe account they figured out almost immediately was you. You say you've 'matured' but by breaking the rules blatantly by repeat action, you've done nothing but prove you haven't matured any more than you did from the last time you made a dupe account, thus giving no reason why anybody would want you back.

Given you apparently trashed your house because some online website community won't take you back in, I would highly recommend you just give it up and go elsewhere like AllSpark or Your time on TFW2005 was done over a year ago, you need to realize that and just move on.

3135884 Those other accounts were made a year ago when i was first banned and it was those two that were my instanbans.

i just decided to make an account about a week ago because recently my ip address changed and at first it looked like it worked.

The mods on that site are a bunch of nicks anyway but i have friends on that site so not being to able to talk to them and only watch their comments just makes me sad and they are not friends i can talk to in real life.

and i exaggerated when i said i trashed my house it was more of a thing in my head i should have edited that sorry.

and thanks for recommending those sites but i have already taken a look at them and did not really like them Tfw2005 just has a certain charm that none of those other sites have part of it is mature members sure i am not the most mature but i am more mature then say most members of Seibertron who complain about almost every single piece of news.

but i have seen people do worse and are still members and its that part that pisses me off (besides not being a member anymore).

but its no help if i can't at least contact them once and at least try to convince.

i just decided to make an account about a week ago because recently my ip address changed and at first it looked like it worked.

That still doesn't change the fact you tried to exploit something in order to avoid getting caught in breaking the rules again. As you've been told multiple times, that just makes it even more unlikely that they'll even entertain the idea of listening to your peas to be let back.


The mods on that site are a bunch of nicks anyway but i have friends on that site so not being to able to talk to them and only watch their comments just makes me sad and they are not friends i can talk to in real life.

If you hate the mods so much...why is Superquad7, one of the most well-known members on the moderation staff, on your 'friends' list?


i am more mature then say most members of Seibertron who complain about almost every single piece of news.

Really? I did a check on your post history. Pretty much the majority of it involves you complaining on the movie forums about every scrap of news that came out about Dark of the Moon, along with your fifth-to-last being a post where you call somebody 'the rudest piece of crap on the site' for insulting Chicago. There also appears to be evidence of some kind of long rant you had posted against other users, but naturally the mods long since got rid of it.

Given how you keep talking bad about the moderation staff (except for Tunakaan, who you evidently want to be all nice to so he might let you back in without needing to deal with the other mods), there is no evidence you would act any different to the rest of TFW's user base compared to a year ago just in THIS thread alone.


Why would i remember some of the posts i made during the filming of DOTM? in that case you proved your point about my old posts.
I also meant to say most of the mods of course their are a few nice mods its just that's what it looked like to me.

Alright you proved your point about the immaturity part ok you don't understand how frustrating it is for me.

I have nothing else to do no other hobbies besides MLP and Transformers and even then i tend to not interact with others of the MLP fandom besides recently in the past few months i just want to talk to my friends again again ok that's all sorry if i made this sound like a-feel-sorry-for-me fest and my exaggerations (which was the trash my house, and all mods are stupid) i just wanted to see if there was a chance to be able to talk to another member about this and blow my frustrations instead of feeling sorry about myself.

It's after this I will be able to move on (i did but then i tried to sing up again a week ago)

Also while we are talking do you know a place on this site where i can get help with my story?

no grammar i already have that covered i just need someone to help me co-direct/write the script (i would write everything but i would have someone give me some ideas, help me when i'm stuck and also tell me how to write some characters properly)

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