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Hello everyone!

The entries for the Pony to Human TF Contest are in! We received a total of 12 stories, so thank you everyone who entered!

Now it's time for you to read them. As a reminder, the authors are meant to stay anonymous until the conclusion of the contest in order to keep the voting unbiased. The entries can be found here.

Once you've read the entries, go to the voting form and select your First, Second and Third Favorite of the stories. The stories you vote for will receive points based on the order you ranked them in. Voting will end at Midnight on Wednesday, November 27th. Please only vote once. You will be able to edit your form for as long as the voting period is running. You can vote here. (You will have to scroll right on the selection window to see all the entries.)

After the voting has finished, our generous sponsors, Canary In The Coal Mine, Sparktail, and I will take a couple days to determine our picks for honorable mentions. The announcement of the winners will thus be the following Sunday, December 1st.

Thank you for your participation, both writers and voters. Good luck and well done to all of our entries. You've all helped to contribute to an under-appreciated transformation in our community.

Full Links

Original Contest Thread:

Contest Entries:

Voting Form:

Just to be clear, I would add the following to this post:

You are not permitted to vote on your own entry.

Assuming it's true, that is.

I'll be honest, I assumed this was a judged contest considering it has cash prizes. That kind of thing can make people want to vote for the entries that they think are the least competition rather than the ones they actually think are best. Hopefully, there's none of that nonsense here, but from experience it tends to happen :(

Wait, are submitted participants allowed to vote at all?

Adding to that question, can participants link to this thread in their blogs so long as they give no indication of which entry is theirs?

Participants are allowed to vote. Especially since you have to vote for your top 3, it doesn't hurt anything if people want to vote for themselves.

Yes, anyone is free to direct people here, as long as they aren't telling people to vote for a specific entry.

Cool, thanks!

so can we make a thosand fake accounts and then vote... I don't have any entrea it was something that poped into my head

No, the rule is that you can only vote once. If I suspect any sort of tampering, I'll come up with more restrictive methods of voting. But for now, I'm willing to trust that people will follow the rules.

Better hope your story isn't one of the last three.

Since at first glance they aren't even an option to vote on. Any chance you could set this up so all options are visible? Though to be fair you'd need to restart voting...

Unfortunately, there isn't a good way to get Google Forms to look better and still restrict the voting in the way I need. People will be able to see all the stories in the entries list, so hopefully, they'll read through them before even looking at the form and know what they want to vote for. That said, I'll go ahead and add a reminder to me post that people need to scroll.

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