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Two Bit #1 · Oct 4th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Hello transformation fans! Welcome to the Autumn Pony to Human TF Contest. Looking at the current stories in the Transformations group, there are nearly 10 times the number of human to pony TF stories as there are pony to human TF stories. So, I wanted to host a contest to encourage a few more stories about the creatures of Equestria turning human. 

As a note (this will also be in the rules below), I will not allow any stories that explicitly use the Equestria Girls setting. You will be allowed to use any characters that originated from that setting, so long as it is an Equestrian version of them. Using the canonical pony to human TF setting feels like it’s too easy. Other than that, you can use any existing setting you want.


Obviously, the contest is primarily focused on the concept of pony to human TFs. But we also have a theme to help direct your creativity. The theme is: 


Fitting, right? The title of the contest isn't for nothing. Feel free to use this theme in your story in whatever interpretation you think fits best.

How to Enter

The deadline for entries is November 4th November 11th, 2019, at 11:59 EST. Entries must be submitted in the form of a Google Doc, any other method will not be accepted. If you wish to enter, please PM the link to your contest entry to me, Two Bit, before the deadline. Each person may only submit one entry. At any time before the deadline, you can change or update your entry, just send me a new link.

The contest will be judged via popular vote starting on November 6th November 13th, so keep an eye out for another thread in the Transformations group, or watch my journal entries for updates.


1st Place - $200
2nd Place - $130
3rd Place - $60
4th Place - $30
5th Place - $20

Thanks to Canary In The Coal Mine and Sparktail for their generous contributions to the prize pool. The three of us will also each pick an honorable mention to get a $20 prize.

Contest Rules

  1. Obviously, submitted stories must contain TF into humans from some Equestrian race. It doesn’t literally have to be ponies.
  2. Each person may only enter the contest once.
  3. Entries must be in English.
  4. The story must be at least 2,000 words, and be complete at a maximum of 7,000 words at time of submission.
  5. Submissions may not use the Equestria Girls setting, but may use Equestrian versions of characters originally from that setting. Any other fan-settings are allowed, but keep in mind that the readers judging your story may not be familiar with that universe.
  6. The story must be newly written for this contest. Nothing previously posted to Fimfiction or anywhere else is eligible.
  7. To preserve judging anonymity, the story must not be posted anywhere until after the contest is over. Also, don’t do anything else that would reveal your identity and bias the voting.
  8. Stories entered must be T rating or below. I want the judging for this contest to be open to all readers.
  9. Winners will receive their prizes via Paypal. Do not enter if you can’t receive funds in this way.

Good luck to everyone interested in participating. I look forward to all your entries. If there are any questions, ask them here or PM me and I’ll get back to you with a response as soon as I can.

While I normally am a fan of going the other direction of humans transforming into MLP:FiM species, I agree that the Equestria Girls franchise has really cheapened human TFs, avoiding most transformation themes and tropes. As such I decided to help sponsor this contest, and I look forward to the creative, non-Equestria Girl stories that might result.

Well that seems like a cool idea.

I had two story ideas like this when I was younger. My terrible writing skills at the time prevented them from happening. One was influenced too much by another story it felt like a switch a roo. The other did start out but it was too grand of an idea for me to complete.

Not that I'm going to do either of them, because I'm not.

What's the rule about Lyra ?

If you use Lyra, you have to pay into the prize pool to compensate for your sins.

She's fair game to use as a character if that's what you're asking.

But it's a bit cliche !

Perhaps, but there's no rule against cliches. It's up to the voters to decide if it affects the story negatively.

The transformation does not need to be permanent, no.

You say no Equestria Girls setting, but do Equestria Girl-style humans count as being human enough for the purposes of the TF?

Also, T rating maximum, does that mean it can be T + Sex tag?

HI, sorry for the late response.

If humans with pony colors makes more sense for the story you're writing, go for it. Just so long as it avoids the other elements of the Equestria Girls setting.

As long as the story fits the Teen rating, there's no restriction on tags. Just don't have anything graphic.

7028750 Gotcha. Thanks for the update. :twilightsmile:

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