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I'm not really knowing who the more popular ponies are nowadays, but have started making ideas for stories. Which of the following should I write stories on?

Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Princess celestia
Princess luna
Rainbow dash
Fluttershy and angel
Cutie mark crusaders
Literally all of the my little pony characters in a super long story

I'd say rather than build your story around characters, build your story around the idea. From there chose fitting characters. At least, I think that would work better. Idk.

I like Berry Punch, personally

easy! Write one about your bes puny!

Got any perry punch theories, though? I might write a story with her sometime. :raritywink:

I think her Cutiemark talent is making fruit related drinks. She probably likes alcohol, specifically wines and normal drinks with alcohol added. I doubt she regularly gets drunk, maybe tipsy from time to time but rarely full on drunk, seeing as learning how to make alcohol would likely lead to more knowledge on its affects on the body. She probably owns a bar or tavern or something. Otherwise... Probably likes foals, seeing as she spends a bit of time with AB making grape juice or something in this one episode (I can't remember which episode though). She's probably hospitable to most ponies and creatures, seeing as owing a bar or tavern would lead you to learn about and/or meet lots of creatures. Other than that... Make stuff up, and have fun! :pinkiehappy:

Okay then, thank you! I might use that information for a story sometime. Also, do you think it would be a pretty good idea to write a bit a day towards the last idea? I'll try to work in storyline and characters.

It seems like an interesting idea, go for it! :)

I made a question long ago about rarely used/full of potential ponies that people would like to see more of. I did it basically so I would think about them when I need somepony for a scene or chapter.
Here's the little list:

Suri Polomare
Lightning Dust
Thorax and Pharynx
Flash Sentry (both versions but especially the Equestria version.)

Okay then! Also, thanks for the watch.

Okay, thank you. For your information, my favorites out of those are:
Cheerilee, zecora, thorax, and pharax.

Looks like we have something in common then :rainbowlaugh:

Yay. My least fave of them is flash

Our favourite Princesses, Tia and Lulu, or Fluttershy and Angel.

Edit: Angel the bunny. No more references to Buffy the Vampire slayer. :facehoof:

Yes, Sweetie Belle, I mean you. Although, it is sort of funny...

SweetAI Belle
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--Sweetie Belle

Huh?!?! :rainbowhuh: If you just made a reference to something then it went completely over my head.

Fluttershy and... Twilight (Saga)?

SweetAI Belle
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I tend to prefer vampires more fangy, and less glittery...

--Sweetie Belle

Oh, it's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or at least I think it is. Ok, that would be a great corssover, the Mane 6 hunting vampires. Hey, leave the bat ponies alone!!!



Okay! I think I'll do fluttershy! Although, I've never heard of dragon hunters before.

Fluttershy: vampire slayer!
Vampires have invaded Equestria, and a slayer must be chosen.
Extra points if you take stuff from Bloodbourne.

Fluttershy: Vampony coach
Fluttershy creates a group for vamponies so they can discuss their problems and get back into society.

I misread the last word there as "sorcery" so...

Fluttershy's Vampony Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Fluttershy creates a group for vamponies so they can discuss their problems and get back into sorcery.

The only problem is that she's the only one.

Well, there's one way to fix that.

This is because of me and SweetAi Belle, isn't it.
Oh Sweetie Belle, I am so annoyed right now. Why vampires?!?!


I'm not really knowing who the more popular ponies are nowadays

You should write about unpopular ponies. No, not ponies who many don't like. Ponies who get largely overlooked and ignored these days. Or, maybe even always have been.....

*takes an agonized look at Peachy Pie and Sunny Daze who are being largely ignored since Season 1 despite sticking out with their first appearance*

There are several benefits to write about unpopular background ponies. You will stick out with your fics if you write about them, while everyone else writes about the Mane Six, the Princesses, ect., which is giving you a higher chance of getting attention for your writing. If you present your fic in the right way, readers are likely to check out a fic about a pony who rarely gets a spotlight in the fics here. Even more so if it's a pony they have never seen before or heard about.
You will also enrich the fandom more if you write about unpopular background ponies. Everyone writes about the popular ponies and even new pony authors start to write about popular ponies, because they think this will give them the most attention and the highest chance of being recognized. But this creates a boring environment these days, when pretty much everything that can be written about mane ponies already has been written in almost ten years of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Even the most dedicated bronies stop reading ponyfics eventually if the ideas repeat themselves or if they see the same ponies over and over again in fics. But if they see ponies they never read about, they are more motivated to take a look at a fic even after so many years of reading ponyfics, which means more readers will stick to doing that. It might even prevent longterm fans from leaving for other fandoms because they got bored here!

You should attempt writing about background ponies who don't get much art in the fandom. Go through some episodes, pick a background pony you like or who sticks out to you in any way, search for more appearances of this pony, analyze their appearances, think about this pony and find out who this pony is and then write a story for this pony once you found inspiration!
It's a hurdle to overcome, writing for a background pony who is hardly known in the fandom and there is always the fear in your neck that your story will get overlooked because you don't write about a popular pony, but present your story in the right way and many people will gladly read something different. Give it a try!

Write about the Sphinx! Most underrated villain in all of Equestria!!!


I sign this. The Sphinx isn't exactly who I thought of, I was thinking about background ponies who no one pays attention to even though they do interesting things in the backgrounds of episodes, but the Sphinx would definitely deserve some fics, as well. I can't recall having seen any for her.
I could see myself writing a fic for her, if I get a proper inspiration for one, as I have a very big interest in everything that resembles old Egypt, specifically Southern Equestria. Which makes getting inspired easy.

I have found two groups for the Sphinx, but both look pretty inactive. Before finding those groups, I only found one Sphinx story and that was a HiE fic. Sadly, I can't remember its name. If I find it again, I'll send you a link.

7292424 It's better to have a good story than to write a story about a "popular" character. Popular is subjective. I've had some pretty good stories that featured very few canon characters.

Just pick a character you WANT to write about and give them a good story.

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If you equate popularity to the number of fics tagged with the character, I can answer the question with math:

Visualizing Fimfiction character popularities as treemaps

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