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Kinda need some input on this. I kinda, eh, want a planned story to have a very boring title.

Obviously, this is going to be very subjective, but... yeah, what do you think is a boring, bland title?

Not quite what I'm looking for, sounds more like a memey (if that's a word) kind of story.

Dinner Roll

Friendship is Magic

What? What? Come on, you know I'm right!

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Here are the top 20 most-used titles on Fimfiction:

1. Memories (49 fics)
2. Alone (42 fics)
3. A New Life (39 fics)
4. Broken (36 fics)
5. The Trotting Dead (31 fics)
6. A Second Chance (31 fics)
7. Destiny (26 fics)
8. The End (25 fics)
9. Silence (25 fics)
10. Redemption (25 fics)
11. Lost (25 fics)
12. A Night to Remember (25 fics)
13. Eclipse (24 fics)
14. Wings (23 fics)
15. Trapped (23 fics)
16. The Pony Games (23 fics)
17. Secrets (23 fics)
18. Nightmares (23 fics)
19. Monster (23 fics)
20. Forgotten (23 fics)

6449549 By which method did you manage to produce this list?

6449532 Not if she eats chips and nothing else of consequence happens.

“X verbs Y”. The most bring, generic title format on the entire site, yet a very popular one for oneshot feature bait or clickbait stories. I don’t think I’ve ever read a single “X verbs Y” story that left a lasting impression on me.

Group Admin

I took the index file from the latest Fimfarchive, extracted all the fic titles, then performed a sort + deduplication + count to get the number of occurrences of each title.


Do you count Twilight Verbs Article Nouns? :rainbowwild:

Actually though, I think my favourite "X verbs Y" story is Skywriter's Princess Celestia Hates Tea.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 13
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