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The place you put your suggestions for future riffs. You can submit any story that meets the following requirements:

No "hardcore" clop/gore: Pretty much anything involving children, weird fetish shit, or the like. Similarly, do not submit a story purely for the "shock value".

Nothing abandoned by the author: We actually don't care if a story's currently-updating or not as long as it's bad, but don't submit anything we'd never see the end of because it had two chapters in '12 and never updated again. Complete fics are obviously fine, and encouraged.

Nothing insanely long: Stories have to be a special, rare kind of bad to make people want to riff them over an especially long time. Like "Star Fleet Magic" or "Living the Dream" bad. If you don't think whatever you found is on that level of terrible and it's like 150K words long, it might be a good idea to find something else.

If your story isn't on FiMFic, toss it over here.

Update: We now have appropriate folders to sort submissions by wordcount. Find them below.