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Fallen Prime
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Sorry we're late. Life happened pretty hard around the editor sphere.

Our previous installment is put to rest, thank god. I never want to hear either of those names again.

This time around... we're retelling EqG AGAIN. Except this time it's a crossover between the Ratchet and Clank series, Destiny apparently, and the FIM wiki's synopsis of the plot.

Oh, no, you did read that right. This fic rips whole swaths of text right from the wiki. Just to give you a taste of what hell you're entering.

What is it with Fanfic writers and doing a complete retelling of a story that already exists? Nothing bothers me more than that. Especially if they don't really change anything. I have a terrible feeling that, even though it's a massive crossover between 3 series, barely anything of the original EG's story has changed.

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