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The last thread got clogged up by an argument large enough that even trying to remove it left a wall of "deleted comment" notifications. So, here's a new thread, only for non-FiMFic fic suggestions. Anything else posted in this thread will be removed ASAP.

The rules from the previous thread, plus a new one:

No "hardcore" clop/gore: Pretty much anything involving children, weird fetish shit, or the like. Similarly, do not submit a story purely for the "shock value".

Nothing abandoned by the author: We actually don't care if a story's currently-updating or not as long as it's bad, but don't submit anything we'd never see the end of because it had two chapters in '12 and never updated again. Complete fics are obviously fine, and encouraged.

Nothing insanely long: Stories have to be a special, rare kind of bad to make people want to riff them over an especially long time. Like "Star Fleet Magic" or "Living the Dream" bad. If you don't think whatever you found is on that level of terrible and it's like 150K words long, it might be a good idea to find something else.

Keep it to MLP. We've done a couple entirely non-pony fics before, but they've all been one-shots chosen by the editors specifically due to them being particularly terrible or infamous. Keep your suggestions to just MLP or MLP crossovers.

Also, since this is a new thread, here's the fics from the last thread that we haven't already done and weren't against the guidelines:

equestrian vietnam
Dash's Big Mistake
My Little Speedsters

Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted May 6th, 2017

Well, this suggestion shouldn't be a surprise considering this week's riff: A New World, A Fresh Start by drnkntst. I didn't want to waste more time then I needed to, so I only read the first three chapters. Considering the fact that it plops the main character into Equestria for literally no reason AND before establishing his character, it's probably bad enough to riff.

chapter 1 by g0dslayer98979, a Naruto crossover written almost entirely in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

Valentines special RarityxShigure- One Shot! by hikarikitsune27, another Naruto crossover. Bad grammar abound here. Random song lyrics in the middle of the fic. All in all not very good.

SpikeRarity's hot Summer by EnterpriseCV-6, a 7,001 word story that seems to be an attempt at a clopfic. That doesn't make it good though. Might be good to stuff in a shuffle somewhere.

"detective jakkid166 go equestria now" I hope this guy needs no introduction. Bad grammar abound. Kinda hard to tell if it would qualify though since it was posted this year and is incomplete.

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