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We are currently backed up on submissions. Please try and hold off on submitting more stories until we give the okay!

This group is dedicated to adding ONLY quality fictions to our archives. It's sole purpose of existing is giving attention to authors who have written stories that we believe are some of the best within this fandom. This is determined by a very lengthy analysis process. We focus not on what is popular but what is actually good.

Rules for submission:

1. Any member may submit, but that does not mean a story will be added to the archive.

2. You may submit your own stories, however that does not mean they will be added either.

3. If a story was declined do not re-submit it. We declined it for a reason, and we will reconsider submission if major changes have been made, and we shall do so at a later date.

4. This is not a popularity contest. Just because your story has a ton of likes does not mean it is quality, and does not mean it will make it into the archives.

5. Do not have multiple people submit your story, it will not increase your chances.

6. We generally frown upon clop fictions, though I will not say it is impossible to get one in this archive.

General Rules for this Group:

1. Do not keep submitting the same story over and over.

2. Don't ask to be a staff member.

How do we judge fictions here?

Glad you asked.

It's a rather complex process, but we actually break them down into the basic elements of story telling and discuss how it performs to each of those aspects. There is more to a good story than people liking it. We must judge:

How believable it is
Descriptive language
Use of literary elements

Every member has a say, and a story may be removed from the archives if good reason is presented.


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I'm going to attempt to revive it and retake ownership of it, but I have to contact some people to see if I can make that happen!

Stay tuned!

Is this group dead,,,?
Shame if it is.

I need you to make something very clear for everyone. It says "do not make submissions." But everyone is submitting anyway on the chance it might be outdated. If you are still considering the stories of people who are submitting, even though you said not too, then it is detrimental for me or anyone else to not submit. Because since you are still taking in submissions, then that means you will be perpetually backed up, and I'll be waiting forever for a green light that will never come.

Please let everyone know right now, are you ignoring people who submit? If the answer is yes, please give a sign by deleting those submissions and perhaps giving friendly warnings out. Otherwise you are only hurting the people who actually listen to your request.

I do want to submit, and I do want to respect your wishes, but if you don't show us you are willing to do as you say, then there is no point in not submitting.


So does that mean HQF no longer truly exists as a group?

Hey everyone, as you probably figured out, I am no longer active in this group or site. Sorry, but I have a lot of reasons for not coming here anymore.

Comment posted by Mist deleted Apr 18th, 2013

Was going to suggest a few stories, including mine, until I read through the thread on stories you won't accept. I was appalled to realize that this group is pretty much like EqD. But it's your group, and you can do as you please.

:ajsmug: hey this is pretty cool

jezz luiose, not to be rude but how long has this place been backed up?

Woah, guys! Just because it's been up there a while doesn't mean we should ignore it on the off chance the info is outdated! Give the group some breathing room!

Not sure if that message about not accepting submissions is current or not, or whether this is the right place to post this... (If it's not, please direct me to the correct place and I'll happily make the trip)

Anyways, here is my story!

Revelations: The Dark Void

Even if it is not accepted, I would appreciate and all feedback!

Hello all, or anyone inclined to care. lol

I love me some good, high-quality fics. All I want to read, of course. I have no choice but to join the group and be conveniently pointed to some real good ones. lol

And... that's about it right now. :moustache:

Any clue for when submissions open up again? Just wondering.

Comment posted by Beyonder deleted Dec 18th, 2012

Not sure if that message is current but here it goes:

The True Origin of the Cutie Mark Crusaders

I hope it reads well enough.

Highly doubt I'll get this in here, but I'll try. (Definitely not gonna get points for title originality)
The Pegasus and the Book of Tomes


Might as well try with my submission
Iron Vein

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