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Many of us thinks that our stories get to little attention, but way to often do I not hear what they do to spread the word about their story beside writing it and then hoping that that is enough, so here comes a little guide to grain views.

Remember to present yourself: Maybe do you think that this is not necessary, but if you are part of any Fo:E group, then present yourself in their presentation/introduction thread. Most older members of a group would like to see who the new blood is, even if the new blood have been part of the group for awhile. And each time you get a person to read your username do you have a higher change of another read of your story, and that reminds me of...

Post on the forums: Our forums is a really really good way to spread the word about you, and with that your story. And even if you don´t know all to much of the lore behind Fo:E or one of the sidestories there is talked about, would you always be able to give your 2 cents in a comment.

This is actually helpful in two ways, not only can you come in a better light, you are after all helping people with your comments (if you try to take it serious and don´t troll), and those people that you helped will remember your name just a bit more than before. But yet again are you spreading the word about you and your story. Maybe does it not look like it, but if you for example showed your view on slavers and their morale, does it also show a sliver of the thoughts that you put into your story, and if you write interesting enough can that win you readers.

Two good threads to start out posting in would be the "What's your story, and why should we read it?" and "Oc design", both threads with a focus on what there is making your story different from the 300 and then some other stories.

Remember the other Fo:E sites A quick question, how many of you know that we actually have a wiki? Not many right. But even if the wiki is not the most known place is it still a good place to post some info about your story. A quick guide to spread your work in there is to first make a page about your story, then some to your main character, and then remember to post your story on the story list, and on the stable list if you have a stable in your story, or a thinking on using one.

Especially the stable list is important, mostly because that it is a page that many want to look at, and when they seek their own stable number are they also seeing yours, and if your stable is interesting enough, have you by that gained another reader.

Another good place to post your story is on the G-doc compilation doc . Beside having a inbuilt chat is it the place with most Fo:E stories gathered in one place that I know of, and is mostly used by Fo:E writers, so if you have a quick question, or want to talk about a subject of your story in more private places, is that a good place to go to.

Posting comments on others stories: This one is maybe the most illogical one, but by reading others stories, and especially leaving comments is something that is helpful for you.

Take your own story as a good example, how positive are you not looking at your own commenters? Then think if you later on saw that one of them had a Fo:E story, would you not be more likely to read it then?

One of the best things with this one advice is that it is helpful in a whole 3 ways, and properly even more.
1. You are helping with the "problem" of to few comments in Fo:E
2. You are putting your username in a good light by being helpful
3. You are spreading your name to the writer of the story, and the readers of it.

So next time you sit and pitty yourself with how few reads you have, then think on what you have done lately to gain them

Here's another one... visit the FO:E chat irc. That place is the reason most of us know each other quite well. And Kkat hangs out there too :rainbowkiss:

Group Admin

I am personally not so much for that chat, so I would personally not recommend it. It is simply just to cold and enclosed, so it is really really hard for new people to come in, unless you know someone there already is "inside".

But that you think that it is a good chat is lucky, I have just not gotten much out of it.

...cold? Last new person I saw who joined got hugs right away. It's a really friendly place, and people are usually quite helpful towards new writers. It's just a pity it's getting a bit too oriented towards pen and paper RPG nowadays though.

also, if puppeh can give her 2 caps, publish story on fimfiction, fanfiction and deviant art if possible.

deviant art has a FoE group collecting both art and stories, so it can halp

Puppeh out

I like how the title you used is representative of what the users actually want from this guide for each group you posted it in.

Group Admin

It is because I am brilliant :twilightsmile:... Or because I couldn´t remember what I called my posts


I'm going to have to agree with Doom on this one. Not saying that it's horrible and people shouldn't try it, but from the four or so times I went there acting nice and friendly I got shut out. So, I don't think people should completely stay away from it, but they should at least be warned they may or may not be accepted.

I refuse to promote my story :rainbowwild:

Already did. By refusing to use a smurf for this post.

Group Admin

Well it is good that you have me to do it for you then, ain´t it :pinkiecrazy:

The thing about the IRC is that there are different people in there at different times of the day. Also, it just may not be for everybody. If volrathxp is on there, say "hi" to him; he's a good guy and might introduce you to some people. Just know that a lot of the people on there are probably playing videogames at the same time, so, yeah. There's been some new blood recently, and I'm really happy to see the majority of them have a good time. And thanks for talking about DeviantArt and fanfiction, Puppeh. Might be a good idea.

Also, you could always try outside forums like Cloudsville, the home of Project Horizons.

Maybe I should start taking my own advice. Hmmmm.... :rainbowlaugh:

This was definitely a good idea for a post, Doomande, thanks. Now if only I could write without having to edit so much...

Everyone here is definitely welcome over on Cloudsville, I would actually love to see you guys there! We've got quite a few discussion threads over there about big and small FoE stories (Broken Bonds, Murky, PH, Starlight, etc), so definitely feel free to throw up a thread about your story and I'm sure people will read it and give at least some feedback for you!

Also, don't forget to say hi if you join us! We're a friendly bunch :twilightsmile:

I figure I may as well post my guide here:
How to be successful on Fimficiton:
1. Find a topic that many people want to read about, but not many good stories have been written about.
If it's 'just an FoE' people have read dozens of them and there's no compelling reason for them to check out your story.
2. Have a short title that is original, catchy, and related to your topic.
The title is going to be the first thing people see when they look at your story, and for most of them it's going to be the only thing they see as they scroll past it. With a short catchy title you can draw the reader's eye to your picture, and possibly your synopsis as well.
3. Have an eye catching picture *before* you publish your story.
Have a picture ready before you start getting ready to publish. A good image is possibly even more important than the title. Framegrabs from episodes are okay, but ideally you want an original image here, something flashy with lots of color but not too many characters/ details. Keep in mind this is often going to be viewed as a thumbnail.
4. Spend some time writing a good synopsis.
Don't just blurt one out in thirty seconds as you are submitting. The synopsis is going to be read by more people than your story and if you make any mistakes in those fifty or so words, or it's not very well worded, people are going to assume the rest of your story is written to a similar quality.
Once your story goes live, spam every site you have an account on that's even remotely related to your story (reddit,ponychan, ect.), IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait an hour, don't even wait five minutes. Every second counts here if you're trying to make the feature box. You've got a couple hours, tops, until your story drops off the front page and because of how the algorithm works, the closer together your views/favorites are, the higher in the feature box you'll go. Don't worry if people tell you your story sucks - if you don't want people to tell you something sucks, don't post it on the internet. At the same time, find as many related groups you can of FimFiction and post it to them too. Once you've done all that, jump into some related live chats and drop your link there too along with some explanation as to why you think people should read it.

Congratulations people are now reading your story, but your not done yet, you want people to favorite your story and give you a good rating so you can make the feature box.

6. Use good grammar / formatting
It doesn't matter how great your storytelling is, if your first few paragraphs are filled with "your/you're" type mistakes, or you neglect to use paragraphs (be very careful when you're copying and pasting text), people are going to give up, downvote and read something else.

7. Write a good story. :eeyup:
Preferable, but not as important to gathering views as points one through six. Sad but true. Any story, even an average, cliched story will be greatly appreciated by a certain portion of readers if it covers a topic they want to read about.
8. Update Frequently
Each new chapter gives you more exposure on the front page and another bite at the feature box. Keep in mind though, that that's no excuse to forgo editing and proof reading (I strongly recommend getting an editor, or at least a beta, no matter who you are), and that if your chapters are less than about 2000 words, people probably won't take you as seriously as someone who does less frequent, longer updates.

Group Admin

Is this not... a bit to aggressive? Writing these stories is a hobby after all, so why all the fighting to gain "the number one spot" with features and such?

In as few words as possible would I say that your guide is a "how to be famous" guide, and when many want to use one as them do I just have a simple question. Since when have anything been more important than having a good and well written story?

Without trying to sound to sound offending, is this what I call the "golden pop" syndrome. When people just want to make some eye candy without depths, and just see the numbers rise and rise, with as little work as possible. Because just because you can´t write a proper story does it then mean that you shouldn´t be able to gain a feature?

I would to each and every day set a good and unknown story over those that are trying to find the easiest way to their readers. I want a story where the writer knows the meaning of a subject, have thought on it, and have a strong standpoint when he state it. Not a story that puts rape into it just to be dark, because dark sells better.

To end this off, think on this as a movie. What would you rather see, Twilight because it is well known and targeting a certain audience, or just a general movie that is trying its best to be the best it can.

Writing two or three short fics outside of your normal genre is a great way to build up readership, which will trickle back to your main story.

It's a guide to how to succeed (get lots of views) on the website, not a guide on how to write a good and worthwhile story. I don't follow that guide, and personally I think anyone who does wouldn't be writing the kind of story I'd want to read.

Think of it like a video game speed run walkthrough. It breaks down the game into it's basic components, completely ignores the plot and what's fun and gets you to the end as quickly as possible. It goes against the spirit of the game, it ignores the things that made people want to play the game in the first place, and while following it successfully is somewhat impressive, your victory over the game has been made pointless and hollow.

Basically this guide is an analysis (based on my observations) of how getting famous on the site actually works and an explanation for why some amazing stories go unread and other mediocre stories hit the top of the feature box. I'm tired of people who understand and utilise the information contained in the guide snatching views away from less cynical authors who pour their hearts and time into poorly advertised stories that deserve more views, under the mistaken impression that people will read their story just because it's genuinely good.

So no, I don't expect people to follow my guide to the letter, but if people are wondering why people aren't reading their story, they need to consider points 1 - 4 and possibly 5, because no mater how good their story is, if they screw up points 1-4, very few people are going to see it.

The other point I would add is that if your not getting feedback, it's most often due to lack of views and not because of what you've written. There's a particular percentage of users on the site who are likely to comment and the more views you get, the higher the chances of getting them. It's the same reason ads are sometimes paid by the number of impressions they get.

Group Admin

It is properly just my autism that are talking right now, but why promote ways that you don´t stand behind?

If you see your guide as wrong, why write it then? I do also know how important a cover is, and even more how important it is to get a cover from the right persons. But I did not mention that because I am not standing behind that practise

I'm not so much promoting it as I am putting it out in the open. It's the same reason I think everyone should learn marketing theory, but I hate advertisements. If everyone understands how advertisements work, their effectiveness is reduced.

That and I just love finding the ways to break/take advantage of any system I see. I don't actually do it, but only by revealing how systems can be taken advantage of can those systems be improved. It's better for everyone to understand how a system works than just a few people who can take advantage of them.

edit: also this:

I'm tired of people who understand and utilise the information contained in the guide snatching views away from less cynical authors who pour their hearts and time into poorly advertised stories that deserve more views, under the mistaken impression that people will read their story just because it's genuinely good.

You know what? I think I will join. Hooray for shameless self-promotion! :trixieshiftright:

One of us. One of us.
Gooble gobble gooble gobble.

OK dat made meh LOL fuh realz, dough! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not really sure how FIMFiction as a social network works, as I'm new to it, and only really used it to post my fic, but hi, everypony. I guess this is as good a place as any to make an introduction. :)

Thanks for the helpful advice! :pinkiehappy:
Once I actually get to writing my Fic, I'll be sure to follow the advice on here to get it around!
I've already picked out a few stories I'll look at and will definitely support the ones I like.

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