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i guess a place to share ideas about fanfics

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Well, its not like they have to join to see the conversations anyway, so that still kinda makes this pointless...

i mean any unwanted interlopers, like spy from tf2 >.>

Well that's not very nice...

ok, so i made it so you have to be contributer level to post, and if another person joins, it sends a message to my phone and i can kick =3

how do i make it private?

247732 When he finds them, It may be a while. Especially the female, she is in equestria... Is this group private?

hmm.... mmk.... when are the other 3 characters going to get proper introductions?

Im....Distracted... An old friend came onto skype...

so, Kintra, are you working on the next chapter, or do you need inspiration?

Uno Dos Tres Quatro Cinco Sies Siete Ocho Nueve Dies

247656 I... Hold up.

Uno, dos, tres...quatro, cinco, sies? siete? Nueve? Ocho?

Fuck I don't remember. I just used Google translate on the quote.

i can count to ten in spanish....

Its basically summed up as

"We are the shadow that stalks the earth, awaiting the day we can rise. We are shadow lords."

But according to google translate, I said I am going shadow of the earth, that they prepare for the day shall rise again. I am the shadow.


247508 Yeah how about you translate what you said and I translate what I said [ my latin ain't that good ] : '' My name is Legion for WE ARE MANY'' your turn !

Ego ingredior umbra terrae, ut praeparent die resurget. Ego sum ​​umbra dominus.

Fun fact, Umbra domini was actually a name of one of my role play characters.

Legio mihi nomen est, quia multi sumus *demonic laugh*

*Insert awesome rarity laugh* :raritystarry:

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