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Now that Equestria Girls has come out, what are everyone's thoughts on shipping Twilight Sparkle with Flash Sentry?

Do you think FlashLight will be a popular ship, or will the main stallion that Twilight is shipped with continue to be her brother?

i thought the main stallion she is shipped with is Big Mac.

1159324 Gah, haven't seen EG yet cus I'm British and it ain't out here! (as far as I know) :pinkiesad2:
But yeah, another male character with at least a hint of backstory that you can canonically justify shipping with everyone's favourite lavender bookworm? I'm in there! :rainbowdetermined2:

...just as soon as I can see the damn movie and think of a story...


flash should be tortured to death


bronystories i haven't forgotten about that story i promised you <3
i just work very slowly with everything =/
maybe i will do a bonus gayfaggot chapter where flash rapes himself
in his hairy sweaty shit leaking asshole

sexy :moustache:

The mane stallion she's shipped with can't be Flashy Sentry, seeing as he's a human, not a pony. Unless that happens near the end of the movie. I probably won't find out 'till its on Netflix or the Hub.

I thought she was shipped with Trixie the most.


I'm talking about Trixie with a dick.

I haven't seen the movie yet but from the trailer the whole Flash Sentry thing looks a bit cheesy X3 it's still cute, though, and I guess I ship it already! :twilightsheepish:

I have the impression that Sunlight will be a more popular ship. I don't know why but I really think it will.


I'm talking about Trixie with a dick.


1159339 Backstory would be generous, sadly. We know he can play guitar as a human, and once dated Sunset Shimmer as a human! His stallion form? All we know is he works in the Crystal Palace. That's it. :rainbowhuh:

Twilight will always be shipped with Rainbow Dash. Nopony will take their place as most overused shipping!

Equestria Girls should be lit on fire and banished to the depths of Tartarus.

So no I don't think it'll be the spammed. That and Twilight has enough good shipping pairs to be thrown in with a crappy one. It'd be worse than most OC stallions. Now excuse me while I got project vomit pits of acid and hate at hearing that cursed video's name.

1159348 he is actually one of her royal guards as well as a every pony is also a human in the alternate universe

I'm seeing EG. Why? Because I need to Hulk out and smash something and nothing inspires NerdRage like getting butthurt over MLPFIM.

I just got back from seeing Equestria Girls a bit ago, and I was just glad they didn't kiss. I do kind of ship FlashLight now (though I was calling it TwiFlash), and I like the ship better than the shipping with more mares Twilight gets.:derpytongue2:

I think Flash could have used some character development, but I'm hoping we'll get that later in some future thing.

There needs to be a character tag for him and Sunet though.

1159366 Well like I say, I haven't seen it yet. :unsuresweetie:

Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but it's been confirmed that Flash Sentry is not going to be canon to the show, and the movie itself isn't even canon to the show either.

But the movie does work in that it gives enough for shippers to play with, yet it also doesn't make anything concrete. So shippers and non-shippers can win either way.

So, beyond that, you can decide for yourselves. :derpytongue2:

Allow me to share my thoughts on the matter:


Cute portmanteau, I guess, but still, all of my no, and a bit of borrowed no from the bank of no.

This might just be me but I didn't like Flash as a character in the first place. His character wasn't well thought through. I enjoy Twilight ships with mares mostly anyways it either that or two choices of stallions, which include incest or a overly used farmer.
I mean just saying of course.

I do not like the pairing. Now I have my preferred Twilight shipping, but I'll try to leave that out. I haven't seen the whole movie except for the last 13 minutes. To tell you the truth, this pair feels like a cheap excuse to shove in the bronies faces that lesbian ships aren't okay.

I have nothing against Flash himself, he's a nice guy, but it would have been a lot better to leave romance out and just have him become a friend of Twilight's.

I don't care too much if there's romance in Equestria Girls as a show (if the rumors of it having a higher rating are true), but I wish it was left out of the movie as it is technically both shows connected.

The fact he's a guard gives a strong hint to me that he'd be Twilight's captain guard in a similar instance to Armor/Cadence. I'm just hoping they don't decide to make that happen.

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It was confirmed in a tweet, and from what I've seen, they are more than willing to completely and totally lie outright in tweets. It would not surprise me in the slightest for them to introduce Flash canonically in the first five minutes of the S4 premiere.

That said, I'm operating under the assumption that it's not canon until provided other info. I'll reserve judgment on ship-worthiness for when I see them interact meaningfully in the show if/when that happens. I'm also going to hope they don't transform Twilight into a blushing, giggly, simpering dolt who's obsessed with getting his attention like most girls-that-have-crushes characters in kids shows.

1160249 Why would they lie about him NOT being in the show? Well, anyway, his pony form is a royal guard of the Crystal Empire. It's not like they're going to see each other every day.

And again, the movie isn't canon to the show either, so it's not like what happened there will tie into the show. So it's very doubtful that he's going to be in it.

In the movie, while she DID crush on him, obviously, it wasn't the central part of the story and it didn't change her character. But it still could've been left out with no consequence.


They lied about Twilight becoming an alicorn in the finale. Why would they lie? Damage control, I assume. You know folks in this fandom. "ERMAHGERD, LERVE INTRIST, RAGEQUIT DER FANDOM." If the majority of folks accept that he's not going to be in the show, they won't get their knickers in a twist, and then when he IS introduced and it's not the end of the world, they get less bitching.

They lied about Twilight becoming an alicorn in the finale.

Wait what? I missed something here.

1160289 Well again, the movie was more meant to appeal to teenagers, which is part of why he was in that movie as her love interest to begin with. But again, it went on an open-end that does not guarantee anything. Season four also isn't out yet, and I'm still firmly believing that he's not going to be in it UNLESS it's confirmed in the show itself.

It's like I said. He's on the royal guard of the Crystal Empire. He won't exactly appear very often if he was.

What is wrong with you people?

They don't even think about things like that.

That's not really an accurate description of what happened.

And it has nothing to do with damage control.

I'll also note that they preemptively said it, rather than responded to someone as they did with the alicorn tweet.

And we all had known - for months - that Twilight became an alicorn in the finale. At least, everyone who wasn't a total moron did.

So you know, 40% of the fandom or so.


As I said, I'm operating under the assumption that it's not canon until proven otherwise. I'm just saying, those tweet confirmations are as reliable as the paper they're printed on.

Eh, you can do some historical modelling and find it to be over 90%.

People think that Hasbro cares far more about the bronies than they actually do.

Who are you referring to as a group of people? If you're just talking to me, Twilight getting a potential love interest leaves a very bad taste in my mouth considering she just doesn't strike me the type to worry about love at all until she is done getting adjusted to being a princess. I know the show isn't meant to target most of the bronies, so why are straight couples allowed in a children's show and not lesbian pairs? I fail to see what's wrong with me reacting that way.

Because the idea that Hasbro is slapping people in the face by NOT making a character (who has shown no signs of attraction to anyone in the show) a lesbian is completely absurd?

Frankly, I don't want any romantic subplots in the show. If you're going to make a couple, just make Lyra and Bonbon kiss in the background.

But the idea that them having one of the main characters being (GASP) straight is somehow a slight against the fans is just insane.

Okay, maybe that was an overreaction. I don't want any romance between the mane six either, and I probably didn't make that bit clear. But I see this in children shows all the time in the sense that they need to add romance in general, which is always straight couples. I'm not fine with that, comprende?

This is adorable! Just look at it!

I don't like that shipping, and fortunately that that thing called movie isn't become cannon.

I hope the don't made any type of pairing in the show with any of the Mane6, maybe Rarity is the only allowed because since S1 has been searching his prince, I really hope the keep the show MLP:FiM as neutral in that kind of relations, only friendship. And we, the fandom, made as many shippings we want.

I like the Mane6 as much lesbians possible, maybe some incest is allowed (This was started by Bronistories, so many of you understand:raritywink:)

1159726 Thank the moon goddess! You're not bursting my bubble. So glad it will have zero crossover or bearing with FiM. Now I shall forever forget it even exists.

1162161 And really, it was also played for laughs in making fun of shipping in general. :rainbowlaugh:

1159348 Flash Sentry is a pony.

1175839 Hey, I haven't seen the movie yet.

1175853 Nor have I. Found the pics on the internet.

It was apparently confirmed that Flash Sentry will not appear in Season 4, so all of the FlashLight shipping would have to be by the fans... So get writing. :)

I have yet to see the movie, but I am still planning a short story on this ship (with them both as ponies, of course). Why? Simply. Because. I. Can.

Oh... and a certain NSFW picture gave me the idea.

He's barely more than a background pony in the movie itself. If they did an EqG show as a spinoff (that was one rumor) or incorporate anything from the movie into the show (though a lot of people are telling me they won't) then they would need to develop him into a complete, well, character. Which means there are a lot of ways this could go. I expect the fans to get there first, however, and I may well be a fan of certain versions of that ship, if when it shows up on FimFiction.

The only new character with any real development was Sunset Shimmer, who was well written, IMO.

Is there a FlashLight group yet?

Hey... Flash Sentry...

Okay. That is all. Keep the show romance-free. Seriously, it's worked well in its favor for the past 3 years.

I have no actual opinion on Flash Sentry, since I haven't bothered watching through EG yet, but I do appreciate having a heterosexual alternative for my Twilight shipping. I mean, I like lesbian ponies as much as any man but it's nice to have options.

Also let me say that, in retrospect, I'm mostly just surprised Twilight hasn't had a token romantic interested since day one. You know, show for little girls and all that.

If you want to talk about straight shipping, I advise you to leave this forum. The bronies here only want to talk about their so-called 'canon' their lesbian ships are based on subtle clues because genuine forms of romance demonstrated have to be non canon because we totally know the Mane 6 are biologically Lesbian right? (sarcasm) Don't hurt me, I'm sorry for being rude, I'm sorry for being rude. Don't hurt me.

There's a hetro shipping forum if you want to talk about straight ships.

Please don't hurt me. Oh God. :fluttercry:

(runs away forever)

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