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The Three Rules Of The Conversion Bureau
by Chatoyance on the 30th of May
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30th of May at 6:06 am
Welcome to The Conversion Bureau!
by Chatoyance on the 1st of March
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1st of Mar at 2:07 pm
The Admission Rules Of The Conversion Bureau Group
by Chatoyance on the 1st of March
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1st of Mar at 12:13 pm
Some nice flags I saw
by Rowan Ex on the 3rd of February
24 by PeachClover
26th of Apr at 8:11 pm
Searching for a story.
by Canary In The Coal Mine on the 13th of June
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27th of Nov at 12:42 pm
TCB, Gnosticism, and the god not of this world
by AnonymousCardCaptor on the 7th of October
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19th of Oct at 6:11 am
The Last Conversion Bureau Novel Will Be Finished
by Chatoyance on the 9th of September
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23rd of Sep at 11:50 pm
Conversion and prison
by Jawmax on the 10th of August
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11th of Aug at 2:27 pm
The best MLP:fim episode EVER! (Except maybe the premiere)
by Dafaddah on the 5th of July
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19th of Jul at 1:31 am
Right Perspective
by PeachClover on the 25th of June
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25th of Jun at 9:21 pm
Homesick for a place that doesn't exist
by Firemind on the 15th of June
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25th of Jun at 7:29 pm
Tangentially-related commentary on human nature and the end of the world
by Zontargs on the 23rd of June
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24th of Jun at 10:23 pm
Looks like i fuck over chats rules
by big A on the 13th of June
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14th of Jun at 6:47 am
Some questions about shared or common opinions within this group.
by segmeco on the 1st of May
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4th of May at 12:26 am
Why have I yet to see any story featuring him?
by JackTheEpic on the 15th of April
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20th of Apr at 5:33 am
Pony VR
by PeachClover on the 3rd of March
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9th of Mar at 10:07 am
Humans, Ponies and the Royal knights(digimon) vs The convertion bureau
by Haseo55 on the 15th of February
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15th of Feb at 8:53 am
Tutorials for Writing (Writing Advice)
by PeachClover on the 26th of January
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6th of Feb at 3:15 am
Some Questions And Answers About Ponification!
by Chatoyance on the 26th of May
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30th of Jan at 9:44 pm
saitama vs TCB because why not
by mrkillwolf666 on the 31st of December
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7th of Jan at 1:12 am
50 Headcanon Questions: Thread Ver.
by Balthasar999 on the 20th of December
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21st of Dec at 6:32 am
My Little Fanfiction: Quoting and Collaboration is Verboten
by Zontargs on the 11th of December
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20th of Dec at 3:28 pm
Earth-Equestrian Contact and the RIO Scale
by GeneralBlazingDonutGlaze on the 11th of December
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14th of Dec at 9:01 pm
What Would You Do if You Converted?
by Gonefromhere on the 19th of December
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12th of Dec at 3:26 am
That Which Cannot Be Said (Magic)
by PeachClover on the 7th of December
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8th of Dec at 7:12 pm