Watching a movie together is a tradition that dates back to the days when couples of the 1900s met in a movie theater. Today, the "Netflix and chill" trend has made this way of spending an evening together relevant again.

Psychology of the intimate atmosphere

The home is an intimate environment full of symbolism and sensations: letting someone into your home is a gesture of great significance. When you meet someone you like on dating sites, you feel connected to them by an affinity of character or taste, but you miss the physical side of the experience to complete the meeting: how does she smile? How does she move? How does she look at you?
Well, when you meet your match for the first time and you do it at home, you immediately create a special atmosphere of intimacy that can help you relax and get to know each other better without filters. When chatting on dating sites (and gay ones are among the most populated on the web in terms of members) you tend to be more open than normal, to have serious conversations, and lay bare your being: in order not to ruin this atmosphere of intimacy, meeting in a protected place like home can only do you good.

Why a date movie is always a great idea for couples

The movie to watch as a couple, we said, has been a great classic for couples for almost a hundred years and there is no reason why modern couples can not continue a tradition that, in the meantime, has been updated remaining always popular and trendy. Romantic movies, contrary to popular belief, are not just for identification, but to activate the strong emotions that allow you to feel more united. Therefore, limiting yourself to a film repertoire related to your orientation is not necessary. The film you choose says a lot about your tastes and cultural level; it's one of the many ways you can use to "introduce yourself" to a new partner and share a piece of your passions with them.
That's why the first date with a movie is an apt choice, but it doesn't end there! Let's not forget that watching a movie together allows you to be physically close, creating intimacy, tasting something good in a relaxed atmosphere, and sharing discussion points that allow you to cement the bond. Movies have always been and always will be a great vehicle for attraction.

Romantic movies for a first date

We have selected some romantic movies "historical" (actually the last one is just over twelve years old) but considered true evergreen. These titles can be a starting point to create your evening-cinema. These are three films that have been able to deal with the theme of love in an original way and that are suitable for those who want to leave the confines of the usual romantic comedy and make a quality choice. All the films are set in Italy.

- Talk about Love

Parlami d'amore is a 2008 film directed and co-written by Gabriele Muccino. The film has as its protagonists Sasha, a 25-year-old who has just come out of a recovery community and has an extremely troubled past, and Nicole, a psychologist who is going through a relationship crisis with her husband. The two meet and clash several times during the course of a film that manages to portray drug addiction, vices, gambling habits, the crisis of a marriage, the relationship between a mature woman and a younger man, all in one emotionally charged container. The moral is that love can allow you to emancipate yourself from all the other "crutches" that promise an illusorily happy life, and that the truth of feelings does not depend on a person's past nor on their age.

- Room with a View

A love story set in the early 1900s that earned three Oscars.
The story tells the story of love and personal growth of Lucy and George, two young Englishmen who meet during a vacation in Florence. They fall in love, but the girl is soon ensnared in a marriage of convenience. Back in England and now married, she meets George, who has rented a room on their estate, and realizes she wants to marry him.

- La dolce vita

A classic by Fellini that tells not only a love story, but an entire era, the golden years of modern Rome. The protagonist, Marcello, is a journalist who loses himself in the meanders of a kaleidoscopic world, a corrupt entertainment society and a sprawling city full of splendor and disturbing urges. A very famous film that has already turned sixty years old but that still arouses powerful emotions.

A good movie to watch together is just part of the experience.

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