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This group is for everyone who loves the ship Pizzy, AKA Pipp x Izzy!

You can put a story into more than one folder if all the folders fit it.

Looking at the following pictures might cause symptoms of...
Watch out for:
Laughing and giggling
Cooing and saying things like Aww!
Smiling so wide your cheeks hurt
Extreme happiness
And more symptoms like that!
Proceed at your own risk!

Awww! Just look at these two!

True Love 💖

There is even this Pizzy moment in the movie!

These two would be a perfect fit for each other!

Uh, oh...I think I might be having cuteness overload! EEEEEEEE!

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You could add a folder for "All Stories", to see how many individual stories you have.
Other than that, you can use the folders to show what kind of stories you want your Group to house.

Thanks it was very helpful! Let me know if you want me to add more folders

Let's see if I can guid you through this, I am fortunate enough to have a group to check into here.

1> find the paperclip directly under the Name of your group. (click it) "Edit"
2> beside "Edit Group" you find "Folders", click it.
3> "Create Folder" Click it.
4> Now you just fill in the details for the Folder as desired.

Hope this is helpful. :twilightsmile:

Sorry, I don't know a lot of things about groups. :fluttershysad:
How do you create a folder?

These folders for stories and threads for discussing on the forum would improve our little group greatly.
Let's just hope, these are forthcoming shortly.

from what little I have seen, she does seem to be a good Pony..

Wait, where are all the folders, stories and members of this group?

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