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In this thread, you can discuss anything related to contests, such as contest ideas, rules, tips for hosting contests and judging, etc.

Please remember this group is for SFW contents only, therefore please do not discuss NSFW topics. If you want to discuss those, please head to the sister group "Hall of Contests [NSFW]".

Please be nice and civil in the comments, and follow fimfiction site rules.

There were actually contests held before this group's existence. They are already closed, but if somepony wants to see how a contest is done, I'm posting links to them here:
Fanfics for Family
Horror at Twilight
Weekly Challenge #4
Weekly Challenge #7
Weekly Contest #17
Writing Club
Weekly Challenge #9 - Poetry
Two truths and a lie

As some of you may be aware, a contest folder doesn't get an "Add Story" button unless it already has at least one story in it.

I have written a story titled 'This Story Will Lose the Contest Or Be Disqualified, and That's Ok (The "Add Story Button" Story.)'

Unlike just any random story, this story is self-labeled as NOT A REAL CONTEST ENTRY. I hope that makes the situation easier to understand for inexperienced contestants.

(The story itself makes no reference to fimfiction.net meta stuff, just in case anyone reads it.)

EThis Story Will Lose the Contest Or Be Disqualified, and That's Ok (The "Add Story Button" Story)
Because of a software bug, a folder's "Add Story" button only appears when the folder (or contest) already has at least one story in it. This can be that story. IT IS NOT A REAL CONTEST ENTRY. (Princess Twilight Sparkle learns about computer bugs.)
Mockingbirb · 1.1k words  ·  23  2 · 697 views

It is specifically designed to be a first story you can add to a contest folder to make the "Add Story" button appear.

Secret Moon
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Huh? What do you mean? You can add story to empty folders just fine.

There are two ways to add a story to a folder (to a folder in a group.)

One of those ways is from the story's main page. That works even to add a story to an empty folder. However, some people don't know how to find and use this method. It's not obvious to everyone.

The other way is relatively obvious if you are looking at a folder's page and see the big green "Add Story" button. However, that "Add Story" button doesn't appear if the folder has no stories in it. That appears to be a bug in fimfiction.net?

If you're running a contest and you want entries even from people who are new to fimfiction.net contests or are not good with computers, it's best to enable the big green button.

Some contest runners add a story of their own, or some other story that isn't eligible for the contest, and then they have to decide whether and how to explain why the only story in the contest folder is a story that 'shouldn't' be there.

I decided I wanted a 'first story' that explains in its visible short description and title that it isn't a real contest entry.

Secret Moon
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Maybe Knighty scrapped it entirely? I checked the Shameless Self Promotion Bureau's folders, and I also don't see that button anywhere.

I am still seeing that green "Add Story" button on https://www.fimfiction.net/group/198512/folder/8221/adventure as well as the other groups I checked, when a folder already has at least one story in it.

Secret Moon
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Hmm, that's really weird. I can't seem to find that button anywhere.

What browser, operating system are you using?

Secret Moon
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I use chrome on win 10.

7509471 The other day, I came up with an idea for a contest about species swaps, fanfics where characters were a different species from the start. I'm planning to hold it next month, but I need to find judges and possibly a prize money donor first.

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