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Secret Moon
Group Admin
  1. This group is for SFW contests only. For the NSFW contests, please head to the sister group here.

    Contests that allow NSFW entries but are not specifically about NSFW topics can be posted here. In dubious cases, please contact admin before posting.

  2. New threads are reserved for posting and sharing news about contests and writing events only. Unrelated threads will be deleted.

    If you have anything else relating to contests (contest ideas, tips for hosting and judging, etc.) you want to discuss, you can head to the Discussion thread.

  3. Contests or writing events held outside of fimfiction.net are also allowed in this group, as long as they are about writing and MLP.
  4. New threads are reserved for the hosts or cohosts of the contests and writing events only (or admin on the host's behalf), for ease of editing for the hosts later on, and to prevent any complications such as mistakes in copy/paste and foul plays.

    If you see a new contest that has not been posted in this group, but are not the host/cohost of that contest, you can notify the host/cohost about this group, or you can either reply to the Contest Reporting thread or PM the admin directly to notify us about the contest, and we will contact the host personally to let them know about the group.

  5. Each contest is given one thread only, to avoid spamming in notification feed.

    This thread should be about the announcement of the contest opening and rules. Later updates about the contest (deadline extensions, rule changes, results, etc.) should be put as comments, or better yet, referred to where the contest is properly hosted.

    Any duplicated thread about the same contest will be deleted.

    Recurring contests (held more than once per three months) are also given only one thread each, but the thread will be pinned.

  6. Title tags:

    • If the contest is in the process of receiving entries, please put the tag "[Open]" at the start of the thread title. Contests that are under [Open] status will be pinned.
    • If the contest is finished with entry submission, and is in the process of judging, please edit the tag at the start of the thread title to "[Judging]".
    • If the contest is finished with judging, please edit the tag at the start of the thread title to "[Finished]".
    • If the contest is canceled, please edit the tag at the start of the thread title to "[Canceled]".
    • For recurring contest, please put the tag "[Recurring]" at the start of the thread title.
  7. Thread content:

    • The thread content should start with the link to the original contest post (if there is one), follow by the full content of the contest post, including: topic, deadline, rules, prizes, etc.
    • As a host, you can make a different version of the content from the original post. But please beware of consistency between the two, especially after later updates.
    • You can choose to host the contest directly on this group by using the comment section of the thread as a place to submit entries, if you so wish.

      However, it is strongly encouraged to host the contest in another group related to the contest, or a specifically made, dedicated new group. An example of a group specifically made for a contest can be found here.

  8. Please refrain from stealing contest idea or hosting competitive contest with the same idea as an ongoing one.

    This is not strictly prohibited, and if you think you can host a better contest with similar idea but different rules/requirements using your own money, you can. However, please contact the current contest's host to discuss and negotiate about co-hosting before making a new one. Deliberate attempts to compete with contests of other people with malicious intents will result in ban if repeated too many times.

Secret Moon
Group Admin

Given the reality lately that some contests have very long submission time, I have updated the posting rules.

From now on, contests that are receiving entries (in other words, contests that are under [Open] status) will be pinned, to make it easier for people to keep track of which ones are still open for entering. The pins will be removed after the contests stop receiving entries.

Recurring contests will continue to be pinned.

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